2-23-16 Tuesday

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Pretty, pretty Koko.

I love her striking colors.

She’s a talker, that one.

Sweet girl.

Last Friday afternoon, we opened the screen door at the bottom of the stairs and let Koko out into the house. It went pretty well – she came nose-to-nose with Stefan, and rather than run away, she held her ground. Over the weekend, we gave her more time out in the house, and as of now she’s pretty much got access to the whole house except at night. She likes to walk around the downstairs howling, I think because she’s not entirely comfortable being out of her comfort zone (her comfort zone being the upstairs). She very much DOES NOT LIKE when Archie and Stefan go into the foster room to eat her food, because as far as she’s concerned, that’s HER territory. (The funny thing is that there’s a bowl of the exact same food in the bathroom. It doesn’t occur to those goofy boys to go in there instead, though!) Yesterday, she had Archie cowed – he wanted to go past her to go downstairs, and she was standing in the hall growling at him. Fred had to go out and provide safe passage.

Koko is off to Petsmart Thursday evening. I hope that her people come along quickly – adoptions have been slow lately, though. Levine, Shelton and King Nubbs are still there. I hope adoptions pick up soon!


Alice Mo will have you know that SHE’S a pretty girl and has striking colors, too, thank you very much.

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2-23-16 Tuesday — 31 Comments

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cute cats, fun stories, blah blah blah. Did you know that Tim Tams are back at Target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the news of the day. Check out where the Easter candy and stuff is. Tim Tams, how I love thee.
    Oh yeah, I love the kitties too but …Tim Tams!

        • I loved living in Australia. Wonderful people, beautiful countryside, amazing animals. I hated leaving my friends and the weather and the ocean and the animals. But really, leaving the Tim Tams was horrible but now my friends at Target feed my craving every once in a while. And the Tim Tam slam is fab-u-lous!

    • I had no idea what a Tim Tam was – I had to google it! I love British biscuits already, so I’ll have to try these!!

  2. If I could have another cat (my cat and my landlord have conspired to not allow that to happen), I’d be on my way to get Koko, and King Stubbs.

  3. I have to vent here…sorry. This is a safe place. Our city shelter has an employee (works in turn-in) that has a heart of stone and tried to say Emily was feral when we (shelter volunteers) brought her in to go through the system. She wanted to TNR her! Our cat cages are practically empty and we don’t have any social cats to take to PetSmart right now. Emily was purring away when she was getting kisses this morning! Furthest thing from feral. Thankfully, a vet tech was there to override as she started rubbing up against her. I am in tears. That employee has done this before and just tosses sweet kitties out on the street. I am sooo angry right now.

    Yes, I am talking about the kitty I rescued yesterday that followed me to my car.

    • Oh, no, that is awful. Our county shelter will euthanize any ferals. So glad that that the kitty is safe and will find a loving home.

    • That is terrible! Thank god for the vet tech who overrode her decision. Emily is one lucky little girl to have you and that vet tech looking out for her!!!

        • Oh yeah, she was obviously SUPER feral (rolling my eyes). Her little pouf of a tail kills me dead. She’s going to get adopted SO FAST!

          • I pray so. I am trying to get an adopter lined up so that as soon as she is spayed, she is in a loving home. I don’t want her to be afraid. (She does have a super tail! 🙂 )

            • W-w-w-wait — did I miss a photo of GD’s beautiful rescue? (News of that employee is making me very, very angry; thank God for the tech.)

              And Godspeed, Koko. Your family will be so lucky to have a record of your time at Crooked Acres!

        • Well, personally I would question why this volunteer is even there if it seems their goal is not to save the save-able animals and work with others who have experience in determining if a cat can be rehabilitated or not. I would definitely bring it up with SOMEONE. Otherwise, that volunteer can do more harm than good.

          • She is not a volunteer…she is staff. 🙁 I just found out that she hates cats. Only likes dogs.

            The thing is she knows the volunteer that took her in for me. She and I both kissed this kitty on the head… A LOT. Uh…you would never do that to a feral if you like your face! HA.

            • Ohhh, sorry, I misunderstood. Still… staff or not, the higher-ups who may have a priority to save ALL animals & not just dogs may be interested in this information so they can monitor the situation and perhaps make sure this intake person doesn’t have final say on cat admissions.

              • She did it to me last time. A 2 lb kitten. I refused to let them TNR him. So, I took him and paid for vaccines, neutering etc then got him adopted out myself. He now lives with a friend of mine. His two bffs are German Shepherds and they all lounge on the couch together! Feral…pa-tooey!

                • wow.. that is beyond wrong. I could understand if a kitty was sitting there growling or hissing, but a cat you are loving on? especially when there is space??

                  Yes, someone needs to talk to her boss about her. Maybe not right now, maybe in a couple of weeks when it is far enough away from the situations that retribution might not be an issue.. (and if retribution really is an issue, that shouldn’t either, and if that is the culture of the shelter, I feel for you)

            • I consider myself a cat person but I don’t understand people who only like a certain type of animal to the detriment of other animals. I would question this person’s commitment to the rescue of any animals! 🙁

              • You know what this whole conversation reminds me of? That vet in Texas who posted a photo of a “feral” cat she’d shot with a bow & arrow (that turned out to be someone’s pet.) I agree with you, Amy, regarding someone’s commitment to the well-being of animals. SOMEONE shouldn’t be in the animal-care business!

    • Keeping fingers crossed here for sweet Emily and her forever home!
      Hang in there…I know, easier said than done.

    • Is there anyone you could report that employee to? Or to get that employee off the duty of intake? That is so awful. I’m glad the vet tech was able to change it.

    • More hugs to GD. Glad that there are more sensitive people who saw the sweet in Emily. I imagine Emily will find her people right away. While a lot of people are set on a certain look, I think most people are interested in the purrsonality rather than the looks. And it seems like Emily has purrsonality in spades. Good luck little girl.