2-16-16 Tuesday

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Look look look what the wonderful Holly Waterfall did yesterday – she made a list of all the fosters first alphabetically and then by year/litter! See those lists here (and there’s a permanent link to that list at the top of the fosters page).

Thank you Holly, you are awesome!


“Hey, lady, I think I felt the baby kick. HA HA HA SUCKER!”

Another picture that reminds me of Ham Dog. I’m going to have to start calling her Ham Cat if this keeps up.

“Lady, GIVE ME THAT CAMERA, I want to take a selfie!”

Oh, that FACE. (Pre-surgery, obviously, as her tummy isn’t shaved.)

As it turns out, Koko is an excellent nap time companion. She likes to stand on my stomach and be petted, then she curls up in meatloaf formation before sliding to bed level and curling up on the blanket next to me, where she snoozes quietly. She certainly is a sweet girl!


Maxi, rolling around in the dirt alongside the driveway last summer. I don’t care that we had a mild winter so far – I’m beyond ready for summer!


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2-16-16 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. β€œHey, lady, I think I felt the baby kick. HA HA HA SUCKER!” – BHWAAAAAHHH… That made me laugh out loud at work! πŸ™‚

  2. By the way, the new fosters page is fab…but could you add a picture of all the dragon babies?

    Also, is there anything cuter than babeh kittehs with bah-bahs in their mouths? Dead from the cute!

  3. aww that’s exactly what my lucky house panther does. She follows me upstairs, then kneads and purrs for awhile, and then flops down in a loaf next to me.

  4. such a faker….. we have a similar foster list though I have NO idea how to attach it. it’s in excel (for those moments when I feel the need to sort and recount and be slightly ocd)

  5. I can’t stop laughing at your captions by koko. What a good way to start the morning. And really sweet about how she’s a great nap time buddy