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There’s an auction taking place for the Winnie’s Wish building fund. Go check it out, it’s going on ’til the 27th, and there’s some really cute stuff over there!

(To bid, you have to scroll down and look at the items to see the pictures. Each item has a picture and to make a bid, you make a comment on the page where the item is that you want to bid on.)

You can also contribute to the Winnie’s Wish Building fund over at GoFundMe!


So many toys, so little time.

I love that Peter is casually hanging out of the basket, Mary is in the midst of a flaily ears-back hissy fit, and Paul is mid-flight on his way into the basket.

Mary, checking to see if my pants are tasty.

Then deciding she prefers a good ear rub instead.

Gorgeous blue eyes.

Paul has a bit of the outrage going on.

“Why you touchin’ my ear, lady?”

Flirting with the track toy mouse.

::thlurrrp::ing the feathers on a toy. Silly boy.

Apparently diamond-bellied tuxies* are prone to outrage.

*There is not actually such a thing (that I know of) as “the rare diamond-bellied tuxie”, but I love that some of you believed me. You’re in good company – Fred believed me, too! Obviously, what we need to do is start insisting that there IS such a thing, to create demand!

Oh, the FACE. It’s possible he was a little weirded out by the large number of kisses he got just before I took this picture.


Mary has some thinkin’ time.

Double Open Mouths of Outrage.



Yesterday, I tried my hand at making homemade chicken baby food. The jars are just so SMALL, and kind of expensive (they’re 99 cents at Publix, which is about 5 cents more than they were last summer), and so I thought I’d give it a try. I boiled a chicken breast, then put it in the food processor and added broth (the liquid that the chicken had cooked in) until it was a good consistency. I think that next time, I’ll put it in the blender and let it run for a long time, to get it good and smooth.

Anyway, Alice (our resident baby food connoisseur) thought it was good, so I took some up to the kittens. You be the judge of what they thought of it (turn up your sound to hear the smacking noises!)

YouTube link.

And in the second, Paul would like to say hello.

YouTube link.


Miz Poo, in the Poo Cave. She is the only cat who sleeps in there, even Archie hasn’t tried it out. There’s a nice, comfy fleece bed in there, and underneath that is an electric bed warmer. Grandma Poo needs her bones kept warm!


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2-25-15 — 24 Comments

  1. I love how in the first pic of Peter in the basket FULL of toys, his little pink mouth appears to be open. Priceless pics!

  2. Love the videos, sounds on both are completely adorable!!! And ditto on the comment of recommended Peter, Paul and Mary videos…. Too funny! Also enjoyed the leaping kitty pix in 2014, Orlando still shocks the crap outta’ me some days with his 3 ft leaps in the air to grab da Bird!!

  3. Oh Oh Oh! So much cuteness!! and then of course I flip immediately to the baby tigers link cause I’m still ever so jealous that you got to do that! Do you know if they still let people feed babies if they have them? How did you get to do that in the first place? I can’t imagine it’s something they let the general public do and that you had to know someone to get to do that. AND THEN – I got distracted by a workmate and when I turned back I finished reading the entry up and freaked out cause you were saying you’d just had surgery and I didn’t know you’d just had surgery, and WHAT? and then I realized I was still on the 2010 entry…. 🙂

    • I think that they do let people feed babies, but I don’t think they have babies very often. I don’t remember how Fred heard about it, but it wasn’t a free experience – I can’t remember how much it cost, but it was probably something like $100 per person. We did it twice, and it was 100% worth every dollar!

  4. The cuteness!! You know, I have thought the same thing about buying the baby food-one of our cats takes cosequin-so it is easiest to empty the capsules into a few teaspoons of babyfood. Of course, the other two cats must have some too-or it wouldn’t be fair 🙂 I am going to try and make my own, and will use the blender. Seems like yours has the Kitten Seal of Approval!

  5. Picture one of Mary: “I KEEL YOU LADY!”
    Picture two of Mary: “Guhhhh, okay, maybe I let you live.”