2-24-17 Friday

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Forgotten Felines of Maine – who I linked to the other day – is having an online auction starting at 4 pm today. They look like they’ve got some pretty cool stuff – check it out!

(I know of Forgotten Felines of Maine through my sister. They’re not affiliated with Forgotten Felines of Huntsville here in North Alabama – but they both have great names!)


So is Frankie out all the time now? no issues?

As of sometime earlier this week, Frankie is now out of the foster room all the time. There haven’t been any real issues. Alice is a little stressed at having all these very active boy cats running around and occasionally chasing her. Frankie is DYING to get outside, but except for a few supervised trips out in the back yard, we’ve kept him inside. He and Dewey both spend a lot of time hovering around the door when we’re going out or coming back in. (Luckily they don’t charge the door… YET.)

Dewey and Frankie play together a LOT – when those two and Jake and occasionally Stefan start racing around in the morning, they sound like a herd of elephants. It’s nice to see Frankie acting like a cat – a playful one, at that.


If/when you move, provided the place doesn’t already have a name, are you going to call it Crooked Acres still or should a new place have a new name?

It’ll depend on the house – but Crooked Acres is a name I really like, so don’t be surprised if we stick with it.


I love all your different kinds of chickens, do they lay different kinds of eggs too?

Except for the Silkie and Cruella – who don’t lay very often, but lay white eggs when they do – they all lay brown eggs. We used to have Americaunas, who would lay blue-green eggs, but they’re gone now. Here’s a picture of the kinds of eggs we were getting back in 2014:


Awww.. George and Gracie… still miss them but take heart that they’re together and will not be separated again… after all, it’s written in stone! I, too, love the stones – I know you posted previously about where you got them… perhaps a refresher?


I love George and Gracie’s stones. Did you make them?

I wish I was talented enough to make those stones, but no – I get them from Perfect Memorials. I like that they’re all medium-sized river rocks, but they’re all different shapes.


Inquiring minds want to know… are some of your permanent residents more photographable? Dewey, Dennis, Frankie, and Archie seem to be represented in the majority of Facebook posts, while the other cats are represented every so often (seems like a long time since we’ve seen Joe Bob or Alice).

Some of the cats really are more photographable – you will likely never see pictures on Instagram of Kara or Joe Bob because she runs toward me, and he runs away from me (that boy does not like to have his picture taken with the phone). You see Dennis a LOT because he is just a little poser, and he will lay still and pose for me all day long (also: he is beautiful). Dewey naps near me in the afternoon, which makes it easier to take his picture since he’s still skittish* around me. Frankie gets his picture taken a lot right now because he’s the new guy (and he doesn’t care if I’m holding the phone out toward him). Jake hates having his picture taken, it kinda freaks him out, man. Archie doesn’t care about anything but hating Stefan and killing kitchen towels.

So, yeah – some of the permanent residents are represented more than others, but it’s their own fault.

*Dewey is SO skittish around me still – if I reach out and pet him when he’s not paying attention, he’s fine with it until he turns and looks and sees that it’s ME, then he skitters off. HOWEVER, if I am in the kitchen and he thinks he’s about to get a treat, that boy will let me pet him without the slightest trace of skittishness. The key to his heart is clearly in his stomach.


What kind of heated beds are you using?

We use these heated pads, I put them under a cat bed (or between two cat beds). They don’t get super warm on their own, but once a cat lays on them, they get nice and toasty. We keep several of them plugged in year-round.


Archie, waiting for me to open the door so he can hesitate, think about it, maybe step one foot over the threshold and then stomp away in disdain.


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  1. Speaking of the chickens, one of my Facebook friends shared a photo of a sign which read, “Chickens: The Pet that Poops Breakfast,” and I thought of you.

  2. I feel your frustration about photographing my cats. Years ago my sweet boy Ames, I swear would stop what he was doing and actually pose anytime I pulled out the camera. I currently have one, Guy Noir, all black and difficult to get a good picture to begin with, immediately stand and approach me when I pull out the camera. It’s an individual personality thing and entirely up to them. I’m often in awe with some of your amazing photographs.

  3. “Archie doesn’t care about anything but hating Stefan and killing kitchen towels.” good thing I was between sips of coffee! bahahaah!

  4. had to laugh at the comment about photogenic permanent residents. we’ve had people act surprised when Junior or Spud gets mentioned since they just don’t get as much picture time as everyone else

  5. I can relate to difficulty in taking pictures of cats. If I try to take a picture of Holly, 9 times out of 10 she will come over to me as soon as she sees me point the phone at her. And Figaro… I swear he knows when I’m trying to take a picture of him and LOOKS AWAY ON PURPOSE. I will call his name and whistle, and he still refuses to look at me. Stinker.

    • He eats kibble and canned food just fine. He still has plenty of teeth, he only had four removed and he’s mostly healed up from that. So far he’s doing well – he’s been playing a lot – but we’re starting to wean him off the steroids, so we’re watching to see how he does.

  6. For those of you who are having trouble photographing cats, does your camera have a silent mode on the shutter? If it does, USE it. Mine get much more twitchy when I don’t quiet the shutter. Some of the clack is mechanical and can’t be helped, but there’s no reason to go augmenting it if you don’t need to.

    (If you have a DSLR, it’s going to be in the shooting mode settings — whether you shoot continuous or one frame at a time.)

    I’m sort of in luck — most of mine are posers. Pumpkin is all “will you shut that thing up so I can sleep?”, but Fizzgig will pose for me all day and Kira sprawls out like “draw me like one of your French girls”. Sheba being the house panther is tough to shoot well but will pose if I can get the lighting right and she’s in the right mood. (Boxes are amazing creatures for getting a cat to sit where you want.)