2-17-16 Wednesday

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Look who it is!

That, of course (because you immediately recognized the white diamond like I always do) is True Blood Terry! Isn’t that a great picture? He was supervising his dad fixing the toilet, because humans can do NOTHING without feline snoopervision.

(Thanks for letting me share, Christine!)


“Look, lady, look! I had my baby! He’s kinda funny looking and he talks weird. He takes after his daddy, is what I’m thinking.”

“HOW do I get into THAT room? There’s way cooler toys in there!”

“Oh. But there’s a weird lady with a camera in there, too. Never mind.”


Koko is handling the transition to an adult-food diet and a reduction in her Gerber chicken baby food snacks just fine. I still occasionally give her a little baby food, but she’s certainly not getting three jars a day. That stuff is expensive!


Stinkerbelle’s feelin’ ::thlurrrp::y, too.


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2-17-16 Wednesday — 18 Comments

  1. Terry looks so squishy that I want to give him the Charmin squeeze (does that show my age?)!

    Love your smarty-pants comments about Koko’s non-babies the past few days. They give me such a chuckle!!!

    Well, hello gorgeous! (to Stinkerbelle)

  2. Yay Terry. He is one healthy-looking boy. I agree with GD, he is squishable. Do you ever wonder if cats see things in mirrors the same way we do. I often have a cat in the bathroom looking into the mirror and I am looking back at their reflection and wonder if they see me the way I can see them in the mirror. I think I need coffee…

    • What would you give to literally be able to talk to your pets for one day? To know how they feel, if any need is unmet, etc. Or for you to explain to them that you give them shots twice a day because they have diabetes and you are not being cruel…or encourage your little one in renal failure to eat….

      Ok, I need coffee with a shot of….

  3. Terry is such a handsome little dude and his eyes look great! I’m glad he was there to snoopervise!