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Throwback Thursday: Catelyn!

Just the one video for this Throwback Thursday. I found this video on an old memory stick, and when I watched it, was happy to see the adorable Catelyn (from the Grocers), standing on the Best! Blanket! Ever!, kneading and purring.

YouTube link.


Peter, hangin’ out in the basket. Doesn’t he have the most gorgeous eyes? I wish they could stay that color!

Don’t THEY look guilty.


“I wasn’t biting him on the ear and making him cry! I’d never! And I’m appalled by the accusation!”


More outrage! “Come back here so I can bite your butt and make you cry!”


Outrage on the scratcher! “Lady, can’t I have just one minute to myself?!”

“Am feeling….”

“…so very…very….”



Videos! In the first, we see the kittens just generally being playful (there might be a sideways hop or two in there).

YouTube link.

And in the second, they’re playing with a big green straw, and think it’s SUPER COOL. There might be a sideways hop in this one, too!

YouTube link.


Sugarbutt is feelin’ daisy fresh!


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2-26-15 — 23 Comments

  1. Oh Catelyn, how I love thee!! I sure would love an update from her new family!!!

    So many adorable tiny teefs!!! Gah!!!

    Adorable videos! 🙂

    Love Sugarbutt’s outfit! 🙂 A total ray of sunshine on a rainy day!!!

  2. When I noticed the bricks in front of the litter boxes, my immediate thought was “I bet if she painted them or covered them in cloth, she could make a buttload of money selling them on the internet.” All they’d need is a fancy name and some testimonials like “The only litter box step good enough to be used by the rare diamond-bellied tuxie.”

  3. Is there ANYTHING cuter than the sideways hop? No. No, there is not.

    Those are some SERIOUSLY energetic and busy little monkeys!!! Thank goodness they aren’t in my house or I’d only be able to accomplish things when they were asleep. 😉

  4. Skittering baybees!! And I think there was a little bumper car (cat?) action going on in the second video, too!

  5. Sugarbutt looks unamused by your antics. 🙂

    The hopping cracks me up. My three pulled the “we are scary” on Tommy this morning as he walked by the bathroom door. Once he was out of sight (ignoring the kittens the entire time), all three were all “yep, we is big and bad”.

    • They’re always so proud of themselves afterward, aren’t they? 🙂

      And Sugarbutt thinks I need to get a life – but he lurves me!

    • They have, but they’re not really impressed by them. I’ve seen them looking at them once or twice, but of course never when I’ve got the camera pointed at them!

  6. Is it me or does Peter have extra long teeth a few back from the canines? I’m looking at the OUTRAGE IN A BASKET photo.

  7. Mary is an awesome sideways hopper !!!!

    Thanks for all the great videos !!! love them !!!

    What’s with the 8years of no entries ! Wow !! has that ever happened before ?

    • I think it has, once or twice – this is a pretty quiet time of year, usually. It’s uncommon for me to have a litter as young as Peter, Paul & Mary in the middle of winter!

  8. Awwww, I think about Catelyn a lot and always hope we’ll get an update on her…she’ll always be the one L&H cat that I wish I could’ve had.

    And those little babies are just too cute! Sideways hopping, tails straight up in the air, I’m dead from the cute! How do you survive it?

  9. The video really reminds you of how mini these little guys are!

    Have the little monkeys gone to litter box for some take out food yet?

    Oh Sugarbutt, you dreamy hunk of candy, I would kiss you until the fluff came out of your ears…

    • No, they’re past the eating-litter stage (THANK GOD). They really are the perfect age – tiny enough to kill you with the cute, but old enough to use the litter box properly and eat on their own!

  10. Love all the pictures and videos, but I really L-O-V-E the series of the rare diamond-bellied tuxie falling asleep, paws up, on the stretcher. Crazy adorable!!!

  11. that’s is.. I’m getting in my car and driving down there and kittennapping those poorly abused kittens.. I mean seriously, first in a basket, then upside down.. I CAN NOT STAND IT!!