2-23-17 Thursday

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Coupaw‘s got Kitty Boinks on clearance right now – a 4-pack for $2.95. I’d buy some, but I bought a ton of them last time Coupaw had them, so I’m set for now!

(That is a referral link. If you buy something from Coupaw for the first time, I get “Coupaw bucks,” which I immediately spend on something for the cats, of course. They also have treats and beds and toys for dogs. Check ’em out!)


When we were talking about eye color in the comments of last week’s post, it made me think of a foster whose eyes changed color dramatically between the time I had him as a foster and when he was returned about six months later.

This was the foster in question, Kennebec from the Taters. Here he was in July of 2012.

I love this picture so much I made it into a banner.

You can see the coppery brown color starting to come in around his pupils. Six months later, when he was returned, he had these stunners:

He was such a big lovable hunk that he quickly earned the nickname Lunk. He bounced back and forth to Petsmart two or three times (he did something to his eye at some point and had to come back here until it was resolved), and I’m sure many of you thought he’d end up as a permanent resident. I half expected that myself! But no, he was adopted back out about a month after he’d been returned.


Frankie, such a slacker.

He’s got it good and he knows it!

“We’ve ALL got it good, lady!” says Dennis.

“But you could do better.”



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2-23-17 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. That picture “Frankie, such a slacker” : He is sooooooo
    s—t—r—e—t—c—h—e—d out! 🙂

    Dennis, you are just so kissable.

    I have seen amber eyes before, but never pumpkin colored…and so deep as Kennebec. Really shocking!

  2. I love Frankie’s pink nose & pink toebeans. They go beautifully with his lovely shade of orange.

    Oh, Dennis and his gorilla arms … such a silly monkey!