3-19-19 Tuesday

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I’m not sure what I did to get this LOOK from Laura.

Willie in the Tiny Basket!

Pa checks on Albert.

Keeping guard.

Tiny Mary, Tiny Basket.

Albert joins Mary and then gets sleepy.

I moved Albert and Mary (still in the Tiny Basket) to Fred’s room (since that’s where Caroline prefers them to spend their days, and she’s in charge), and Willie joined them.

I promise you, Mary isn’t stuck up there. She can get up there and down again without any help from the likes of me.

Almanzo has a smug.

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that the kittens are now climbing. I walked in yesterday to find all 5 of them on the second level of this little cat tree. They get up there easily, and down again, too. I suspect it’s not going to be very long before I walk into the room and find a kitten (or all of them!) on the bed.

Charles and Caroline were tussling yesterday, and Mary did NOT approve!

Remember the crate where they were born and spent the first couple of weeks of their lives? They’ve rediscovered it, and after bottle time yesterday morning, they all went in and took a nap, with Albert keeping watch.


Dewey, under his favorite red chair. I managed to get a picture before he realized I was there!


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3-19-19 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. Just struck me – using Half Pints math, Dewey’s mom was a tuxie! I’d wonder what Jake and Elwood’s mom looked like, but as we’re coming up this year on the 10th anniversary of their spawning…

  2. Mary looks like a five year old who’s walked in on her parents in flagrante delicto! Ha!

  3. Counting the days till the kittens can jump on the bed — imagine nap time with the entire family!

    Also, what a lovely capture of Dewey: he’s looking so handsome and relaxed.

  4. Is it getting any easier yet to tell the kittens apart (with the exception of Laura) in person, without checking the nail polish?

  5. It must be something like the Waltons over there with each of them saying “goodnight” to everyone before they go to sleep at night!

  6. Dewey!! <3

    Is it just lighting or my eyes, or do the boys seem to be developing brown/caramel tabby colors while the girls are more grey/silver?

    Little Willie is starting to remind me of a wee Corbie (I still miss that gorgeous boy.)

  7. OhohOH, what a gorgeous boy is Dewey… amazing picture!!

    I love Laura’s little white feeties.

    Also, the “keeping guard” picture… love it!