2-19-16 Friday

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Any news on Terry’s brother Bill? Haven’t heard any updates.

There’s a picture of him on the George and Red Instagram from a few days ago – he’s 4 weeks post-surgery and healing great! (And doesn’t that boy have just the sweetest face? LOVE HIM.)


At one point I counted up all the fosters on the foster page (not including Kokomo) and subtracted your total number of fosters (288) and found that you have 39 cats that you haven’t blogged about. Now you have 33!

I’m still working on ’em! It’s a more time-intensive process than you’d expect, and isn’t helped any by the fact that 2007 Robyn was (let’s be honest) kind of a dum-dum with the way she saved her pictures. I mean, COME ON, why on earth wouldn’t I have saved ALL my pictures in a YYYY-MM-DD format, always and forever, since the very first digital picture I ever took? What’s with the weird numbering? WHY, 2007 Robyn, WHYYYYYY? I’m determined to get ’em all done, though, and have been working on it at night after Fred goes to bed. For some reason, I can’t concentrate during the day because I get too distracted. But at night I can put in a solid hour and a half or two with no problem.


Here you go … Cuddle Clones article on Lifehacker.

Those are so cool – and so expensive! (But boy, I would love to have a Mister Boogers Cuddle Clone. And Miz Poo! And Corbie… How hard is it to take out a second mortgage, anyone know?)(Ha!)


As a side question … I have been wondering this for a long time: what platform do you use to host your blog?

WordPress. Years ago, I used Movable Type and I don’t know why I decided to move, but I find WordPress pretty easy to use. (Of course, I say that now, but I have to do a redesign of the site soon, so I will likely be swearing up a storm!)


When a cat gets this look on her face, you can bet that she’s either about to sneeze or…



Joe Bob’s been spending a lot of time snoozing on the heated throw on the couch, because he is SPOILED.


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    • I don’t think you can get a Cuddle Clone of JUST one or two or three cats. You’d have to get one of each one, right? You can’t show favorites! Soon your house will be filled with stuffed animal cats as well as real ones!

  1. Yawns are cuter than sneezes!
    Love me some Joe Bob!!
    I was waiting for 6am and your post because they always make me smile! And today I need a smile because I’m still kinda freaked out! All good though, just my cat Glitter saved our lives and our neighbors lives. Like she does.
    (I call that a Robyn-ism, “like she does” because when you do it, it always makes me laugh!)

    Anyway, thanks for the smile!

    (Wrote about our big scary night: http://celestialkitties.blogspot.com/2016/02/glitter-is-hero.html if anyone’s interested)

    • Whoa! So glad you and your family are safe! So scary! and yes, Glitter is a HERO! Please take care – I hope your neighbor fared well physically, houses and ‘stuff’ can be replaced.

    • What a story! I trust you are giving Glitter plenty of treat ‘n’ hugs ‘n’ cuddles today. Glad everyone is OK, if shaken.

    • Oh, Andrea, I’m so glad you’re all OK! That must have been a horrible ordeal. Good girl, Glitter!

      Joe Bob looks so much like my beloved late, great Uncle E… all the photos of him just make me smile. It is good to be spoiled like he is! 🙂

    • Wow…Glitter is a hero! Glad to hear no one got hurt and only a garage and fence was lost. Yes, go get that third carrier! (I have 4.) Hugs to everyone in your neighborhood!!! Your husband did a great job, too!!!

    • Glitter deserves a frakin’ toro tuna for being there for the save.

      So glad her instinct was to wake you up rather than outrun the situation.

      So glad no one was hurt, you can rebuild a garage or fence.

    • Glitter is a hero!!! You need to share her story on Tara the Hero Cat’s page! So glad everyone is safe! And I’ve always heard that a pillowcase is an excellent “carrier” if you have to move a cat in a hurry.

  2. Quick question for the commenters – my six month old kittens love Da Bird. But we go through the string faster than the feathers. Anyone know of a better toy or a better string to replace it with?

  3. Miz Poo would make a good Cuddle Clone. But someone like Corbie, not so much. My tabby Cuddle Clone is just ok. Must be hard to do a tabby’s ticked hair vs. very distinct patterns like a calico.

  4. Robyn, I have a request / suggestion for a favorite posts page… January 9, 2012 … love the pic and the ‘beginnings of kitten love’ (hey, if puppies get their own love and fanfare and song… kittens should too!) It IS a thing!

  5. Quick Bill update:
    Hey all! Today marks the 5th week since his surgery…. we did have our checkup on Wednesday this week and they say it’s looking like it’s healing well! He is still peeing good – I actually saw him pee right before we put him in the carrier to go to the vet. YAY! He’s still healing though and is quiet a lot of the time but has moments of playing that we haven’t seen in a while so we think that he is feeling better than he has! Our big fun is that we really need to get more liquids in him so we are trying to get him into wet foods – he is NOT a fan of canned cat food. Right now we are getting him going with the meat baby foods. He’s liking turkey a good bit. We’ve finished off 2 jars in the last week.

    Ann, Bill, Red & Georgie

    • Hooray for Bill and his loving family! That is a huge, serious surgery, and I’m so glad he’s mending. Turkey baby food is the best, or so my lot would say.

      • Kerry – yes! A very scary surgery! But I’d like to say that we are almost out of the woods with the healing. And yeah, so far he loves the turkey the best. We’ve got beef and ham to try too… we will see. The vet would love for him to be on all wet food but he’s a finicky cat!

        Christine – give sweet Terry our love and a good head/chin scratch!

        Kar – Rich and I don’t have kids so these cats are our kids! And we’ve been through so much with Bill – his knee surgery 3 years ago – so we just are trying to move the mountains to make him well and happy. 🙂

    • I’m so glad to hear Bill is on the mend 🙂
      When I was switching my new cat from dry food to canned, I did it in steps, reducing her dry food and increasing the canned. Sometimes she wouldn’t eat the canned, but I’d put it out with the dry so she’d at least associate it with food. What really helped though was to have her on a scheduled feeding, so that she’d be hungry and wasn’t able to graze.
      I hope Bill takes to more of the wet foods! 🙂

    • As a non- blogging person, I also wondered why you HAVE to…sounds not-fun. Well, unless you’re into fussy detail work like that (I’m thinking no.)

    • The theme is going to be obsolete – which is only a problem because the designers won’t offer support anymore. I need to switch to the upgraded design, which they swear is the bee’s knees, but making the new design look like this one is going to take some work on my part.