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Hi, y’all. Just a quick one to let you know that I am, in fact, still alive. I’m just not spending much time in front of the computer. Right now, I’m spending 99% of my time in the recliner either watching TV or snoozing through a TV show. I’ve spent a lot of time snoozing through cooking shows, and I have to say that the only cooking show hostess I can remotely stand is Giada. Everyone else annoys me.

(Well really, Giada annoys me kind of too, but she annoys me the least of any of them.)

Why, you ask, am I spending so much time watching cooking shows if they annoy me? That is an excellent question, and I don’t know. Just ’cause, I guess. If I’m gonna be cranky anyway (and OH I am plenty cranky), why not have something to blame the crankiness on?

The pain is one million times better than it was last week. I’m keeping on top of my pain medication and yes, I’m icing my sore spots occasionally, but mostly I’m just in a state of stasis where I’m waiting to be past this ridiculous healing stage and back to life as normal.

So, that’s me. I’m healing, I’m snoozing, I’m doing fine. I don’t know when regular posting will resume again, but I would guess maybe next week, at least in a limited fashion.

Thanks, you guys, for your well wishes. They definitely help!

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Reacher and Corbie, before Reacher went home with Kathy.

So Reacher went to his new home, what, two weeks ago? Yeah, I guess tomorrow makes two weeks. I really and honestly thought that he’d be scared for a couple of days, and then overcome his fear because he’s always been such a lovebug.

It hasn’t quite happened like that. Kathy’s kept me updated on how Reacher’s been doing, and he’s proving a hard nut to crack. He is FINALLY letting her pet him in the past few days.

You can read the details over at Kathy’s site.

I feel so bad both for Reacher and for Kathy and her husband and their cat Beau (who is drop-dead gorgeous, by the way). I never thought it would take so long for Reacher to come around, but what I’m learning is that I know NOTHIN’. I’ve told Kathy repeatedly that Reacher will always have a home with us if it doesn’t work out, and I was starting to think that he needed to come back here, but now he seems to slowly thawing. I hope that he really does thaw, that he starts to love them and allows them to love him. That he shows them his real lovebug nature and realizes that hey – they’re pretty awesome people and he ended up in a really good situation!

Fingers crossed!

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I found a picture of Clairee and a picture of Drum on my memory stick this morning!

Silly Clairee.

Sweet Drum.

I forgot to tell y’all, but Clairee and Drum were adopted two weeks ago (the Tuesday before I had surgery) – together!!!

Yay, Drum and Clairee!

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Loony Jake and Corbie, taking advantage of the weather.

Gorgeous Corbs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miss Alice, bird watching.

Can I just tell you that I think the addition of Alice to our permanent residents was a really good decision. She’s such a little character, and I know I’ve mentioned it before, but she really seems to have brought Miz Poo out of her shell. Every day, several times a day, I catch Miz Poo PLAYING with Alice. PLAYING. Miz Poo does NOT play with other cats, so you can imagine how amazed I am by this! And as often as not, it’s Miz Poo instigating the play!

Alice’s tiny size does not hold her back at ALL. She might be half the size of the other cats, but she can jump from the floor to the kitchen counters with no problem at all. Last week she discovered the walkway and the platforms in the kitchen, and she’s been spending plenty of time curled up in the cat bed on the platform. I’ve seen Stinkerbelle looking at Alice many times, as if she can’t quite decide what Alice’s deal is.

Alice is friendly enough to me, but there’s no doubt on earth that she’s a daddy’s girl. Every day, 10 minutes before Fred gets home from work, Alice wakes up, stretches, eats, uses the litter box, and then waits for her daddy to come home.

She lubs her daddy.


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2-22-11 — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you are on the mend! Sorry about Reacher, but I bet he’ll relax. And I love that Miz Poo is playing with Alice. Who knew that the Princess would bring out the kitten in the curmudgeon?

    Keep snoozin’ and healin’ and let us know how you’re doing from time to time as you are able!

    • It sounds like Reacher’s problem right now is less with the house and cats, but with reacting badly when Kathy gets close. So its not like he’s scared every minute. So its just that they need to find how to start interacting without the distress on both sides. I have a rescue cat that still tends to dart out of range when I walk nearby, even after a year. Sometimes I chase her about saying “I’m not chasing you, sit back where you were!” until I realise what I’m doing. But if I move to a new room, she’s soon there too, and If I lie down, she’s likely to pop up and let me pet her.

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well – I’m sure all your lovely kitties are keeping you company.

    Poor reacher and his new family – I’m sure he’ll come around soon

    Alice is so pretty!

  3. Awww just been to Kathy’s site to read about Reacher!! Awwwwwww!! He’s just scared! Some cats take a while to get used to things!! Me and Charlie are sending lotsa hugs to Kathy and Reacher!!!!

    Miss Alice is fabulous! Awww what a wonderful addition to your family!!

    Yas for Drum and Clairee!!!!

    Please continue to rest and take things easy, Robyn!!!! Get better now!! Take care

  4. Hi Robyn — so glad to hear that you are on the mend. Last year, I was laid up for 13 weeks and it seemed to never end. I get what you’re saying about the cooking shows — mine was any episode of Law & Order original and SVU — my brain was about to be turned to mush when I returned to work.

    So sad to hear the Reacher is having a tough time getting used to his new mommy. But at least he’s getting along with her other baby Beau. That’s a big plus! I will keep his new mommy in my prayers that they learn to get along with each other.

    So happy to hear about Drum & Clairee!! And Alice is just a precious little thing! No wonder Fred didn’t want to give her up!

  5. Wow, I can’t believe how much we have missed – I am glad you are starting to feel better, but seriously can’t understand why you torture yourself with annoying cooking shows (I like cooking shows but a lot of the hosts really do annoy me – dont even get me started on Rachel Ray). It is too bad Reacher is so shy with his new mom but every cat reacts differently – I am learning that with Trixie at our house. She is nervous about things I would never have guessed, and not afraid of things I thought she would be. It can just take some time and hopefully he will really keep coming around and realize what a great new home he has. And I am sure that his new family understands that better than you realize – but of course you will worry because you were his first mom!

    And yay for Drum and Clairee! That is great news! And Alice is such a little cutie – it is great she is helping Miz Poo come out of her shell and play!

  6. It’s not a cooking show per se, but I love Top Chef on Bravo. Tonight’s a new episode and they’re showing previous episodes today. Might help keep you sane. Or not.

    Good luck in your recovery.

  7. LOL – is that Clairee prayin’ to the lord? She looks pretty serious about it. and soo cute!
    Hey Reacher, one day at a time, little man. Same goes for you, Robyn. Take it slow and easy.
    And Alice lubs her daddy. Ofcourse she does! I love her daily ritual. Have you heard of a book called ‘pets that know when their owners are coming home’ or something like that, well, Alice could star in the sequel. You know, you should get Fred to come home half an hour earlier or later and see if little miss Alice’s radar alerts her. Hmmm…that is not animal experimentation, it’s psychic research. Promise.

  8. So glad to hear that you are doing ok! I’m also so happy about Alice being part of your family. She is such a cutie, and I adore her little calico torbie-ness. I look forward to your return.