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In case you missed it on Saturday, there was a post wherein the permanent residents reviewed cat treats, and the kittens reviewed cat toys.


I got word that, unfortunately, Khaleesi was returned on Friday. I’m not exactly sure of the reasoning – either she was too active at night (?) or possibly she was picking on the other cat in the house. This is the second time that girl has been returned, and I wish that would stop happening! I’ll add her back to the sidebar when I get a chance. I’ll be going by Petsmart this afternoon to pick up some kittens to be on the afternoon news segment (I could have brought some of the Players with me, but I preferred to take some cats who are already at Petsmart), so I’ll be able to see her and give her some love.

(I’d like to say that maybe Khaleesi and Livia would get adopted together, but I’m not sure either of them would be that crazy about the other!)


Sweet Maria, all snuggled up in a cat bed. Maria is such a lap sitter – the instant I sit down, she comes over and curls up in my lap. SO sweet, that girl.

“I was not messing with that cord, lady, and you can’t prove it!”

Oh, how I love whiskers in the sun.

I don’t know what Orlando was looking at, but he clearly had ZERO approval for what was going on.

Angelo in the cat tree, can’t be bothered with my nonsense.

Maria’s got a secret…

..a chin strap, to hold her ears on! (Orlando’s got one, too.)

“Time that I have for your shenanigans: NONE.”

“Shenanigans? I love shenanigans! Where are they?”

It’s kind of hard to see, but all six Players are present in this picture (Dennis is over there on the far right, hanging out in one of the numerous cat beds.)

A better shot. On the far left is Maria. Ferdinand and Mariette are in the middle, sniffing at the same thing. In the back is Orlanda, directly in front of Angelo. And over there on the right is Dennis, who’s keeping a safe distance from the goings-on.

“Just havin’ some quiet time, lady.”

Lord, those ears are something, aren’t they?

I love whiskers in the sunshine.


I have a video! One morning last week, Fred and I went into the foster room to visit with them, and Fred pointed out that the camera was dangling in a way it shouldn’t be. So I went back through the overnight video and discovered that once again, the kittens had decided to rearrange the camera. They’re little decorators, is what they are! (Pardon the picture – the night vision was working, and night vision always makes them look really odd.)

YouTube link.


Sheriff Mama, considering arresting you. You know you did it, just admit it!


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2-24-14 — 33 Comments

  1. Okay… I did partially misread the “I’ll be going to petsmart to pick up some kittens.” (period. NOT “to be on blah blah blah”… ) and thought SQUEEEEEEEEEE MORE kittens. hehe. Sorry, coffee is brewing… NEED. Poor Khaleesi, it takes a special family to adopt a mother of dragons. Hoping they’ll come by soon. Can not believe Livia is still at PetsMart – – Come on, people! It’s probably a good thing I don’t have coffee yet, it may have come out my nose with the camera re-arrangement… something about the stealth (what looks like upside down ala spiderman) drop in, ohai! They are in CAHOOTS, I tell you – – CAHOOTS with the camera rearrangement! going to go watch it again. Happy Monday!

  2. Too funny! As I was looking at Maria, I was thinking that she had an “ear hat” on and that it was tied on under her chin! LOL. Great minds think a like! 🙂

  3. Awwww Khaleesi!!! Fingers crossed the right family will come along to take her! And Livia! And Tricki! Awwww.

    Take care

  4. That’s some good playing right there!

    Poor Khaleesi. Third time’s the charm, fingers (and paws) crossed.

  5. OH GAWWWD how bady do I wanna kiss Dennis’ fat little face? SOOO BAAAAD *smoochsmoochsmooch*

    I am sad that Khaleesi is being returned again. I love that girl and think it would be fantastic if her & Livia could live together (what a dream that would be!) because they’re both so beautiful (and two of my favourite mamas, next to Kara of course). When you see her, you tell that Mother of Dragons that she best adjust her attitude a smidge or I just might have to come down there and drag her furry butt back to Canada with me.

    Sheriff Mama needs to arrest those young whippersnappers for some juvenile delinquency with that there camera, I tell ya whut!

  6. Oh Khaleesi! Where are your forever people??? This is just not fair – for you, Livia or Triki! 🙁

    The video is cracking me up! I love how in the first shot you see that long tail coming before you really see the attached kitty!

  7. Reminds me of a hijinks movie where they disable the camera in order to rob the bank. Any signs of an attempted break out? Also, seems appropriate your camera software is called dropcam. 🙂

  8. Poor Khaleesi…..better luck next time. Hope the rescue gets some info from the family that returned her to help place her better next time.

    OMG – chin strap for the ears!!!

  9. After watching the Players batting the night-vision cam around, I now have a very good idea of what it is like to be a cat toy!

  10. Aw, Khaleesi. Poor girl. Fingers crossed for a short stay at Petsmart!

    These kittens really do have the biggest ears I’ve ever seen (Dennis excepted, of course). They’re especially prominent in the video! I wonder if they’ll grow into them or if they’ll always look like they’re getting ready to flap them and fly away…

    As I watched the video and saw the car drive by on the road in front of the house, all I could think was how crazy it would be as a driver if your lights caught the eyes of six kittens peering out the window at you (not to mention those of any permanent residents who may be looking out of first-floor windows!). Creeeeeeepy…

    • Fred and I always wonder if people notice the kittens in the windows – when it gets dark out, we always turn a light on in the room, and I would imagine that anyone driving by would see a kitten or two on the cat tree!

  11. That video was a crack-up. Thanks for sharing!
    ((hugs)) to Kahleesi and the others still waiting for a furever home.

    • I honestly think maybe she does. Some cats are that way, and remember that she got sent to Petsmart the first time after losing her mind and chasing Jake.

      • It’s entirely possible that she needs to be in a one-cat home – that, or she needs a home with a very tolerant cat who can stand up for him or her self!

  12. Towards the end of the video, I think the kittens look a little concerned like, “uh oh! We’re in trouble!” Also – perhaps Khaleesi needs to come “home” (in quotes, I know you’re not keeping her!) for a little R&R….

    • If I had a place to put her, I’d definitely bring her home for a bit! Although, she did just spend a few months with (I assume) the run of a house.

  13. Love the glowing eyes of the kittens in that video! Reminds me of the beginning of CATS (the musical) — all the lights are out in the theater, and the actors came out of various places wearing glowing cat-eye glasses. So cool-looking, and honestly, probably my favorite part of the whole show.