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Y’all predicted that you’d be seeing kittens hanging on the screen, and not an hour before the first of you predicted it in yesterday’s comments, I took these pictures:

I love how it looks like he’s standing on that stair dancing. He was actually hanging from the screen.

Determined to make it to the top (with the Patron Saint of Naughty Kittehs, Newt, looking on from the wall.)

You were wanting to see his bits, weren’t you?

Basically, I walked down the hall to see him hanging there. So I went to grab the camera and took several pictures while he hung there. He was determined to reach the top, and then realized there was nowhere else to go once he’d gotten there, so shimmied his way back down. Silly boy! (That’s Orlando, by the way.)

Orlando, watching the feather teaser.

Four brown tabbies, all in a row. (From left: Mariette, Maria, Angelo, Orlando.)

Angelo, looking like a bunny.

Check out the stripes down Angelo’s back. Aren’t they neat?



“Tryin’ to get some SLEEP, here! I don’t need all those idiots jumping around like monkeys!”

“SO inconsiderate! ::fume::”


Alice, on my dresser (Kara’s not the only one who figured that it was an easy jump from the cat tree to the dresser!)

And away she goes!

Is it time? I think it is.

YouTube link.


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3-19-14 — 23 Comments

    • YES! The spotted belleh was the STAR of these shots – and that last pose was SO funny XD

  1. It DOES look like he is dancing!
    ♪♫ Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care
    Glide by the people as they start to look and stare
    Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quick mamma
    Come on baby, tell me what’s the word

    Word up, everybody say
    When you hear the call, you’ve got to get it underway
    Word up, it’s the code word
    No matter where you say it, you’ll know that you’ll be heard now. ♫♪

    • He does play – I’ve seen him doing it on the webcam – but it tends to make him a little nervous if the other kittens are getting too rambunctious.

    • hahaha that reminds me: my mom got a kitten last spring, and when I was visiting in January, I noticed that she (the kitten)tends to…shall we say, lie about in a VERY unladylike manner. So the running joke while I was there became “Mom, you need to get that cat some pants!”

  2. how you know you a truly a cat person: you see the cat doing something bad and rather than say something to make them stop, you go get the camera 🙂 been there, done that

    Now I REALLY need to rethink the screen door thing…..

    • And I was SO worried that he’d have climbed back down by the time I got back with the camera, that I was plotting to leave the camera closer to the stairs in the future! 🙂

  3. Look at that belleh! 🙂

    Did Jake settle down after getting his due praise last night? Or did the shenanigans continue on into the wee hours?

  4. Hahahahaha! That picture of Orlanda should be your “screen saver” – get it?! I crack myself up sometimes… 🙂

  5. Spidercat, Spidercat. Does whatever a Spidercat does….

    Too funny, whoever takes Orlando home will be so lucky.

    Y’know, looking at the pic’s today, we need more Angelo. I love his stripes and whiskers.

    I’m still surprised that Dennis was the escape artist. Didn’t think that he could be bothered to get off his grace’s bed.

    Alice’s tail, straight up while she’s jumping off, cracks me up. You’d think it would be straight for airflow dynamics but that’s our Alice.

    • I’ll see what I can do about getting more Angelo pics into the mix. 🙂

      I was surprised that Dennis was the escape artist, too. He seems to spend most of his time in the foster room, so I was amazed that he was anywhere near the bottom of the stairs!

  6. LOL @Spidercat!!

    Loving Newt on the wall 🙂
    Loving the bits (and the spotted belleh!
    That isn’t a bunny pose, it’s the t-rex pose..
    love the four of them together!!
    Poor Dennis. I think he is forehead kiss deficient.. get on that please 🙂

  7. If the screen door has pet screen on the bottom maybe you could put something across the top like heavy duty plastic that would make it harder for kitties to climb, or replace the top screen with a different type screen. Even though they look cute climbing it they will at some point tear it up. Or not, I just know dogs can damage a door in about a month or less.
    It was a good idea to take the baby gates down and put up the door. Much easier for the humans to use.

    • We’ve got a roll of pet screen, and when the Players are all gone, we’re planning to take the screens out, polyurethane the door frame, and then replace the regular screen with pet screen. If (for some reason) that doesn’t work, we’ll go to a metal insert.

      It is SO nice not to have to duck under the baby gates. I wish we’d done it ages ago!

  8. After all this time, I finally discovered the app with the singing cat!! However, I don’t know how you get the video of him. Share?