3-15-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Good morning innernets, and shhhh. The babies are sleeping!

Carmelita went to see what Mama was doing, and Mama took a break from eating to give Carmelita some love… and transferred some of her food to Carmelita’s face. I’m sure that’ll be a tasty snack for Isabella later.

Honestly, this little goober is just SO full of himself! (Alejandro)⁠

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I love watching kittens at the milk bar. (There are some seriously wiggly ears starting at about 38 seconds in.)

Paws UP, y’all! (Pablo)

Good night innernets. (Diego and Carmelita)

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Milk bar mosh pit. They are some SERIOUSLY active little nursers. (That’s Alejandro at the beginning, wanting to play since his own belly was full.)

It’s a lot calmer at the milk bar when it’s only two kittens. (Diego and Pablo)

Javier is havin’ a think.⁠

Alejandro sure does love his mama.

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Look at those little explorers go!

“LADY. Show the innernets that I gots a foot!” Yes ma’am, Carmelita. And an adorable foot it is.

Good night innernets. (Javier and Pablo)

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A little Alejandro to start off your day.

Javier is comin’ through!⁠

Carmelita thinks this blanket has a flavor.

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HUGS. (Alejandro)

Good night innernets. (Diego, Javier & Carmelita)

We have a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here. (Alejandro)

Now that they’re mobile, they track the milk bar down alllll the time. It’s a whole new game, and Isabella is THRILLED.

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Isabella does such a good job of keeping those kittens clean!

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Carmelita gets a BOOP!

Good night innernets. (Javier)

Diego’s having a grumpy morning. Just ’cause.

Line ’em up! (Left to right: Diego, Alejandro, Carmelita, Javier & Pablo)

Oh, that Alejandro. Just always keeping an eye on things!

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Throw back Thursday: back in 2015, we fostered Lucy (Lucille Ball), who gave birth on April 1st. Her kittens were named after various comedians and were loaded with personality, and my most-viewed video ever was this of Rickles and his jazz paws. That’s his brother Shecky kind of caught in the maelstrom of goofitude. (You can see their brother Red (formerly Skelton) and foster brother Georgie (formerly Carlin) on Instagram at @George_And_Red )

Javier’s face is cracking me UP. (That’s Diego next to him, and Carmelita in front of them.)

Good night innernets. (Carmelita & Pablo)

The other morning I asked Fred to hold each kitten up for me to take a picture. Alejandro could not be bothered to wake up and look at the camera, and then later on when I tried to hold him up with one hand and take his picture with the other, he gave me this one-ear-down look, which is when I gave up. That boy cracks me up.

I feel like the nipples really complete this picture. Thank you for your service, Isabella’s milk bar. (I have SnapChat and occasionally I mess around with the filters. I’ve never posted anything there, though.)

Seriously, Diego has an impressive head of hair doesn’t he?

Carmelita with attitude.

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The milk bar is hoppin’ – and Diego is late.

Javier’s all “Whoa, whoa, WHOA, what’m I missing?”

Good night innernets.

Alejandro’s a little sunbeam.

“I YAM FEARSOME!” declares Diego.

Javier’s face is cracking me up. “Why does she keep BITING my FOOT?!”

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Seriously, Carmelita trying to reach Isabella’s tail and then following her around – how CUTE is that girl?

Isabella, multi-tasking; keeping Alejandro clean while he fills his belly.

Good night innernets. (Pablo)


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  1. These little goobers slay me. So much character wrapped into five adorable floofy packages.