2-7-15 – Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

#MollyHatchet keeping an eye on me when I was cleaning cages at #Petsmart yesterday morning. I love how she acts like a regular ol’ #FeralNotFeral kitten! You’d never know now what a hard time she gave us way back in the beginning. #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #TortieTude

#Alice Mo lubs her daddy.
#PermanentResident #Cats #CatsofInstagram

#Lizzy is waiting for her forever home! She’s the last rocker left at #Petsmart on University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama, available for adoption through #ChallengersHouse . #TortieTude #SnuggleBug #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #FeralNotFeral

“Hello, sunshine, my old friend; I’ve come to warm my furs again.”
#Garfunkel #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens

#TomCullen went visiting today and got hissy when #PaulSimon got too close, too fast. #Garfunkel wisely kept a safe distance. #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #FosterKittens #PermanentResident #HousePanther

Bros in the sun. #PaulSimon #Garfunkel #HousePanther #OrinchTabbyLove #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens

Naptime bros. #TomCullen #Stefan #LoonyJake #PermanentResidents

The look #PaulSimon is giving his brudder #Garfunkel cracks me UP. He’s very #THISidiot #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #HousePanther #OrinchTabbyLove

When he realized that his favorite cat bed was occupied by #Archie , #Stefan was so enraged that he took a nap.
#Cats #CatsofInstagram #PermanentResidents #Interloper

#Dennis patiently awaits the belly rubs.
#PermanentResident #cats #CatsOfInstagram

Regarding #Dennis #PaulSimon #Garfunkel #kittens #fosterkittens #HousePanther #OrinchTabbyLove


Fred posted these on his Facebook page this week (feel free to friend him; you’ll see a lot more that way, as he doesn’t make many public posts). I made a couple of edits on the captions to keep it family friendly ’round these parts. Tsk tsk, that man and his potty mouth!

Archie shows his Resting Brat Face.

“No, I don’t wanna be petted. Nope, don’t wanna be your friend, either. How’s about you just get me some more food?”



2014: โ€œI just like to snuggle rather than roll around like brutes. Is that so wrong?โ€
2013: Obviously the cats canโ€™t stay in their cages while the painting is going on, so Mercury, Kennebec, and Baby Beans are back here until Friday morning.
2012: Everett takes a break from jumping to show the correct waltzing form.
2011: Alice and Rhyme were both adopted on Saturday!
2010: Ouiser ultimately got the upper hand, and Drum ran for his life!
2009: No entry.
2008: No entry.
2007: She became entirely liquid somehow, and flowed through my fingers and across the room, ending up under the bed.
2006: No entry.
2005: No entry.



2-7-15 – Weekly Roundup — 8 Comments

  1. LOL, Stefan. That boy and his lazy life crack me up.

    Aw, Uncle Tommy and Uncle Dennis went for a visit!

    • Robyn I do not know how you keep up with Stefan. He is constantly moving, exploring and having adventures. It’s a wonder you can ever get a non-blurry photo of him as much as he moves around.

  2. Hi all, I usually lurk instead of posting but I need some help. We have two little feral girls who were so full of worms that one had to go to emergency. They are allowing us to cuddle them and are quite comfortable with humans.

    The healthier little girl has become very comfortable with us and is now brave enough to head into the big room. She’ll play once in there, but if there is ANY sound (laundry door opening, cabinet shutting, someone laughing) she freaks and latches onto me. As much as I enjoy that she trusts me, there are eight other cats who need me to care for them and I can’t do that with a kitten surgically attached to me.

    Not to mention, since her sister (formerly the brave and affectionate one) came back from the vet (prolapsed anus from deworming and dehydration from diarrhea plus it didn’t help that she and her sister were already malnourished from the parasites), she has become significantly more fearful. Before she was first to make an escape attempt. Now all she wants is to hide in her bed.

    In short, I want to get them brave enough to socialize and explore without fleeing or clinging everytime the phone rings. Any suggestions?

    • Alicia, I’m going to post your question in Friday’s entry, but for further clarification: how old are they, and how long have they been with you?

  3. So much fun — and 2014 is a super-keeper, not least because it ends with two beautiful pictures of Corbie.

  4. Love seeing Molly’s sweet face again! I soooo hope we hear updates on her and all the Rock Stars from their forever peeps!