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I didn’t get a chance to see Khaleesi yesterday; the news segment I was going to take kittens for was bumped to Friday, so I’ll see her then (and will try to remember to bring my camera with me). Unless, of course, she’s adopted before then! A girl can hope, right?


I got this FurHaven Sleep and Peek Cat Bed (but not from Amazon – I got it from 1Sale several weeks ago) and finally got around to setting it up in the kitten room. Half the time when I go into the room, they’ve crushed it flat, but usually as soon as I pop it back into shape, someone goes into it and hangs out. Usually it’s Angelo (who’s in the picture above), and pretty often he’s got someone in there keeping him company. I’d say the bed is a hit.

Oh, these kittens. 98% ears and whiskers, with a little attitude thrown in.

Ferdinand checks out Mariette’s cab-hailing form. (She was going after a teaser.)

Got it!

“Little bit lower! Lower… lowerrrrrr….”

Floating through the air with the greatest of ease… she’s got no tail to hold her down, after all.

There’s an adorable little shaved belly, if you were wanting to see one.

Invisible bicycle.

ONE! SINGULAR SENSATION! Every little step she takes!

I love how Mariette is hanging there in mid-air, and the others are clearly unimpressed.

“You know, Bob, we were told that her Triple Tailless Floop-de-Doo would blow all the other girlcats away. But what we’re seeing here tonight is just not up to par. I don’t expect Mariette to medal this time around, and frankly I think it’s time for her to retire.”

I know you’re wondering where Dennis was. He was hanging out as far from those crazy jumping kittens as he could get. He prefers a more sedate lifestyle.


Jobey-Joe, the tuxie-doe, sure does love to tell me to GO AWAY, LADY. Yo.

“For real, lady. Take that camera and point it at someone else.”


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2-25-14 — 16 Comments

  1. Your hilarious reference to A Chorus Line (I think?) made me wonder if you’d ever named a litter after Chicago. Velma, Roxie, Amos, Billy Flynn, Mary Sunshine. (I guess because I can’t remember any of the characters’ names from A Chorus Line!)

  2. Excellent action shots! Though, yes, I was wondering where cutie pie Dennis was!

    So sorry about Khaleesi; fingers crossed for that sweet girl.