2-17-17 Friday

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I demand to see the full Stefan picture because I NEED to know what’s on his head! Pwease?

Here it is, from Halloween of 2014.


Are you SURE both photos are Newt? You’ve had several buff or light red kitties over the years. Also, the difference could be due in part to lighting, which camera was used and degree of pupil dilation.

I’m positive – Newt has a kind of crook at the end of his tail where it was broken at some point before we met him. It’s evident in this picture, from 2007:

And this one, from last month:

One of these days, I’ll have to comb through my Newt folder and put together a progression of pictures from the past 10 years so we can watch his eyes change. Apparently it happened slowly enough that I didn’t notice it happening.


I’m glad Alice’s efforts were not in vain. Is it easier for her to cajole ham out of her daddy, I wonder? And did she get her reward without anyone else noticing?

It is quite a bit easier for her to sucker ham from her daddy, he’s always willing to entertain the idea that she is STARRRRRVING. Oh… and suddenly it occurs to me just WHY they love him so much. Hmm…

(She did get her reward without ALMOST anyone else noticing. Dewey Kravitz was RIGHT THERE wondering what I was doing, so he got a serving of ham, too.)


Wait, Archie naps with you? Is this new?

Archie really naps more NEAR me than actually WITH me. If he’s on the bed when I show up, he doesn’t bother to move… but he also doesn’t seek out my company either. (PS: Archie likes kisses, spread the word!)


No one lurves you more than Fred? I thought Frankie was Your Lapcat!

SO DID I. And yet, now that he’s feeling better, he’s suddenly Mister Aloof. If I seek him out and bring him onto the couch with me, he’ll stay (and purrs like crazy). But if Fred kicks back in his recliner, Frankie races to join him.

Is this fair, I ask you? (Am making mental notes to bribe Frankie with ham from here on out.)


Jake and Stefan, snoozing in the foster room.

And Stefan and Dewey, snoozing on Fred’s bed.

Dewey, pleased with himself. And Tubby in the background, always benevolent and ever so slightly disapproving. “This new generation! They’ve got no WORK ethic! Just laying around all the time, yawning!”

I love that Frankie always neatly tucks his tail over his front paws. He is a GENTLEMAN.

Gazing longingly outside (actually, I think he was watching Fred.)


Smilin’ Joe (aka Joe Bob). His pink nose just kills me dead.


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2-17-17 Friday — 14 Comments

  1. We had a cat “Johnny Cat” that went crazy for ham. Every time we would go into the fridge here he was squalling for ham! His meow even sounded like he was saying HHHAAAMMMMMM! Now we have two that won’t eat their tuna – I got the wrong type, packed in oil….

  2. Wow Jake, that sure looks comfortable.

    Atticus goes all apes**t for cheese. He could be deep asleep in another part of the apartment, but the minute I open the cheese/deli drawer in the fridge, suddenly he’s there. And he now has some kind of weird mutant super-power where he can sense it opening because he’s deaf as a post and can’t hear squat (including his own 3am yodeling, such fun). Yet he still is right behind me as soon as I turn around from the fridge. Like some creepy stalker, lol. (“Dude, is that Brie I smell??! No.way. Shredded 4-cheese Italiano??! Effin’ awesome…”)

    • Tommy is the cheese head here. But open a jar and Mo will come running in the hopes that I am eating olives. 🙂 (which just reminded me to put olives on the grocery list since we ate the last ones last night)

  3. My Pasha had one eye that got “rusty” as he aged. Vet couldn’t figure it out and it didn’t seem to affect his vision so we just admired the freaky difference.

  4. My Bella is butter-crazy. Just opening the utensil drawer and a cabinet door (where I keep a stick to keep it soft) will draw her to my feet even from the deepest sleep. She gets maybe 1/8 tsp., but she also seems to smell butter in cookies. Goofball!

    • My Banderling is the same way with butter. He goes absolutely crazy over it and allows himself to get completely soaked by the water bottle just to get a lick. And Pogo goes crazy over chips, pretty much any kind. He’ll come running as soon as he hears the crinkle of a chip bag.

      • Yes! Atticus loves them too, and popcorn. I swear, the guy has a cast-iron stomach. And he’d probably lick back an entire container of yogurt if I let him. He actually had a few licks of Activia yogurt once before I caught him and got him down from the table. (I had visions of him relieving his digestive discomfort. And loving his body and ready to take on life’s challenges, thanks to Activia!).

  5. How did I miss Wednesday’s post??

    Dennis has the same eyes as my Mrs.Parker – with the dark green “aura” around the pupil and lighter green beyond that. So gorgeous!!

  6. Randomly flipping through Newt’s flickr album, I can see the change starting back in 2008 when you took a series of photos of him in the driveway, and they look totally green in 2012. A lot of it has to do with the lighting and the background. But his eyes definitely changed from amber to green.

  7. About Newt’s eyes: could it be that he used to have some light liver problem that got fixed over time?

    I imagine Jake and Stefan all “We’re not fat, we’re puffy”.