2-24-16 Wednesday

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“LADY! Sit down! I need a snuggle!”

Whiskers in the sun.

More whiskers in the sun.

Is she not the most fabulously gorgeous girl?

Yesterday, Archie and Stefan had a standoff – as they do about once a week (see video below for reference) – and Koko was nearby. Her eyes were so huge that I thought they would fall out of her head and go bouncing across the floor. After I put Archie outside, Koko followed me around, looking up at me like “WHAT was THAT?!”

YouTube link.


Stefan’s face cracks me up because his mouth could not possibly be any more downturned. Don’t worry, though, he wasn’t sad. He was…

About to yawn, of course.


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2-24-16 Wednesday — 19 Comments

  1. Heh, those boys are so dumb… what the heck is there to fight about when you got it sooooo good at Crooked Acres?!

    And poor KoKo, having to witness their dumb boycat stoopidness! I can just imagine the look of shock on her face! But don’t worry, I’m sure she still considers life there to be Utopia!

    • “Especially when that lady doles out the chicken baby food! Not sure why that gravy train stopped though…..”

  2. “Is she not the most fabulously gorgeous girl?” Yes, yes she is. Her eyeliner application skills are the best! Have a great day Crooked Acres!

  3. She is just so pretty. She will find her people right away, of that I am sure. I think the boys do the fight club just for show. After all they are big, bad boys and need to show off their manliness.

  4. I am *so* tempted to come down to get Koko, but my husband would NOT be happy… I have to wait to add the extra cats when he’s gone for work again. Then be surprised that there are more than 4! πŸ˜‰

    • If you get enough, you can just pretend you always had “that one”. πŸ™‚ Get a lot of the same color…easier! hahahahha

      • I have 2 black cats & 2 Siamese (1 apple head & 1 pointy head), so that only counts as 2 right?

        I can just imagine his face… “We don’t own a calico, where did this cat come from?”

        I’m already plotting to add another black cat & another Siamese… Then maybe an orange cat & a calico… They both have orange, right? So that would still only be 3 cats, by your calculations GD.

        Sounds like a good plan to me! πŸ˜‰

  5. For some reason, the phrase “teenage Newt” makes me want to scream like a fangirl at a Beatles concert…what is wrong with me? LOL

  6. I can’t be the only one singing “whiskers in the sun” to the tune of The Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun,” right?