2-13-17 Monday

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This is Kiero, who belonged to reader Christina. Kiero passed away unexpectedly last week and Christina and her husband are absolutely heartbroken. Their dog Leona is sad and shaken up as well, as Kiero was her best friend in the world. Christina and her husband are at a loss as to what they can do so that Kiero’s death wasn’t in vain and would love to ask for charitable donations in his name to help make another cat’s life better.

Christina said: The photo was taken this past Christmas. How he LOVED the fireplace and the Christmas tree. Thank you in advance, Robyn and thank you for all you do for so many homeless kitties.

If you’ve got some money to spare, it would be lovely if y’all would donate to Indianapolis Animal Care Services, where Kiero was adopted from. If you’ve got no money to spare, then I think good thoughts directed toward Christina and her husband and poor Leona would be much appreciated.


We had an interesting weekend. We’ve been looking at houses on Zillow – as you do – and Fred found one that’s an amazing price for the size, located in a neighborhood where he lived as a kid. We went out and drove by it on Saturday, and then drove back by it – and then pulled into the driveway and looked around. Then called the realtor to see if she could let us in. We were half in love with the house just because of the amazing gardens, and the house itself – though it needs a LOT of work – made us love it even more.

Fred posted the pictures in an album on Facebook – see them here.

We spent the ENTIRE weekend talking about this place, about the work that would need to be done. Both of us decided by Sunday morning that it would be insanity to buy the house at this point… and then spent all day Sunday talking about how we could do it.

I have no idea what will happen. Fred has a plan, and I am the wishiest of the washiest, so I don’t know. This is certainly the last thing we need to take on right now, but that’s certainly never stopped us.

(That garden though…)

PS: To answer the inevitable questions: We could have chickens as long as they were contained (would probably have to rehome the rooster, or send him off to freezer camp). I’ve already told Fred that there’s no way we’re moving into any house without an unbreachable fence in the back yard. And yes, we’re taking all the permanent residents with us* and will continue to foster kittens.

*Unless you’d like to take several of them? I mean, you can’t have Newt or Maxi, Kara or Joe Bob, Jake or Alice, Stefan, Dennis, Archie, Dewey or Frankie, but otherwise… oops. Sorry!


Oh, that boy. So much stress.


Frankie is doing well – Fred has gotten him to play a few times. Frankie likes feather teasers, as long as you don’t wave them over his head, and he likes it if you drag cords (like the ones from a sweatshirt) along the floor. Dewey is just DYING to be friends with him, though Frankie mostly swats at him if he gets too close. Dewey is persistent, though – I suspect he’ll win him over sooner or later!


When I was mentally rearranging the foster room before I painted it, I decided that the wall condo needed to come down. It’s a cool place for the kittens to hang out, but they like to get on top of it and then rather than use the steps on the wall to get down, they always leap from the top of the condo to the floor. In addition, while I liked the idea of having a “wall cat tree” that I wouldn’t have to move to clean under and behind, what I actually found out is that in a room as small as the foster room, it was limiting as far as what I could do in that room. So the wall cat tree came down.

The condo is so awesome, though, that we looked around for a place where we could hang it, and ended up putting it in the front room/TV room, near Fred’s recliner.

Dewey has claimed it as his own.

He likes to hang out in it…

And watch what we’re doing.

“What? Is comfy!”

He’s just SO pleased with himself.

He also thinks this bed, under Fred’s side table, is the bee’s knees.


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  1. Christina, I am so sorry to hear about Kiero. Sudden losses certainly rock a household. My heart breaks for Leona. I have seen an animal grieve for the loss of their companion first hand. Please give her tons of kisses from all of us at LH. Also, please keep us posted as to how she is doing. Hugs to you!

    As for the house….I am a true believer that if it is meant to be, things will fall into place. If you find yourself having to force it, let it be as it is the wrong thing at the wrong time.

  2. I’m sad to hear about Kiero, Christina, and hope it’s not inappropriate to suggest that you bring Leona along to your shelter and let her help you find a dog-friendly cat. When you’re ready, of course.

    Robyn, I look forward to reading the next chapter in the house saga!

  3. My deepest sympathies. I can vouch for the Indy facility. We adopted both a senior dog and an older kitten, both with special needs. In each case our vet had to sign off on the adoption, verifying we understood what we were getting into.

  4. Dear Christina, I am so sorry to hear about Kiero. He certainly was a handsome boy. Thank you for suggesting Indy Animal Care Services. They are hard working folks taking care of our animal friends.
    On a happier note, I am glad to hear there are lots of Indy folks in this ‘family.’ That makes at least 5 that I know of. Maybe we could meet up at the Nine Lives Café the new cat café in town.

  5. Christina, I’m very sorry about Kiero. It’s very clear he was loved and adored.

    Robyn, that house — wow! Talk about a fixer upper, but that place could be absolutely incredible. Those gardens alone will be a labor of love and extreme patience (although, right now, if you have any rage to work out, I would take it out on those gardens). I also think that if it’s meant to be, it will and if it is, I look forward to reading the stories! (I will say if the grandfather clock makes any kind of weird noise, I’d get rid of it immediately.)

    Thanks for your daily blogs — it’s something I look forward to reading to get my kitten fixes and see all the lovely kitties you have helped over the years.

    From cold and snowy Cleveland…

  6. To Christina- Losing a furry friend is heart breaking. My last one, Lola went sort of suddenly and unexpectedly too. I hope you can find comfort in the good memories, and maybe one day you can open your heart up to a new furry friend for you and Leona in honor of Kiero.

    To Robyn- Who cares about the cracking walls and foundation, really? The real question is how many foster rooms can you have there? Gotta keep priorities straight… 🙂

  7. Purrs to Christina and her family….it is so hard. While it is hard to think about now, we hope that some day you will be able to pay that love forward and save another life.

    Poor Dewey – keep working on that new guy….

  8. Dewey in the condo looks like a living picture with a white frame. How entertaining for y’all!

  9. I looked at Fred’s photos. There is a giant WOW factor about that house and gardens. I guess, you would have to add up cost, repairs and updates (the kitchen needs some help, etc). Then add 40K (cuz we ALWAYS underestimate). If the house is still inline with the market (cost + rehab), then certainly consider it. You don’t want to be the stars of the sequel to the movie The Money Pit. I’ve had to walk away from some for that reason. If the numbers work and your energy level is up….I am soooo looking forward to comparing the before to the after pictures. 🙂

  10. Christina I’m so sorry for your loss. Poor Leona, it’s so heartbreaking to see a pet grieve because they just don’t understand why their friend isn’t with them anymore and there’s nothing we can do but give extra love. I had a cat walk around the house “calling” to her brother after he passed. Sending hugs to you all.

    As far as that house goes, wow what a house. It looks prime for a ghost or two. 🙂 But then so did your current house when you first got it. I thought the same thing as Starr – how many foster rooms could there be. LOL

    I just want to give Frankie a kiss on his cute pink nose. Mwa

  11. Christina, I’m in Indianapolis, too, and I lost my Vito at the beginning of December without warning, too. He looked a lot like your Kiero. Greys like that are really something special, yeah? Sending you loads of love. <3

  12. Christina, I’m so sorry for your loss. Also for Leona, it’s so hard for them to understand what’s happened. I remember our cat wandering around for days looking for our dog. All of a sudden she’d run off, thinking to check another room but no, he was never there.

    Robyn, the house has possibilities but foundation issues? That makes me EXTREMELY cautious. Also, maybe it’s the weather but it just looks so dark inside, especially surrounded by all of those trees. Where would the kitties go get sun-drunk?

    Not that its an accurate barometer but Frankie’s whiskers are rising up near a more normal, healthy height. Hope that he’s feeling better, heating blankets are nice.

  13. I just saw a video of a cat proof fence! It was a regular wood fence except for the very top… It had what basically looked like a large rolling pin along the top, maybe it had fins too. Showed a cat climb the fence then totally bailed once the top rolled.