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Well, hello. Who do we have here?

We have new foster kittens, is what we have. Let me introduce you!



And Mary!

They are 6 1/2 weeks old – date of birth January 7th – and they are absolutely delightful. Old enough to eat on their own and they use the litterbox beautifully, but still tiny – Paul’s the heaviest at the moment, weighing in at just under a pound and a half on Saturday – with those partly-blue eyes, pointy little tails, and the tendency to skitter sideways at each other.

They were born to a feral mother – but not just ANY feral mother: they are younger siblings to Lita Ford, Stevie Nicks, and Pat Benatar! (And yes, plans are absolutely in place to trap and spay their mother. She’s proving to be hard to catch, though – Kathie and Winnie said that they think they’re going to need to use a drop-trap to get her.)

I got them on Thursday, and they were a little nervous at first, but now they run over to me every time I walk into the room. When I sit down, they pile into my lap for love and kisses – and to fight with each other, of course – before they go running off to play.

Somehow I have not yet squeezed them so hard that the marshmallow fluff comes out their ears, but it’s really really hard not to!

Peter is a fan of the fountain.

“This scratcher is tasty, lady.”

Flirting with the track toy mouse.

Paul, exploring.

Peter checks out the basket o’ toys.

The picture’s kind of blurry, but I think the attitude comes through, loud and clear.



I feel confident that we can look forward to many, many Open Mouths of Outrage.


Mary gives me the Pouty Princess attitude.


Stefan gets flirty with his new favorite toy.

“I lufffff you, feather/cardboard toy!”


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2-23-15 — 47 Comments

      • Robyn, I can’t stand it…I just want to squeeeeeeeze those sweet babies. They are the cutest things to come along since…well, Jethro, TC and their sibs! I bet you’re having lots of fun with Peter, Paul and Mary!

        • They are SO much fun to just sit and watch – not to mention reach out and snatch them up when they’re running by so I can kiss them. 🙂

  1. So good it’s Monday already! – OK, that sounds weird :). Let’s make it sound less weird, then: So good to have you back, Robyn!
    The newbies: they’re ADORABLE, that’s what they are!

  2. Thank God you are back! Now all is right in the universe! TGIM! 🙂

    Awwwww….the new wee babees! Ok, mama is REALLY getting around. I hope they nab that floozy quickly!!!

  3. My what big heads they have!!

    Maybe it would be easier to try to catch the tomcats in that neighborhood!

  4. Welcome back and … OMG SQUEE at the babies! Those are some little darlings you’ve got there! <3 Paul reminds me of my own Clio with the strip up his nose ^^ I'll be enjoying watching this little clowder.

  5. Welcome back!! Ditto on missing you and my morning ‘fix’!! What adorable little balls of fluff!! Paul reminds me of Creed, will be fun watching these babies grow and put up with your lovin’!!

  6. I was just saying yesterday (though not in earshot of my aging calico diva Hawthorne) that I would love to have a black kitten and a gray kitten. Now I see how a tuxie really brings the litter together! Hmm, how many tanks of gas and bathroom breaks to get from Philly to your place and back? 😉

  7. (Not a complaint) I didn’t see a Facebook entry that you had updated Love-and-Hisses and so waiting ALL THIS TIME (three hours) to see the new kittehs!! I LURVE THEM.

  8. Oh, it seems like forever since you’ve had the really itty bitties!! You know we are waiting for the skittering videos! 😀

      • Yes,Mary. I love Russian Blues, solid grey cats and grey with white markings. I was thinking about it today. As a child there were always outside cats but they were not pets. Feral. My dad had a sale barn and a trucking company. One day he came home from a trip and gave me a grey manx who I named Snoopy. He was my buddy. He had really long back legs and was quite the hunter. You’d see him out in the back pasture just a leaping around! Ha!

    • Speaking for myself, I figure I am partial to red/orange tabbies because the first feline love of my life was a gorgeous reddish orange tabby with Maine Coon ancestors and a most wonderful mellow personality. And all my life I’ve heard my mother talk wistfully about someday having a grey kitten, despite having cats of all colors throughout her life. I should ask her why. Maybe there’s a handsome grey cat in her past!
      Maybe there’s a handsome grey cat in YOUR past, Erin? 🙂

  9. Oh so glad you’re back! I missed you last week! I hope it was a restful week for you though. Or at least productive. or whatever you needed!

    Babies! I almost squee’d out loud at work! Holy mackerals – they are just A-DOOR-A-BEL! Lord-a-mercy.

  10. C’mon Robyn! This litter on Livestream? These babies would break the internet! You know it’s time, girl!

  11. Could we please have a look at Paul’s tuxedo? And by tuxedo, I mean belleh.
    They are all adorable, fluffy little babies.

  12. I went through L&H withdrawal all last week (it was awful BTW), but it was worth the wait. Beautiful new kittens to start the week off right. I have a feeling that little Mary’s going to be the star of this trio. Will have to keep an eye on that one.

  13. Can’t remember the last time I was so happy it was Monday. (Actually, that probably has NEVER happened).

    Then, to see Paul — OMG, I lurve lurve lurve tuxies so much, especially the little white socks…

    • I love tuxies, too, and Paul is absolutely adorable! And of course, Peter and Mary are pretty cute, too.

  14. well, that was worth waiting for! You can almost feel the sun-warmed fluff. And Peter sitting up in the basket…sigh. (and, sorry, so much cuter than his namesake!)

  15. Oh my goodness, what an adorable little monochrome trio! I love them already! I also love skitter-sideways-at-each-other phase. Bouncy kittens are the best.

  16. Oh man. Peter, Paul and Mary. You guys are the best thing to happen to Monday since…well, I don’t know. You have the cutest, puffiest, roundest little heads and I’m surprised the Lady hasn’t kissed little dents into your foreheads by now.

    When I saw that first picture, I thought of the Royals and the Puff-Man.

  17. What a wonderful trio — and how great that they’ve been saved! Thanks to all those involved in the effort to get their forebears out of the business of making families and into safety. You’re my heroes.

  18. The kittens are adorable! That Peter….he is mine, ok? 🙂 I love blackies! It looks like Paul, the little panda, has some cool chest markings- and his face markings are great. And Mary- what a sweetheart pudge!

  19. Welcome back Robyn. Hope you enjoyed your ‘time off’. We missed you. And to come back with that very first picture, way to start the week off. The babies are so very cute and fluffy and I want to eat them up. Such a beautiful groupin of color. Looking forward to watching them grow.

  20. Okay, serious case of kitten envy goin on over here..

    and they must have extra hard fluff containers if you haven’t squeezed the fluff out yet.. after a week of no kittens you must have been aching for some fluff..