2-22-16 Monday

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Koko checks out my slippers.

“LADY. Come on! You’re late for nap time!”

“Has this always been this color?”


Jake in a box, thinking ’bout his loons.


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2-22-16 Monday — 18 Comments

  1. Love your comments! You made me laugh! (“Has this always been this color?”)

    So….Friday, I went to work (at O-dark-hundred) like normal. And through the “tunnel” I saw this kitty run. So, I parked my car I went after her. Sweet, chatty, 6 month old-ish, fluffy, beautiful tortie with half a tail. Well, I got her to come to me and she appreciated the lovin’s. I tried getting her into a carboard box that I convinced someone to find for me…but she was having no part of it and was slipperier than an eel. I could not put her in my car for 8 hours “free”. So, I FB my co-shelter volunteers for someone to bring me a carrier and one of my favorite gals did (she really is the best). Well, by then, I lost track of the kitty (I named her Emily as she looks like a combination of my two torties Emma and Laney). I tried looking for her after work…nothing. I worried so over the weekend because of traffic and eagles and hawks here on the river. She is the perfect dinner size for them. I couldn’t find her over the weekend. So, this morning, I brought my carrier and some food. I called for her…nothing. I looked through the vast amount of grasses and shrubs. I feared she had moved on. I went back to my office, made up a sign so if someone saw her, they would call me. Then I asked God to take me to the spot I needed to be to find her. I went to go back into the building and my badge wouldn’t let me in. I must have badged in too many times too close together. So, I walked to the back if the building to try that door. There she was…meowing at me. I got her to follow me to my car with no food as a bribe. I opened my hatch and popped her into my carrier. I almost cried. PTL. Tomorrow, she goes to the shelter…she will not be a teenage-mom and she will get a loving home. She is the sweetest. However, she was howling her fool head off until I got food and water in the carrier…then her mouth was full and she shut up! LOL. I FB my fellow volunteers in hope someone can come to my work and get her so she doesn’t have to be in the carrier all day! I just had to share this good news. This is probably the best Monday I can remember! 🙂

  2. I was reading the titles of past 2/22 posts and when I got to “dial it back, drama queen” I was all “bet that’s Alice Mo.” LOL