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Angelo, the gorgeous.

Mariette’s serious little face cracks me UP.

“Hey, what’s going ON?!” I love Ferdinand’s little puff of tail.

“What’s down THERE?!” Nothing for you, Orlando.

“Hallo!” (Orlando again.)

Mariette’s got places to GO.

“Hello, gorgeous.”

“Have we met before? You seem kinda familiar.”

Orlando is showing that camera strap who the boss is.

I swear that bed was neatly made, before the monkeys were released from the foster room.

That’s Maria on the left, Ferdinand next to her, Mariette flopped on her side in the middle, Orlando on the right, and Angelo in the back. I have no idea where Dennis was – probably hanging out on the cat tree in the foster room.

I’ll be leaving here in a little while to take Orlando, Maria, and Ferdinand to Petsmart. Y’all keep your fingers crossed that they’re adopted super quick, won’t you? And if you’d like to send some good thoughts toward Khaleesi, Livia, and Tricki, that would be good, too.

(As always, I’ve got more pictures of them in the queue, so you’ll be seeing their faces for at least a couple more posts.)


Stefan sleeps like the dead. Oh, the STRESS that boy suffers from!


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3-20-14 — 18 Comments

  1. I know it’s been said before, but OMG, those ears!
    And looking back at Emmy and the Noms… oh they were so cute. 🙂

  2. I swear, in that first pix of all the cats on the bed, they all have a very smug look on their faces! Here’s hoping for quick adoptions to forever homes.

  3. Fingers crossed for lots of adoptions quickly! And adoptions in multiples! Cause ya know, if you count your cat’s by tail counts… You can get away with getting one with and one without and still keep your total lower! “Why no, Mr. Landlord, you’re mistaken. I took a tail count and I only have one cat as per the lease! You’re welcome to count tails yourself and I swear you will come up with the same number that I have.”

  4. I am going to miss those monkees. They better fly out of PetSmart. I also think it’s time for Tricki or someone to come home for a visit. I don’t understand why they’re still there. I would love to scoop up Orlando or Ferdinand.

    I love how Angelo doesn’t have the typical M target on his forehead. As in “Mack on This Spot Here.”

    • I always find something in the comments that someone else has pointed out that I didn’t see, and then I have to go back and look again. In this case, it was about Angelo’s lack of a typical M.

      Some days, I go back and forth multiple times looking at pictures and reading the comments because of stuff others mention that I never noticed. Makes me wonder how much other stuff in a typical day I’m missing….?

    • I hadn’t noticed the lack of M!

      I’d bring Tricki, Livia, AND Khaleesi home for a break (Livia’s been there the longest), but have nowhere to put them. Once again, Fred stealing my second foster room has made life difficult for ME. Hmph.

  5. It’s kinda interesting that the last two years at this exact time you’ve had mamas with newborn babies. Does that mean it’s time for a pregnant cat to arrive at chez FrednRobyn?

    • Hopefully soon – it’ll depend on adoptions, since Mariette, Dennis and Angelo can’t go to Petsmart ’til room has opened up – and we won’t have room for a pregnant cat ’til that happens.

    • I thought the same thing…he is making up for when he was on his own and couldn’t sleep easily!

      And yes, good wishes for many speedy (and overdue) adoptions!!

  6. I have a question for you, and for anyone else with multiple cats. How do you know when one is sick? And I don’t mean obviously sick, I mean the kind of sick you’d only notice from the litter box. Like, when we had only two cats, I’d know what the box was supposed to look like when I cleaned it. I scooped every other day, so there’d usually be 4 pee clumps and 2 poos. If there was more or less than that, I could very easily narrow down which cat it was. And living in a small apartment, I could usually very easily see if one was having an issue while they were actually in the box.

    Now, however, I have 7 cats and more litter boxes spread throughout a bigger house. One new cat, I followed him around the first few days, making sure he was eliminating ok, and discovered blood in his poo. Then I REALLY had to follow him around, trying to get a litter-free sample for the vet. But discovering urinary issues is harder, because they don’t usually do much digging first. I only noticed one cat having issues because I was home all day for once, at my desk most of the time, and a box is in the same room, and I noticed Loki in there quite a lot with not much to show for it. My husband cleaned the boxes once, and said the pee clumps looked bigger than usual to him, but the next time I cleaned, they were all normal-sized to me.

    So how do you do it? If you think a cat is having an issue, do you follow them around all day, have a camera on the boxes, what? We’re more concerned than we used to be because we had a cat pass away from kidney failure last summer, so we try to watch the rest of the cats more closely, but it’s hard with so many.

    • Watching behavior is about all that you can do. Going but not having anythng to show for it could be a urinary track infection.

      It’s pricey, but if you can, you can always take a problem to the vets for peace of mind. One vet also said to check the tails if you can if they’re straight up or arched. One for each activity.

    • we were faced with the exact same issue and were trying to figure out how to deal with it when the kitty in question jumped up and peed on the bed while I was laying in it. Hubby was cheezd, since the kitty pee’d on his side of the bed, but I explained how relieved I was to know which one it was because figuring it out otherwise back then was going to be a bear..

      you could do process of elimination.. lock each one up with a litter box.. or you could invest in a web cam and ‘watch’ the litter box area or where ever you notice the issue, and see if you can figure out that way..