2-22-17 Crooked Acres Wednesday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

Look right of center – that’s a Kestrel in the Poltergeist tree, looking down into the back yard.

He sat there for the longest time, looking around, and only took off when I went into the back yard to get a better picture. (If I’m wrong about that being a Kestrel, hopefully someone will let me know!)

Squirrel yoga.

I know they’re pests and rodents and I should curse the earth their little feet scurry around on, but I can’t help it – I think they’re ADORABLE. The ears! The tail! The toeses!

Grackle on the feeding station.

Girlies doin’ their thing.

The Angry Muppet had already put herself to bed (it was about dusk), and had to come out to see if we were offering scratch. We were, of course – we always do!

Cruella. Isn’t she fabulous?

Carla Mae would like to know just what you think you’re doing.

The rooster, keeping an eye on things.

Ducks on the pond. Notice he’s got his beak open. Yap-yap-yap, that one. He’s a chatty man.


I think this hen is particularly pretty.

Good night, girls (and boy).

Sure do miss those pups.

Blue coop.



“Zzzz… Hrmph?”

“What you want, lady?”

“You woke me up, now tell me. WHAT. YOU. WANT?!”

Jeez, Stefan. So CRANKY.


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2-22-17 Crooked Acres Wednesday — 30 Comments

  1. I am not sure if that is a Kestrel or not as I cannot see markings on the side of his head well. At first glance, I thought Cooper Hawk.

    I love George and Gracie’s stones. Did you make them?

    I want chickens so bad….may I come and steal Angry Muppet? How about those four girlies? Oh, and do you know anyone with a miniature donkey I could nick? 🙂

    • No, we got those stones from Perfect Memorials. They do a great job, I really like those stones.

      You can steal the Angry Muppet if you can catch her! Same with the girlies… hey, and take the ducks, too!

      A few miles up the road from us, there’s a small field where I’ve seen a mini donkey. I’ll distract the owners, you toss it in the back of the truck and we’ll share custody! 😉

      • DEAL! Miniature donkeys are beyond cute! BEYOND!!!

        I think the girls will run TO me as they would know that I never make reservations at Freezer Camp!!!

  2. Oh, concerning yesterday’s comments….
    I have found that a cat is either a “air hunter” or a “ground hunter”. Air hunters jump and leap for their pray. They are the cats that would snag a bird out of the air. The ground hunters are the lizard chasers. They can’t be bothered leaping for a bird.

    As for giving your cat kisses, my eldest L-O-V-E-S kisses. We spoon while watching TV (his back to my chest/stomach). He will lift his head up and back to indicate that he wants a kiss. So, I kiss the top of his head. He will lower his head and then lift it again, in about a minute, for another kiss. This will repeat itself about 10 more times or till he is sated. I love it.

      • Exactly! My Sid is a stunner! (Ragdoll mix) He is a mama’s boy and loves to be showered with affection. Perhaps just slightly spoiled. 🙂

    • This is a tough one. I don’t think it is a Sharp Shinned because of the pattern on the tail. They seem to have nice, dark, V-ish patterns up the tail. Cooper hawks are more like this one. I wish we had a less obscured picture. 🙂

  3. Carla Mae is my spirit animal. I remember the picture you post of her on the door all “hellew…”. That would definitely be me. Watching the fancy chickens reminded me of Rockstar. Beuatiful chickens indeed. 🙂

  4. George and Gracie, I miss them so. I wish I would quit chopping onions in the morning when I read your blog…

  5. Grackles! We used to have so many here, but the starlings moved in about 15 yrs ago, and darned if I can see a single beautiful grackle now.
    I miss this sweet pups too

  6. Awww.. George and Gracie… still miss them but take heart that they’re together and will not be separated again… after all, it’s written in stone! I, too, love the stones – I know you posted previously about where you got them… perhaps a refresher?

    I’ve forwarded a link to this blog to my chicken loving friend and new ‘mother hen’ – this is her very first batch – something she’s always wanted to do! I will stick with cats and kittens and admire from afar things that may ‘peck my eyes out’! (Please don’t be offended – I’m just giving a voice to my irrational fear(s)!

    Stefan is my spirit animal… so laid back and cool – even without trying. (yes, again, giving voice to my secret ‘self actualization goals’) LOL I will continue to TRY to be like Stefan – or at least appear to be.

    • The stones are river rocks from Perfect Memorials. They do a great job, and always ship out fast. (I’ll post the link again in Friday’s post, too.)

      I would never be offended by chicken avoiders – Fred’s stepmother always prefers to see the chickens from a distance, too. 🙂

    • No, they’re all brown eggs – though they’re different shades of brown. We get a very rare white egg from the Angry Muppet and maybe from Cruella, but other than that, all brown.

      We used to have a couple of Americaunas who laid blue-green eggs. Americaunas lay pretty eggs, but they’re not reliable layers.

  7. Ah, the ducks! I was wondering if you still had any ducks. Good to see them.

    Do you still have the hen Meredith Grey?

  8. Aw, puppies…

    Yeah. I’ve been known to name some of the squirrels that show up regularly on my deck, and leave bread out for them.

    Stefan? Cranky?! Lol.

  9. Love the pics from around Crooked Acres. Especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the moonrise pic so I am saving it on my comp just like with the kitty pics. My guess is Kestrel on the bird.
    Question: If/when you move, provided the place doesn’t already have a name, are you going to call it Crooked Acres still or should a new place have a new name?

  10. I buy everything except food from Amazon. They have a program called Amazon Smile where they donate .05% of every purchase you make to the charity of your choice. No cost to enroll and it adds up pretty quickly. Unfortunately you can only have one charity at a time. I had Challenger House last year. I switched to Forgotten Felines.

  11. Yup – Cooper’s Hawk 🙂

    Kestrel’s are smaller (more dove sized) and have GORGEOUS face masks and slate blue/rust colored markings. Little stunners.

    Love the stones. I think we all miss those beautiful pups.