2-16-17 Thursday

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Carla Mae, having escaped the back forty yet again, wandered up onto the side stoop.

She decided to stop and set a spell. As she sat and watched the side yard, she suddenly felt eyes upon her.



Then she stomped off, leaving a present behind.


Dewey gets his Kravitz on – but finds us kind of boring.


Frankie Report.

He’s eating well.

VERY well (those watermarks are tasty.)

He’s moving around the house more – he intended to sleep in the window bed, found Dennis there, and curled up on top of the blue thing instead.

Since we’ve had him, Frankie has gained 10 ounces. This is due 100% to Fred’s efforts: Fred makes a soup out of canned cat food and water (there might be some goat milk in there, too) and feeds Frankie 4 – 5 times a day, frets if he has a day where he doesn’t eat enough, and just generally hovers.

Frankie has stopped screaming when he eats or if he yawns too big. Every now and then he’ll yelp if he yawns, but that’s become rare.

So all in all, in the past three weeks, Frankie has improved an incredible amount. I’d like to see him put on another couple of pounds, but he’s doing great so far.


OH, that serious little face. I sure do love that Sheriff Mama.


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2-16-17 Thursday — 25 Comments

  1. Sheriff Mama always looks so sleek and soft, such a credit to her uniform, lol. But, is she off duty?

    Speaking of doodie (lol, I so didn’t plan that), kinda rude of Miss Carla Mae to not only sass you, but leave a package behind.

  2. I’m surprised more cats don’t take advantage of those yummy watermarks. Go, Frankie! And enjoy your break, Sherriff Mama.

  3. Frankie looks to be doing so much better. One thing I used in October when Gracie was very sick was chicken broth. It got fluids in her, a little protein from the chicken and also had salt so it helped her retain fluids. And apparently very tasty to the kitties. She lapped it up.

  4. Thank you so much Fred. You are really making the difference with Frankie.

    I don’t know if you’ve tried baby food but we had a sick kitty who loved it. Especially the kind with lots of gravy.

    Still thinking that we might end up with a cage match between Carla and Dewey.

    • Yes, he was eating baby food almost exclusively there for a while. We’re glad that he’s eating cat food now – it’s much less expensive than those tiny jars of baby food! πŸ™‚

      • Isn’t that the truth. Cheapest I can get the Gerber is 94 cents. And we are going through about a jar a day. Not that I care. Whatever the princess needs she shall get. I hate tossing all the little jars in recycling though. I need to find someone who uses them for projects.

        • Ooh, check with a local preschool or elementary school – or maybe even a daycare? – they may use them for crafts or projects. Or even spread the word amongst your friends – someone may have a use for them. They’re such good little jars that it’s a shame to toss them.

          Also, I REALLY wish Gerber sold the baby food in larger containers!

  5. That Carla Mae is one rude clucker!

    Yay Frankie, so glad to hear he’s doing better. Thanks to both of you for doing all you do. And maybe one day he’ll crawl up on that bed with Dennis and get to snuggle. There’s definitely enough room.

    Sheriff Mama needs to come to my house and teach Pippin and Merry a lesson on chasing and harassing Pogo. They definitely need some time behind bars. Today was probably the 5th or 6th time that Pogo came running up and proceeded to pee right on my pillow next to my head. Damn cat. The first couple times he did it I thought it was in anger that I wasn’t protecting him from them, so retaliation. But then I figured out it was because he new he was safe to go to the bathroom because I’d protect him from them. And what’s crazy about it all is that they’ll chase him from time to time and he clearly acts afraid of them during the day when he’s walking around. But at night they all curl up around each other like littermates to go to bed with me. He’ll even clean them sometimes before settling in. Just don’t get it.

    • It’s funny you mention that – Sheriff Mama gets along well with Jake, but sometimes he chases her, and she acts like she’s afraid of him! It hasn’t gotten to the point where she’s peeing outside the litter box or anything, but I certainly don’t like seeing him chase her. :/

      • Luckily he’s only done it on the pillow next to my head. Which sucks big time of course but none has gotten on me so far so that’s good. LOL Oh wait, he did do it on the back of the couch once. Hopefully that’ll be it for anywhere else. We’ve had Pippin and Merry since April of 2012 so I guess 5 or 6 times over that long of a period isn’t horrible but it’s certainly more than I’d like that’s for sure. I just wish Pogo would learn to not act like a victim. When he acts afraid he definitely comes across as prey so that just makes them chase him more. There are times they’re sleeping or just not paying any attention to him but then he goes slinking by and that gets their attention and next thing you know they’re chasing him under the bed or into our arms. He’s a tiny little thing too so even if he did fight back they outweigh him by several pounds. But at least they wouldn’t be as prone to do it if he did fight back. Ah well, we’re working on it. Thinking about getting the Feliway stuff, maybe that’ll help.

  6. Yay I’m so glad Frankie is eating and feeling better!!

    So do you get that much attention from Fred when you are under the weather? πŸ˜‰

  7. I adore Carla Mae. I think she wants to be a house “cat”. πŸ™‚
    YAY for Frankie! Fred has done a great job.

  8. Thank you, Fred, for diligently working so hard to make sure Frankie is on his way to good health. Hey, Robyn, would love to see a feature where you explain what exactly was it that you or Fred saw in each resident to make the decision to make it a “permanent.”

  9. I believe Carla Mae would like to be an indoor chicken!

    Frankie is a lucky boy to have found you and Fred. (Imagine hearts here – I don’t know how to do hearts on my work keyboard!)

  10. I’m so glad to hear Frankie’s feeling better. (Seems like it would be hard not to with that much pampering!) Lots of love for that sweet orange boy.

  11. and now we are down to one cat bed, that’s it, I’m calling the cat protection league.. they need to come down there and straighten you out.

    Oh wait. I just realized I was reading these posts backwards.. I seriously hope there is a stack of four cat beds in tomorrow’s post πŸ˜‰

    So what is the plan for Frankie?