2-7-23 Tuesday

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Cinnaspin is not complaining about the fact that we’ve had several sunny days in a row.

Neither is Linzer, who’s enjoying the warmth.

Cinnaspin’s pretty sure it’s nap time.

The top of the computer is just the BEST place to hang out, if you ask these kittens. They’re all “What? Is comfy!”


Nacho’s all “Lady! It’s Churu o’clock already!”

Francesca says “Did someone say CHURU?!”

I keep trying to catch a picture of the two of them in that crown bed together, but whenever Nacho hears me walking in, she runs over to see what I’m doing. ONE of these days I’ll get ’em.

Yesterday, I opened the door to the foster room, and left it open. Nacho and Francesca made a few very quick visits to the hallway, but for the most part they stayed in the foster room and just kept an eye on the hall. I figured Cinnaspin and Linzer would be ALL ABOUT checking out the foster room, but nope. They looked in the door, said “Eww, strangers!” and ran off. There was plenty of hissing and growling between all of them, but it was just gentle warning-type hissing and growling. No threat of anyone attacking or smacking. And for the most part, Cinnaspin was the one doing most of the growling and hissing, and the others were reacting to her. (She might be a tiny bit of a drama queen.)

But overall, it was pretty calm. Each set of girls had their own space, and felt safe to just watch each other. At bed time, I put each set in their own room, and shut the door. For now, unless a problem arises (which I don’t expect), I’ll just open the foster room door and let the girls have as much exposure to each other as they want (or don’t.)


Looks like Lincoln makes a comfy bed.

He didn’t seem uncomfortable, but I pulled them both out anyway, so I could pet them.

Lincoln says “Tryin’ to eat here, lady. You mind?”

They’re still skittish, still hiding, and Lilly is still hissing when I reach for her. But I think they’re incrementally less scared with each day that goes by. I think it’s about time to introduce them to Churu.


We moved the big cat tree so that it’s right next to this bookcase, thinking that anyone who wanted to hang out on top of the bookcase could do so.

Turns out, they don’t really like to hang out up there. I saw Charlie up there just this once, but otherwise no one’s ventured over. I think they don’t like how close the top of the bookcase is to the ceiling (they loved hanging out on the bookcase when we lived at Crooked Acres, but the ceiling was much higher there.)


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In case you missed it, Brioche is now at Petsmart! Room opened up for her, so she went and her sister Biscotti (who has been at Michelle’s house) joined her there.

In case you missed it, Linzer and Cinnaspin are ADOPTION PENDING (yes, together) and will be going home in a few weeks!

In case you missed it, Nacho and Francesca are ADOPTION PENDING and will go home in a few weeks! I’ve brought them back home with me, and they’ll stay here until they go home. (And yes, I will introduce them to Cinnaspin and Linzer after they’ve had a few days to adjust.)

Surprise! Now that Cinnaspin and Linzer are adoption pending (together) and Nacho and Francesca are adoption pending (together) we decided we could make space for a couple of scaredy-cat kittens who need some one on one attention. Meet Lilly (back) and Lincoln. They are about 11 1/2 weeks old, were trapped as part of a colony that was being TNR’d (Trapped-Neutered-Returned), but were too small to be fixed. They’re both scared – he just wants to hide; she wants to hiss and run. They are currently in the bathroom (where the only place they can hide is under this small cat tree/hammock, or behind the toilet), and have ever so slightly warmed up in the two days since we got them. We’ve got our work cut out for us!

YouTube link
In case you missed it, Nacho and Francesca have returned from Petsmart! They are adoption pending (together), and will go home in a few weeks. For now, we get to hang out with them and enjoy them. (And yes, we will be introducing them to Cinnaspin and Linzer.)

YouTube link
Uncle Charlie’s come for another visit! First he checks out the litter box, shockingly ignores the kitten food, and then takes a look out the window. I love that it takes Cinnaspin a long, long moment to figure out what’s going on before she gives him the ol’ hisseroo.

Good night innernets. (Francesca)


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