2-15-17 Wednesday

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A while back, Heather asked:

Are Alice and Dennis your only green eyed cats? I can’t remember what color Kara & Dewey have and I’m entirely too lazy to search.

I thought this would be an excellent post topic for a day when I didn’t have anything else in the queue – and today is that day!

So in order of the cat we’ve had the longest (Maxi) to the cat we’ve had the least amount of time (Frankie), here they are.

(And if you think of a topic/theme you’d like to see in a post, pipe up. I can’t promise I’ll cover it, but I might!)


Newt now.

Newt 10 years ago. Do eyes usually change color that drastically?


Joe Bob









Good news! The biopsy of the bump in Frankie’s mouth came back, and our boy does NOT have cancer of the mouth. We started him on steroids last night for the stomatitis.

The vet said that removing all of a cat’s teeth can solve the stomatitis problem in about 75% of cases; we’re not going to do that at this point, because we’re not 100% sure it will cure the problem. It’s a possibility for the future, of course.

Frankie, of course, is thrilled.


Maxi looks like a kitten here, doesn’t she?


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2-15-17 Wednesday — 34 Comments

  1. Newt’s eyes – NO they do not change that drastically other than from blue (as a kitten) to the adult color. I have never seen an adult cat’s eyes change. CRAZY!!!

    In the last picture of Maxi, is something on her back or is she missing fur? Is she ok? With the angle and plump belly, she does look like a kitten.

    Out of all the eyes….I have to say that Dennis and stunning eyes. Jake’s look alien…fake like. Very unusual!!

    • I tried – they weren’t in-focus enough (and the eyes alone aren’t apparently what makes ’em loony, you need more of the face.)

  2. Loved the eye comparison! So fascinating that Newtles’ eyes have changed colour so dramatically!

  3. Such beautiful eyes — and I’d be interested to hear what a vet would say about Newt’s. What superb news for Frankie and you and Fred! Incidentally, I know someone whose cat had all his teeth removed owing to the same thing; he never, ever had a problem again.

  4. cute idea….it is funny that with Jake, just seeing his eyes seems to elevate him from loony to “serial killer” though πŸ™‚ YAY for good news for Frankie.

  5. I second the “That’s not Newt” comment. I just spent 5 lost minutes checking every detail in the two photos to tell if they were the same cat. Still not sure πŸ™‚ Love this compilation. Great eyedea.
    Fantastic news about Frankie. He caught his second big break in life First was finding you and Fred, second the ‘not cancer’ dx.

  6. Are you SURE both photos are Newt? You’ve had several buff or light red kitties over the years.
    Also, the difference could be due in part to lighting, which camera was used and degree of pupil dilation.

    That was certainly a fun display! Dennis’ eyes really are striking.

    • I think part of the difference is due in part to lighting, but he did have very striking gold-brown eyes when he was younger, and doesn’t now. I have photographic proof that both pictures are Newt; I’m saving ’em for Friday’s post. πŸ™‚

      • The quick check I did for color changes say that this can be the sign of an eye infection or more serious eye issue – but the yellow is the inflamed color. So if it was this, it seems he’s better now.

  7. So I had to look it up. Turns out it’s pretty common for cat’s eyes to change color drastically like that. There was even one forum site that a chick had three pictures showing her cat’s eyes changing color from yellow to green. It’s The Cat Site . com and the post was from 2006. Pretty cool if you ask me.

    Great idea for a post Heather especially because of Newt’s coolness as a color change artist. Heh

  8. Robyn, I don’t know if you remember but we had a ton of questions for you a few years ago because our oldest cat, Fat Boy (aka Joe Bob, aka Teddy Bear) had a severe case of stomatitis. After trying the steroids off and on for a couple of years and having them fail time after time, we finally made the decision to have all of his teeth pulled. The change in this cat is like night and day (no wonder since he was probably in pain the majority of the time). He went from a grumpy old geezer to the most lovey cat we’ve ever had. His coat improved in both color and texture and he certainly hasn’t lost any weight (probably the opposite) from his missing teeth — he eats everything, both wet and dry food and treatie-treats. Just wanted to give you our experience — we just kick ourselves that we didn’t do it sooner for him.

    • Thanks, Lisa – Fred and I have agreed that we’re not going to let Frankie’s issue turn into a chronic problem. I would like to go ahead and have his teeth removed now, but Fred and the vet both want to wait and see, so we’ll wait.

      I’m adding your comment to my folder of ammunition, just in case I need it. πŸ™‚

  9. Cats eyes are so amazing to look at !!! I could totally be hypnotized by Dennis’ eyes !!!! WOW !!! He is gorgeous !!!

    Topic ?? Most unique marking or trait !!

    I must go back and stare at his eyes again !!!!!!!

  10. They eyes have it! hee hee! I would know Looney Jake’s eyes even if you didn’t label them! Even his eyes are looney, and as someone else said, slightly serial killer-ish on their own.
    I demand to see the full Stefan picture because I NEED to know what’s on his head! Pwease?
    Yay for Frankie’s results, we’re all pulling for him to feel better fast!

  11. Great post! My only idea for a post would be a throwback to all the things that have ever been brought into the house (animals BESIDES cats). I loved the squirrel and the snake posts and I think you’ve had a few other creatures. I don’t know how too many pics of those things would go over with some of your more squeamish readers though.

    • I’d have to put a warning at the top and a link directly to the cat pics so they could skip the scary stuff. πŸ™‚

  12. YAY! I’m so happy that Frankie’s biopsy came back OK. I didn’t know cat’s eyes could change color like that. I read GD’s comment about her cat’s eyes changing with kidney failure-in a way I’m glad our Sassy still had his beautiful green eyes till the end-he had changed so much physically, it was a comfort his eyes remained the same.

  13. I’ve never had late in life eye color changes in my cats, but both my Baal and Boo (made it to 16 and 21 respectively) lost most of their sight their last years and had permanently enlarged pupils. That really changed the appearance of their eyes!

  14. Woot on the Frankie news! I’ve seen cats go from blue to other colors but not the other way around. Weird. If you are looking for post suggestions, it might be fun to do a “Guess the cat” from just toe-bean pics (an Easter theme?).