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I’m sorry to spring this on y’all last-minute, but since I’m between litters at the moment, I’m going to take the week off to get some stuff done around here. I don’t expect to be online very much – if at all – but will be back next Monday, hopefully with new fosters!

Just as a reminder, there’s a “Random Post” button over there in the sidebar, and if you click on it, you’ll get a completely random post. I have whiled away many an afternoon hitting that button over and over again, so it should keep y’all entertained this week.

Also, I have a former foster update, to kick the week off right, so don’t go away just yet!


Remember these sweet faces from 2013?

That’s Jareth and Charming from the Royals litter. Jareth is now Sooty, and Charming is now Toby. They were adopted together (love it when that happens!)

Their mama reports that Toby and Sooty are doing well – they’re over 17 pounds, and love to spend their time together playing, wrestling, and grooming each other. They think their mama is okay, but are total daddy’s boys (brats!) Their older brother Harley will play with them now – it was a long process, but now they live comfortably aside each other.

Toby, meerkatting. Look at that floof!

Boys in boxes.

Every home needs a House Panther!

Sweet little posers.

Isn’t it great to see those boys all grown up, gorgeous, happy and huge? Former foster updates are THE BEST! (Thank you, K!)


See you next week!


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2-16-15 — 22 Comments

  1. Ohhhhhh Prince Charming with his royal jabot!!! And Jareth!!! Squeeeeee! They look very happy and healthy and sooooo handsome! Thank you, Robyn, thank you Toby, Sooty, and Harley’s momma! Robyn, enjoy your week off – we will miss you!

  2. We will miss you!!!

    Ok, I am annoyed, but have to laugh: Cats, Beavers and Ducks is now a blocked site at my work. It is labeled as “Adult/Mature content”! LOL

  3. Gosh, that’s gonna be a looooong week… But there’s the Random Post Button, so I’m saved! 😉 Enjoy your so well deserved week off, Robyn, and see you soon. You will be missed (and my work will be – probably – more efficient. Heck, whom am I kidding? Hello, Cute Overload!) 🙂

    • I Cute Overload each morning, too!

      Random Button + what cute banner do you get = saves our butts for the week!

  4. Oh a “staycation”! Because unless you were going to the Caribbean, this is not the weather week to be traveling! 😀 But if it means there soon be kittens, then yay!!

    And what beautiful big boys Jareth and Charming have become!

  5. You know, this could be the perfect time for an in depth Crooked Acres post, and/or some posts telling us which were your favorite kittens from litters long past. Ever since you wrote that you almost always have a favorite and that you put in a lot of effort to keep it secret, I’ve wanted to see posts telling us who your favorites are from previous litters.

  6. Your absence works out perfectly for me since I’m going on vacation for a week so, yay!, I won’t miss anything or have to catch up.

    Love those grown up boys and I can never resist a kitty who meerkats, it’s so adorable!

    • Yeah, but pity us poor saps left behind here…without Love and Hisses posts. {{someone, pass the valium}}

  7. What?! Ah well… I have a big work trip this weekend, so it’s probably good that I won’t have Love & Hisses to distract me this week!

  8. I love updates. And those boys are so gorgeous and healthy.

    Thanks to their mama and father for taking such good care of them.

    Have a good weekend Robyn, and we expect full updates of the permanent residents. We NEED to hear about Archie and the other cats.

  9. Toby’s meerkat picture is hilarious! I can’t believe how big they are and both so handsome! Love updates like this!

  10. It is wonderful to see updates on former fosters. Amazing to see just how big they actually get !!! Who would have thought that Sooty(Jareth) and Toby(Charming) would get that big !!

    Have a great week off !!! I hope you accomplish all you have on your to-do list !!!

    I also hope the random post button doesn’t break with all of us pressing it constantly while we go through our withdrawal !!!

    TTFN !!!!

  11. My first random post was Elwood licking a Bookworm… and that was in Apr 2010! Gasp! nearly FIVE years ago! where did the time go

  12. Toby clearly tunes some loons. What a gorgeous goofball! Two beautiful boys – I love when we get updates!