2-18-16 Throw Back Thursday

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Throw Back Thursday: images with the most amount of views over at Flickr.

The week before last, I did a post with the images that had been favorited the most number of times over at Flickr. This week, I’m posting the images with the most number of views. Number of views range from 11,171 for the top image, to 805 for the last image. (Most images I post to Flickr get in the neighborhood of 40 – 80 views. When I see a sudden surge of views, it almost always means that they posted it in Flickr Explore – read here what Flickr Explore is.)

That’s Creed and Dwight, from 2009. Why this picture got 11,000+ views, I do not know. It’s adorable, but I don’t know that I’d call it particularly noteworthy.

Awww, baby Terry from the True Bloods, back in 2009.

The old banner! Back in the old days, instead of having a bunch of banners that show up at the top of the page, I had just the one. I imagine that the reason this has 6,000+ views is because in the old design, if you clicked on the banner, you ended up at Flickr.

Lucy’s Fools from last April – Roseanne, Belushi, Louis, Skelton, Rickles. CUTIES.

Another one from 2009 – what was it about 2009? This is me, at Challenger’s House with one of the then-residents, Shortstop. Fred fell in LOVE with Shortstop and lobbied to adopt him. We didn’t, obviously. (Nance actually took this picture, but I’ve watermarked it with the Love & Hisses name just to get it watermarked.

Jack Frost, from the Christmas Kittens, back in 2006. This is one of my favorite pictures. That certainly was a gorgeous bunch of kittens!

From the Bookworms (Corbie’s litter) – baby Reacher, laying on top of Rhyme in 2010. This picture cracks me UP.

Scrumptious little nugget Louis, one of Lucy’s Fools, showing his pawses last May.

Joe Bob, stuffed into a tiny box in 2011. Silly boy!

The Permanent Residents’ compatibility chart from 2013. Half the cats on that chart are no longer with us – and Archie and Dennis aren’t on it! (There’s a newer one here, but Archie’s not on it, and Miz Poo, Corbie, Tommy and Sugarbutt are. Perhaps one of these days I’ll get around to updating it.)

Two of the Royals – Kate’s kittens – from 2013. That’s Buttercup on the top, Aslan underneath her.

From January 2007 – me and Maxi! We hadn’t moved into the house yet, were still renovating it, which is why I was covered in paint. We were on the front porch, standing under a sprig of mistletoe, so of course I had to kiss her. She looks completely thrilled, doesn’t she?

Mia and her kittens – my very first litter of fosters. This is one of my favorite pictures EVER.

Newt on the fence post in 2008. I loved this picture so much that I had it printed out on canvas, and it’s hanging in the hallway.

My desk, in 2005. This was in our previous house. I certainly did have a lot of STUFF around my desk, didn’t I?

Our first bottle baby, Maddy, in 2006. My lord she was a cutie.

Maddy again. Did I mention SO FREAKIN’ CUTE?

Selfie with Newt in 2006 (when they were called “self portraits.”) He’s not at all struggling to get away from me, is he?

Stompers, helping with dinner prep.


Koko sucks it in.

She is such a GOOFY girl. Yes, that is the tip of her tongue sticking out.


Kara on the dryer, looking emo. Clearly she’s wondering if it is EVER going to stop raining.


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2-18-16 Throw Back Thursday — 27 Comments

  1. I posted two of these pictures on Reddit, which may at least partially explain their higher than normal view counts (and I always credited you, Robyn!). The one of Lucy’s Fools was posted in the CatHighFive subreddit, and the one of Louis with his paws up was posted in the jellybeantoes subreddit.

  2. The first picture had a lot of views because the fact that they’re in the same position multiplies the cute factor.

  3. I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SHORTSTOP! I love that name! Do you have any more pictures of him? I thought from that pic it was a tortie, so now I’m curious what he looked like. What was his personality like? Was he adopted quickly? GAAAAAAH!

    • I am guessing tabby as all torties are girls. I think the lighting altered the colors a bit. That is where I am putting my money! 🙂

    • I don’t, unfortunately, have any more pictures of him. He was actually a long-hair gray cat (with shades of gray, as I recall). He was a sweet laid-back boy and Fred lurrrrved him. He was adopted pretty quickly, I think.

  4. Aw! Baby Terry made the top! How cute was that boy?! Belated thanks for all the sweet comments about Big Terry yesterday. He IS a big, squishy boy!

    • How could he not? 🙂 If he was mine, his muzzle pouches, nose and forehead would be covered in kisses (as I gave him the Charmin squeeze).

  5. That art hanging over your desk – I got one just like that for my daughter when she was a baby, it’s still hanging over her bedroom door! As I recall it is a Korean form of art and the letters are made up of birds…

  6. I expected more Stompers photos! Cutie patootie that he is.

    I’ve started calling my human niece Stompers, and it delights me to no end.

      • My brother and sis-in-law have no actual children, but they do have three cats, to whom I often refer as my “furry niece and nephews.” I suspect Shai meant something similar, to distinguish between human relatives and four-legged ones. 🙂

  7. In the picture of your desk is that a portrait of Miz Poo ?? I also love the beds on the desk !!!

  8. I always thought the picture you said is you and Shortstop was you and Miz Poo. I guess I never really looked closely!
    Smooches for Kara (my favorite!).
    Aw Stompers. I LOVE Stompers!

    • I had the same reaction! Of course, this was the first time I saw the picture full size, and I always just “assumed” it was Miz Poo.

  9. My first thought was Norbie and Ember for the first photo.
    Baby Creed and Norbie are so similiar.