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This picture is from before Lilybet was spayed – her stomach is more shaved than that now (which you’ll see in pictures later this week.)

Noelegy said in the comments yesterday that Lilybet is a daffy girl. “Daffy” is absolutely the perfect word to describe her!

Using the long-legged cheetah toy as a body pillow.

Lilybet has moved out of Crooked Acres and into another Challenger’s House foster home. My parents are coming to visit next week, and we’ll need the guest bedroom for humans (what a wacky concept!), and since Lilybet’s just cooling her heels waiting for her final vaccination before she can head off to Petsmart, the other foster family was happy to take her.

The shelter manager dropped her off with her new foster family, and said that Lilybet was relaxed and exploring when she left. Which sounds about right – not much gets that girl in a tizzy, so she’ll be just fine.

Of course, I have more Lilybet pics to share, so you’ll be seeing her at least a few more days.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I wish Kennebec liked Da Bird.

But, I don’t know, he seems a little bored by it.

Like “Oh, that old toy? Meh.”

The straight-up tail cracks me up.

With moves like these, I’m thinking he could be a movie stuntman.

Right before he landed on Corbie. You KNOW Corbie was thrilled about that.

Batman with the flirty, seductive gaze.

And the “I’m just a wee cute kitteh!” pose.

I’ll be headed out of here in a while to deliver Kennebec, Batman and Robin to Petsmart. I will, of course, report to y’all when they’re adopted – because I know (hope) they’ll be adopted super quickly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


When you read up there that Lilybet needed to go to another foster home to free up the guest bedroom, did you think to yourself “But, why can’t Lilybet stay in the foster room?” Were you all confused and befuddled and “I did read that they have a foster room and then they also use the guest bedroom too, sometimes, didn’t I?”

To set the record straight, we do indeed have a foster room. That’s our main room for foster kitties, and then when we have a second litter going on, we also use the guest bedroom.


Friday evening, we moved Lilybet from the foster room to the guest bedroom.

So that I could scrub down the foster room.

So that someone else could take residency on Sunday.


This sweet girl is Catherine. I named her myself, after the Duchess of Cambridge, of course, because we’re going to attempt another try at the Royals naming theme that Lilybet foiled for us. We’ll most likely call her Kate, and possibly Katie.

I have zero doubt that she’s pregnant. She’s got the big ol’ pregnant belly going on, and she’s got nipples that are definitely THERE. I would report the color and texture of her nipples to you nipple-obsessed readers (you know who you are!), but she’s a medium-hair, so I can feel the nipples when I rub her belly, but I can’t actually see them just yet.

She showed up at the house of a woman and her son; I think they have a problem with dropoffs in that area, and Kate hovered around their back yard for a while before she decided to make herself at home. She is super sweet and friendly and loves to be petted and to have her belly rubbed.

At the vet yesterday (her combo test came back negative, yay!), they said that she’s about three years old. As an unspayed 3 year old, I doubt that this is her first litter. If I recall correctly, the older a cat is, and the more litters she’s had, the larger her litters tend to be. I might be wrong about that, though.

I have no idea when she’s going to give us those babies, though I hope and pray that it’s after Sunday. I’m leaving town Thursday and coming back Sunday morning, so if she holds on longer than that, I’ll be happy.

And of COURSE there’s going to be a naming pool for this litter! Click on the pic below to see how to enter and where to see the spreadsheet.

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Oh, poor sweet Alice. It is a rough, rough, ROUGH life.



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2-26-13 — 50 Comments

  1. Well, that was a bit of whiplash… Say goodbye to the Faker Mama Kitty and SAY HALLO TO MY PREGNANT MAMA KITTEH!

    I nearly said, “Yeah, right. Are you sure this time? Has it been veterinary verified?” But the photographic evidence does lead me to believe that this one is more pregnant than the last one. Duchess Kate is a bit furrier than I remember from the photos of the royal wedding though…

  2. Welcome, pretty Kate. You’ve landed in the tall catnip.

    Kennebec in the “That old toy” picture: invisible fireman’s pole!

  3. Kennebec with his legs out to the left makes me think of the old Toyota commercials where they do the jump and heal click thing.
    Lilybet probably never let you touch her belly cuz she was afraid her deception would be discovered! However, with Catherine we will still have to wait and see! I’m not believing it till I SEE the babies! LOL

    By the way, nice to see Alice. It has been a while! 🙂

  4. Awww, Lilybet. *scritchies* Keep us posted on that silly girl, will you? Best of adoption luck to the sweet trio going off to Petsmart, too. 🙂

    Catherine? Katie the kitty! Hi there! I knew a kitty Katie once, except she was an itty bitty torbie kitten, not a soon-to-be (really!) mama cat. She was one of the most affectionate little kittens I’ve ever met – purred up a storm the minute a human got near, curled up on legs (she was too small to fill a lap, but fit on a knee perfectly) and was not at all one for trouble or mischief. I loved her, but who wouldn’t? Shelter kitten bottle baby. She got adopted along with her sister Kizzy, and their forever people later sent a picture of them hugging. They apparently had an older brother cat who was all protective of them, too. Awwww!

    That’s a long-winded way of saying I love that name for a cat! Hi Katie! What color(s) are you, sweet kittygirl?

    I’m going to have to tell a good human friend of mine that she has a second namesake kitty at LandH now. Second as in she knew about the tiny shelter kitten as well.

  5. Godspeed, Lilybet and Lunk, Batman and Robin! Kate, you are in excellent, loving hands — enjoy your days of sloth before the babies put paid to them. Greetings, Alice, you’re looking pretty royal yourself.

  6. OMG, a fluffy black beauty. She’s /gorgeous/ – I do have a thing for black kitties. If her babies are half as beautiful as she is, we’re in for a treat.

  7. For a lunk, Kennebec gets some BIG air. Wishing very speedy adoptions for all now at Petsmart. Catherine’s eyes are gorgeous. I can’t imagine her having any less than gorgeous babies.

  8. Goodbye sweet Lilybet! I’ll miss you 🙁
    Robyn, please keep us updated on her. She reminds me so much of my own sweet and daffy dark tortie. I sure wish I could have come down there and claimed her for myself!

    Hello Catherine! Can’t wait to meet you babies.

  9. Yay for a non-faker mama pregnant with real kitties! And do I detect a hint of orange on her belly in the picture with the arrow? If so, we could have a medium-hair ginger like my sweet Russet from the Taters last year. Woohoo! Can’t wait to see the babies, I hope she waits for you to come back from your little trip… and maybe a couple of weeks after that, or else the babies will come when I’ll be on vacation and I’ll miss the news!

    Goodbye and good luck to Lilybeth (I still adore that name) and the boys leaving today!

    • No, no orange. She’s got some scattered white furs, but no orange. I think it would be funny if none of her litter looked anything like her. 🙂

  10. Awww sweet new mama, you are so pretty that I think we need to call you Duchess all the time!! Your coat and eyes remind me so of my sweet late Boo… And yay for a black kitteh – I hope some of the babies are black too! And Robyn, won’t you have a fit if she births dem babies while you are gone?!?

    Bye Bye Lunk, Lilybet, Batman and Robin! I hope your forever homes are right around the corner!

  11. Kate is a beauty, love her eyes. That looks like a nice round belly, do you see kitten movement?

    • I haven’t spent much time looking at her belly, but I haven’t felt any movement yet. I try not to spend much time just sitting there with my hand on her belly (though she’d probably let me), because she enjoys the belly rubs so much! Fred said he’s pretty sure he felt a kitten head last night!

  12. Awww, pretty Katie and gorgous eyes. Been a while since I’ve seen a longer haired black kitty. I hope her kittens come out with longer hair. And I hope she has them after your trip! (And after mine, too so I can see them grow from day 1!

  13. I was thinking the same thing about pregnant mom – until the pics gave it away….yep, she has the belleh!!

    Good luck to Lilybet and the boys finding homes quick!!

  14. But nipples are important! I swear I could always tell preggo cats by the way the nipple look
    And feel. Stop laughing at me! It’s true! Stop it Robin! You are just jealous of my nipple skills. Humph.

  15. I’m going to miss Lilybet. I love a daffy cat. And especially one with the loony face to match! She’s just too cute for words.

    Kennebec’s third picture? Invisible ladder.

  16. Congratulations are in order, for you & all your readers. Kittens are coming!! You know of course, she’ll wait till just after you leave to have them. Her age and maybe the 2nd or 3rd litter… she’ll have 5 kittens. That’s my guess & I’m stickin’ to it.

  17. Awww, farewell sweet Lilybet, and the 3 guys, keeping fingers crossed for adoptions. And wonderful news that there’s a ‘real’ pregnant mama in the foster room!
    All kinds of invisible things going on with Kenne-Lunk!
    thanks, as always!

  18. OMC–A litter of teeny tiny baby kitties! I can’t wait to see them. Mom Catherine is gorgeous! She resembles my Jenna.

  19. You CRACK…ME…UP!! 🙂
    Thanks for the giggles this morning…:-) “SAY HALLO TO MY PREGNANT MAMA KITTEH!” hehehehe…. I have this voice in my head that I use for your captions.. you sound very funny with it! 🙂 Yay kittens!

  20. So exciting! I love medium furred black cats (like Shorty from all the ShoKo videos)! She’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see those little furry babies…

  21. Awwww – I am going to miss Lilybet! She had me checking out driving times to your neck of woods, but given I am limited to 1/2 hour drive/day, that would have been tough. Such a daffy, beautiful gal! Good luck to her and the boys! I hope they find their forever homes soon.
    Kate is gorgeous! I would almost bet tomorrow for her delivery day, but I do hope she crosses her legs until you get home, Robyn!

  22. Ok, so if the same guy who said Lilybet was pregnant said this one is… I’d get a second opinion! lol Except that belly kind of gives her away. What a lovely black beauty she is!
    Has Alice lost weight?? Or is she hiding it in the curve of that roofline?

  23. Okay, I’ve gotta ask – and please forgive me if you’ve addressed this before – what makes Da Bird different from all of the other “fishing-pole” cat toys? I’m always looking for new toys for my guys, but hesitant to buy yet another “thing-on-a-stick”. I’m hoping that Da Bird is infused with magic rainbow sparkles, and that my cats will love it. The mystical, elusive perfect toy!

    • It’s made so that when you swish it through the air, the feather end spins, and it makes a noise that sounds very much like a bird flapping its wings. The cats always immediately snap to attention when they hear it, even if they’ve never seen it before. I’ve had fosters who were obsessed with it, and would climb up a bookcase to grab it and pull it down. It’s definitely different from any other fishing pole toy I’ve tried.

  24. haha – Kennebec (or Lunk or Boomer(rang) ) with his legs out to the side reminded me of the old school leprechaun in the lucky charms commercials that did the heel click thing, “They’re magically delicious”… sorry… I digress (right back to the early 70s it appears)…. I will miss him… my ginger tabby / orange tabby boy.. toss up as to holding out hope he returns again… but with no injuries.. or finds his FURever home… (the first is purely selfish on my part)

    Princess Catherine is certainly loverly!!! Robyn, have you ever had a black cat momma cat before? I am anxious for the kittens…. and holding out hope for some little tuxedos (my very favorite – – even before orange tabbies)… whoo hooooo!!!!!

  25. Hi Kate! I like her Ears of Annoyance in the “name one of these babies” picture. That’s how I felt when I was that pregnant too!

  26. Kennebec can really elevate! Such a fun boy – I hope he finds his family soon!

    And yay for a really-pregnant mama! Maybe Lilybet was just warming us up for the real thing….

  27. Katherine reminds me of my dear departed Penny. Love a big kitty. Bet she’s the type for a laydown, full bodied cuddle.

  28. Because of her big nips,I think you should rename Catherine,”Anne Hathaway”!