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Mary sure does love that scratcher bowl.

Now THAT is some serious outrage. A++ on the outrage display, Mary!

Paul’s trying to work up some outrage (Mary’s messing with his tail), but the sun is making him sooooo sleepyyyyy.

The tail of that mouse is made from material that reminds me very much of barbie doll hair, and the kittens LOVE it. (Makes me wonder what they’d think of barbie doll heads as toys.)

And Mary is super fond of that wool mouse, though I don’t know whether it’s the fact that it’s made of wool or that it has a feather for a tail that is responsible for her attachment.


Peter’s impressed with Mary’s mad killin’ skillz.

Places to GO, things to DO.

When I got out of the shower yesterday morning, Stefan was getting his flirt on with the kittens. I opened the door to let them out, so he could play with them, and he immediately jumped on Peter and made him cry. So I shooed the kittens back upstairs and shut the door. Stefan tends to be a little too rough with the itty bitty ones – I know he’s just trying to play, but we don’t want him to accidentally hurt one of them.


Videos! In the first, the kittens are jumping up after a feather teaser like the little monkeys they are.

YouTube link.

And in the second, the cuteness that is a sleepy Mary in my lap will kill you dead, guaranteed.

YouTube link.


Newt sits in this position a LOT, silly boy.


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3-19-15 — 23 Comments

    In the picture titled “Now THAT is some serious outrage.”, I love Mary’s stretched out clawzies! Also, cool wibbley toy with a mousey on top!

    • Isn’t that toy neat? One of the other foster moms gave it to me – someone made it and gave it to her, and she doesn’t often have little bitties. It’s been a big hit!

  2. Peter’s got some leapin’ skills!! Why is it so cute watching kittens get dizzy with their little heads boppin’ as they try to watch the teaser?! SO cute!! And 2014… the boy and his bits and his spots… LOVE that, my favorite of his time with you!!!

  3. Please, oh please, go to the thrift store and buy some Barbies to behead for the kittens.

    • I’m picturing them walking around with barbie hair in their mouths and the heads dangling like some headhunter parody.

    • I will have you know that I discovered I can buy Barbie doll heads on eBay. Just the heads! (I don’t know that I want to know what people buy those for!)

  4. I took my cat for her checkup & shots yesterday. She is 10yrs old & weighs in at 16.5lbs. She doesn’t eat anything except 1/3cup dry food in the morning & night. Occasional treats. No wet food or people food. Just a big girl. She doesn’t play as much as she used to. She has a lazer pointer which she just usually lays and bops the red dot. She used to run up the walls. What is the largest cat you have had? Any suggestions from readers on toys for older cats to get them moving? I do have dabird, she likes but not like my foster kittens. My last cat became diabetic so I am just trying to keep her healthy.

    • I’d recommend switching her slowly to yummy wet food but look forward to other responses.

    • Also could try some enrichment toys.

      Take a soft tube like a pringles or those plastic ones for prunes and cut small hole(s) here and there. Then put in some food or treats. that way she has to work for her treats.

      I also use a high fibre/low carb dry food from Royal Canin. It’s expensive but might be worth a try. The vet told me that most dry food was carb heavy, which explains why my fat cat wouldn’t touch wet food.

      • My fat cat won’t touch wet food either… any suggestions for getting her interested? If it’s a kind that has meat chunks with gravy, she’ll just lick the gravy off, but most others she just gives a sniff and moves along.

        • I think someone recommended here before to grind up some of their dry food and sprinkle it on the top of the can food. That way they smell/taste the dry first and start to eat.

        • You could try sprinkling a powder like Nature’s Variety raw boost on the food. I’ve found that my cats adore it, and they’ll taste anything that has the powder on it.

  5. The synchronized head bobbing is killing me!!! And I do love booping a kitteh nosie myself! 😀

  6. I second Kerry’s suggestion about switching to a wet food diet. My 13yr old was diagnosed with diabetes but after switching to wet food was able to stop insulin and is much healthier. Stick to classic pates-no sauces or gravies. Its a bit more expensive and a pain but worth it.

    • I use the pate, but I leave about a teaspoon size amount in the can and add about 2/3 can very warm water. Mix the food and water in the can, then pour it over the rest of the food. It cools off the water just enough so it won’t burn them, but they lap it up like crazy, with no extra calories from gravy.

  7. Not fair. Not only do you get to boop Mary-nose and nap with kittens (c’mon, that’s like – EVERYONE’s dream), you have a fleece/flannel blanket. With cats on it. I am jealous. (Seriously, where did you find it?!!) You have jammies with cats on them stashed somewhere too, don’t you.

    Stefan, lol. Making Peter cry aside, you are one cool dude. Whenever Atticus would sit like that to clean himself (in his portlier days), I’d blitz him with tummy tickles and kisses and he wouldn’t be able to get away, hee hee. Talk about an open mouth of outrage!