2-25-16 Thursday

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This sweet little muffin right here:

Is Emily. GD was arriving at work Friday, and spotted someone tossing a small cat from their car. I’ll let GD tell the rest:

I saw her in the dark. So I parked and followed her to the revolving doors. She was soooo sweet and came to me once she realized I wasn’t going to eat her. Ha. I sat there till someone came near and I asked them to get me a box since I didn’t have a carrier in my car (What the heck is wrong with me?). The girl brought me this huge untapped-together box. Well, I did the flap foldy thing hoping it would work long enough for me to get something proper. That girl was as slippery as an eel. I tried like 8 times. She wanted no part of a box, but never scratched, hissed, growled or bit.

So, I posted on FB on our volunteer page asking if someone could bring me a carrier (this is like at 6 am). So, of course it took a couple of hours till the real world was awake. A dear girl brought me one, but by then I lost track of her. I tried looking again before going home. There is soooo much shrubbery and grasses here that a tortie blends right in. Monday, I had an email waiting stating that a co-worker heard meowing by the revolving door but couldn’t see her (camo kitty).

I had my carrier and food ready. I also said, “God, put me in the right place to find her!”. I had badged in and out of the building too many times (making signs, etc.) that my badge stopped working. So, I went around the back of the building in hopes of that door letting me in. (I get to work at 5:30 so it is dark). There by the loading docks was my little girl. Meowing at me. The food was at the front and the rest at my desk. I literally coaxed her to the parking lot (I didn’t want to leave to get my carrier and lose track of her again). She followed easily. She got nervous a bit cuz I am in a parking garage. A woman was in her workout clothes coming toward me, so I asked her if she would help me for a minute (I was gonna give her my keys to get the carrier (car was like 9 spots down). She said she was “already late”. Of course I mumbled something like, “Well, we all have our priorities.”

I coaxed her to my car, opened the hatch and the carrier…and popped her in! It was glorious!!!! So my friend and co-volunteer (I will call her P) came and got her to foster for the day as the shelter is closed on Mondays. We both fell madly in love with her cuz she is soooo sweet. I guessed her at 6 – 8 mths (as she is small). The shelter guessed about a year. I know you know the rest of the story.

So, if anyone is in Jacksonville, FL and wants a INDOOR ONLY kitty to spoil. She is at Animal Care and Protective Services (2020 Forest St) and her name is Emily – id# A0977633

If they don’t love her forever and treat her right… well, they have me to contend with…and I am sure P will help me!

I think one of you need to go adopt that girl ASAP. That fluffy little tail-nub kills me DEAD!


The other day at nap time, Koko was beside herself because Stefan was sleeping on HER (Fred’s) bed.

So she flopped down across my chest and glared at him.

“I don’t see anything!”

Then she reached over and gave his tail several hard smacks. And he was all:


So she thought and thought and thought some more, and made a decision.

“If I can’t see him, he’s not there!”

And we all napped in peace.

Especially Stefan.

Koko is headed off to Petsmart this evening. Fingers crossed for a fast adoption!


Dennis and the Annoyance Ears.


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  1. My sweet Emily will be on the floor today at the shelter. I visited her in recovery, after work yesterday, and she was very happy to see me and to get pets. P will be at the shelter today to insure proper vetting of any potential adopters. 🙂 Thank you, Robyn, for sharing her for me! I, too, love her tail which I now call her “bunny rabbit” tail. I “wink” it all the time (think of a “honk honk” motion with your hand…done gently is a “wink wink”. ) LOL

    • This is such a great story. Miss Emily was certainly at the right place at the right time to see you that first day. She is beautiful. Is she as fuzzy as she looks? I love her nubbin tail. Can you tell if it is an injury or naturally occurring? I think it adds to her overall specialness.

      • She is as fuzzy and soft as she looks. I think it must have been an injury as it has a little crook at the end. However, that can be natural for some manx. I can only assume. I think it adds, also! Someone said that she looks like a rabbit without floppy ears. 🙂 The best part about her is that she is a complete doll! To know her is to love her.

    • ERMAHGERD GD!!! Emily is SOOOOO pretty, I loaf her! I really really really hope someone scoops her up fast. Congrats to you & P! Great job!

      (And now I’m even more upsetter with that dumb intake person!)

    • Thank you so much for rescuing her! Soon she will find her people, and it will be all because of you and your hard work. 🙂

      • Second all of that. Just hope that her people are quick so she doesn’t languish longer than she has to.

      • It can also be butt and thigh “winks”. 🙂 It is extra good when you say a “wink” out loud for each hand squeezy motion. So “wink wink” for two squeezies.

      • Priorities indeed! I only wish I had my work-out clothes on when I pulled over to help a lady in my neighborhood catch a loose dog after work the other day! He had gotten out of her neighbor’s house, had a hurt paw and was making his way to the nearby woods. My suede heels got muddy but getting that guy back home was the only thing important to me! 🙂

        Best wishes for a good home for Emily and her awesome poof tail!!

    • It’s like my Emily has been reincarnated! I lost my 19-1/2 year old tortie, Emily, to kidney failure last spring. I’ve missed her SO MUCH. And now here’s this pretty girl who looks *just* like her (except for the tail, but hey, stuff happens), not that far away, and I want to go adopt her SO MUCH! Thank you for everything you did to rescue her. She sounds like a total sweetheart. And I know she’ll make someone else as happy as my Emily made me! ::sniff::

      • Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. My tortie Emma is in renal failure now. It is heartbreaking. 19 yrs…you were certainly a good mama!!! Please come to Jacksonville and get Emily. It sounds like fate to me!!!

        • Oh, how I wish I could! But my husband developed a pretty bad cat allergy in Emily’s later years, and we agreed that we’d try life without a kitty for a while. We did just adopt a sweet greyhound, so at least I have a four-legged friend to love, but I’ve had a cat all my life, so I’m hoping to find one that won’t trigger his allergies so much. I know your Emma has had a good life with you. It’s so hard when you know they’re approaching the end, but that’s the price we pay for love, I’m afraid. 🙁 Give her some pets and love from me, please!

  2. Yay, GD – very, VERY nice job! She is certainly lovely! Robyn – been wondering how ya’ll fared with the weather system that blew (literally!) through… we were on the snow side (St. Louis area) with wet, heavy snow.. power lines snapped, etc. Good luck to Koko – hoping her hoomins come soon – she’s beautiful! Stefan – what a cool, chill, laid back cat (again – literally!) Dennis… oh, Dennis… your eyes amaze me!

    • GAH! DANG technology. I apologize – I don’t know what happened and it won’t let me edit either post. Please feel free to delete either. Sorry and thanks!

      • Technology knew that your comment was sooo fab that we should certainly read it twice! Good morning Jeweled Skye! 🙂

        (I got Peter’s banner…love it!)

    • The worst of the bad weather hit south of us – we were lucky enough to just get a lot of rain and some wind. I mean, the rain is driving me nuts, but I’ll take it over tornadoes or heavy, wet snow!

  3. Hi Robyn,
    I will be sorry to see KoKo go but have very much enjoyed her ‘journey’. I have only been around one calico in my life. But having seen how your calicos act, I wonder if a strong personality and possessiveness are common traits for them? I will miss KoKo and her gorgeous self.

    • I’m the proud mama of a slightly dilute Calico, and yes, we’re talking MASSIVE purrsonality, a bit mouth and a complete lovebug with me (with other cats, not so much. With Fred who LOVES her, NOT. AT. ALL. Sigh).

      • My calico (RIP) was the BOMB!!!! Personality plus. Because of her and her awesomeness, calicos make me weak in the knees. Love them!!

  4. I love how ‘thick’ Stefan is. He looks like he’d be a good, solid, snuggle buddy at nap time!

    • He is very solid! And he’s so laid-back that you can do just about anything to him and he’ll just lay there. He’s like a teddy bear come to life. 🙂

  5. Good job GD! Good luck to Emily and of course to Koko too.
    Dennis’ ears seem to be saying “When in the heck are you going to get some baybees around here. Ya know I can’t do this uncle-ing thing without them don’t cha?

  6. Someone tossed Emily out the car window. Yikes! There is surely a place in you-know-where for such people! Glad GD rescued her. She is GORGEOUS. Hope she finds a forever home soon. Good luck to Koko too.

  7. The worst of the bad weather hit south of us – we were lucky enough to just get a lot of rain and some wind. I mean, the rain is driving me nuts, but I’ll take it over tornadoes or heavy, wet snow!

  8. You’re a terrific person, GD, and that kitty is just BREATHTAKING. Can’t believe she isn’t going to get snapped up post haste, hopefully just like Koko will get snapped up. 🙂

  9. great job GD – been there done that (and have a carrier in my car just in case). there is a special place for people who throw away animals like those people did….and a very different special place for people who save them.

    poor Stefan….such a tough life 🙂

  10. Stefan is a champion napper!

    And Emily is so gorgeous — thank you, GD, for helping her find her people.

  11. Thanks for sharing about Emily! She is gorgeous, and here’s hoping both she and Koko have their forever home picked out quickly. Pulling for more babies for Robyn too…
    Thank goodness for kind-hearted souls who help after a critter has been ‘trashed’, and yes, there’s a special, opposite place for both kinds of people.

  12. I adore today’s post and am hoping for swift adoptions. As for those monsters who threw little Emily out of their car, I’ll be gentle and wish only endless sleepless nights upon them. And GD, I hope Emily’s adopters will hear about your life-saving love and determination.

    • Thank you. I don’t care if they know or not, I only care that the “right kind” of people adopt her. We know that people adopt animals and treat them poorly. So, we want either P or myself to be the one to adopt her out (and not a volunteer that doesn’t ask any questions, etc) so we have peace of mind and she a lavish life.

      • The right kind love to know as much as possible about the adoptee’s past, and you’ve given Emily a great creation story. Hoping for a swift outcome and an ecstatic report from you… If you weren’t at your limit, she’d already be living with you — or so I’d guess.

        • Yes. I have 4. The funny thing is, two are torties (one fluffy, one short hair and petite). One came from Chick-Fil-A 15 yrs ago, my other is a TNR that I found in my neighborhood a year ago. 🙂 If I kept Emily, which I was certainly tempted to do, (who I named after my two, Emma and Laney (combine the names)), I think I would be in the making to be a tortie hoarder! LOL.

      • What questions do you ask a potential adopter? I wouldn’t know how to choose the best family for a cat.

        • Never let them know what sort of “family” you want for the cat or what answers you are looking for. They will LIE to match that. Ask, “So, are you looking for an indoor, outdoor or indoor/outdoor cat?”. Ask if they have other pets and how many including ages and breed of dogs. I ask if their dog chases squirrels. They may have a high prey drive. What would happen if they caught the squirrel? Ask about children and their ages. Toddler can seriously hurt cats and can kill kittens. Ask if they have ever owned a cat (or other pet) – how long did they keep it, if it died what did it pass away from. etc. (I had someone say that their kitten was killed because it went into her front yard and the dog across the street came over and killed it. So, was she looking to adopt more bait??? NO KITTIES FOR YOU!!!!) Watch how they interact with the cat. Do they talk sweet and cuddle it or do they sit there and just watch. Are they willing to sit on the floor? Think about what type of person you would be willing to give one of YOUR pets to, or your own human child to. What would you ask? That is pretty much what I look for. 🙂

          If they have other pets, really counsel them on how to properly introduce them for safety and success. If they have small children, you need to talk about supervision, safety and what to NOT allow the child to do to the dog or cat. If all goes well, I ask that if I give them my email/phone, if they would send me pics and updates. If they are the right type of person, they always agree and do it because they are proud of their babies and like to show them off.

          • Thank you for your insight! I was a Foster parent for a week to a wonderful Husky and I had no saying in choosing his forever family. I was crushed when he left because I had no idea how they were going to treat him and I always wondered what I could’ve ask them before they took him.

            • For dogs…I like indoor homes. (Now G&G had a job, that is different.) I am talking about I would not want someone to just toss the dog in the back yard and that is where they “exist”. I would want my dog to be part of the family. Also, if it is a mastiff, you don’t want someone who is a jogger thinking he would be the perfect jogging partner. If the person is a couch potato, perhaps a Border Collie is not the best match. Children…ages. Tiny dogs like Chi’s and Yorkies can easily get their legs broken. PRN, here, will not adopt out any small breed to families with little kids. I do take it case by case as we had a blind cat at the shelter. I advert him of FB and a woman really wanted him. However, she had a two yr old. I was thinking…not a good idea. She sent me a video of her daughter petting her cat on the bed (See “The litte kitty that could” on FB). You would think her daughter was 20 with how amazing she was with her BLIND cat that only had 3 LEGS!!! Well, shut my mouth! The woman only adopted blind and/or 3 legged. So, just ask questions based on the personality of the dog…what scares it, activity level, desire for attention etc. Does it line up? Safety? Will a child provoke it to bite? Will they neglect it? Do they travel a lot and if so, how would the dog be cared for?

              I truly hope your foster got the perfect home. Huskies are wonderful!

  13. Too many gorgeous cats in one single post. I’m dead from the cuteness! I hope both Emily and Koko find their forever homes ASAP.

  14. Dennis you are resplendent! You should get a job filling in for the stone lions down at the library!