2-14-17 Tuesday

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Sorry if my posts are a bit scattered this week (scatter-brained, I mean – I’ll still be posting every day through the week). I’m in the process of painting the computer room, and figuring out my plan of attack is consuming any extra brainpower I’ve got available. This is a VERY full and fairly smallish room, so it’s hard to maneuver. And of course moving Fred’s desk away from the wall yesterday was super DUPER fascinating to all the cats, so they had to come ponder this amazing occurrence. No cats have stepped in paint YET. I’ve gotten one wall painted and will paint the trim today.

The only reason I’m painting this stupid room is because there was so much damage to the wall by the door that I had to repaint it. I did so late in 2015, found that there’s just enough of a color difference between the old and new paint (which were supposed to be the same color) that it draws the eye (well, MY eye anyway) every time you walk into the room. It drove me crazy – which I guess is why I waited over a year to get my butt in gear to paint the rest of the room.

Next week, I’m painting the downstairs hall.

Then I’m hanging up my painting brush for another ten years, thank you very much.


Dennis, mid-yawn. I’m sorry, is he beyootiful, or what?

Sleepin’ Alice, in her favorite spot.

Archie joins me for nap time.

Whose fangs are those? Any guesses?

It’s a Dewber.

“Lady, please.”

Frankie, on Fred’s bed. That bed is super popular – but Frankie prefers to spend his days downstairs lately, moving around in the front room from heated bed to heated bed.

“Lady, please.”

Smilin’ Stefan is super pleased to be able to hang out in the foster room again.

Frankie, melted.

“Lady, have we had the discussion where I mentioned ‘please’?”

Alice thinks if she acts all cute and chatty, I’ll reward her with ham. (She’s no dummy; I did.)

“Can I climb into that bed with you, Archie? Can I, huh? Archie? Archie? Hmph. I guess he’s not going to wake up and move over. Guess I’ll find someone else to snuggle with.”


“I don’t always ask the entire innernets to be my valentine, but when I do, I expect a snappy answer. Innernets: you gonna be my valentine, or what?”


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2-14-17 Tuesday — 19 Comments

  1. I LOL’d at Archie peekin’ as Dewbie walked away… which is far better than him giving the Dewber what I now call “The Towel Treatment” hahahaaaaa

  2. Delighted to be your valentine. And the picture above you, too funny! LLOL-literally laughed out loud. Love Archie!

    • If you buy that house, when it comes to paint matching, even when going back a few years later to get another gallon, we’ve had the best luck with Sherwin Williams Super Paint. It has saved us from repainting an entire room instead of just one wall many, many times! They also managed to match another brand’s paint (from a dried up paint can lid) for us when we needed to touch up some existing paint left from a previous owner.
      SW Super Paint IS a bit more spendy than the some of the big box brands, but if you buy it on sale and are picky about where you put it (maybe only rooms you need to paint/touch-up frequently?), it might be worth it long-term.

  3. Absolutely! Actually, when I saw the first pic of Dennis – midyawn is what Robyn said – I’m not sure if I believe that… I think it was then he was asking! hehehehe

  4. Wait, Archie naps with you? Is this new?

    Again I have to comment on Frankie’s whiskers. They’re not limp and droopy so hopefully that’s a reflection that he’s feeling better.

  5. Dude, I am so gonna be your Valentine!!! You are one dreamy boy…*sigh*

    Miss Alice sure has beautiful green eyes.

  6. Wait! Ten years? I went to the archives because I couldn’t believe it had been that long and I saw this (2/27/2007):

    “I’ll be leaving Smallville around 4 this afternoon to drive to Madison, pick up Joe Bob, and take him to the pet store. Yes, after he’s been with us for something like two months, it’s time for him to go and possibly be adopted. He’s adapted really well to life here and he’s such a sweet boy, but I really think that seven cats is just too many for us to have on a permanent basis.”

    I’d forgotten you weren’t going to keep him. Hah!

    • We actually didn’t keep him! 🙂 He went to Petsmart, was adopted and returned, and ultimately went back to the shelter. We actually adopted him a year later, when Spot died.

      • Geez, I didn’t remember it that way at all.
        And I can’t believe how long I’ve been reading your blogs–it started with onefatbitchypoo, then whatever you called your other blog that I’ll remember as soon as I hit “post,” and then here. You’re one of my old invisible friends 😉

  7. Dennis has such beautifully rich coloring; he’s adorable. I love reading his story again in the flashbacks this time of year.

    I’m glad Alice’s efforts were not in vain. Is it easier for her to cajole ham out of her daddy, I wonder? And did she get her reward without anyone else noticing?

    I volunteer for my local (no-kill!) shelter and what they inevitably always need/want me to do is simply play with and pet the cats to socialize them. It’s harsh, but someone has to do it. Last week, there was this absolutely delightful Russian Blue mix male around five months old who was beyond sweet. He loved being petted and would keep nuzzling under my chin. When I saw his name, I nearly melted – they called him Elwood. I spent a lot of time with him that day and cheered a few nights later when he showed up on the adopted page. And yes… I was tempted myself.