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I left the house yesterday morning to do an errand, and when I got back, I went into the guest bedroom, where Batman and Robin are currently residing. Batman was hanging out on the cat tree, all “Here are my nipples and also, ‘sup?”

So I showed him what was up.

I showed him Kennebec.

And I showed him Baby Beans and Mercury.

Don’t go getting all excited, y’all. Petsmart is undergoing a renovation, and as part of their renovating, they’re repainting the cat room. Obviously the cats can’t stay in their cages while the painting is going on, so Mercury, Kennebec, and Baby Beans are back here until Friday morning.

I was going to let the three of them have the run of the house for the two days while they’re here, but I prefer to make sure the fosters are shut away at night – it gives the permanent residents a bit of a break – so I decided to put them in with Batman and Robin.

The introduction went fine, as I expected it would.

Kennebec was all “This place seems familiar.”

Then he got sniffy with Batman’s back end.

Which Batman did not appreciate and he gave Kennebec a Look.

Kennebec went to the floor immediately and said “I’m sorry, Batman!”

“No offense, Mister Superhero.”

Mercury kept sniffing Baby Beans and then hissing at him. Baby Beans just looked at her like “What is your ISSUE, lady?”

I think she was showing the only cat in the room who’s smaller than she is, who the boss was.

He was not impressed.

When Fred got home from work, he opened the door and let all five cats out into the house. Baby Beans made a beeline for the kitchen, where he hung out, giving me the big, hopeful eyes. Kennebec ran upstairs and flopped down on my bed. Mercury jumped up on top of the kitchen cabinets, then raced up and down the stairs. Batman and Robin said “We’ll just hang out in here, thanks!” and stayed in the guest bedroom.

It wouldn’t work in the long term – that’s just too many fully grown cats to add to the temporary population – but for a couple of days it should be okay. I’m not looking forward to putting the three of them back into carriers and driving them to Petsmart tomorrow morning. Kennebec and Mercury have got some VOLUME in those lungs. They howled all the way home yesterday; I’m sure they’ll howl all the way back to the store tomorrow.


Keeping an eye on the feather teaser.

She is just so purty.

Yesterday she climbed into my lap and ended up on her back. I tried to sneak a feel of her belly, but she was NOT having it. I had to dump her out of my lap to show her that she couldn’t be grabbing and biting my hand like that. Of the brief moment I touched her belly, it felt firm to me.

A couple of people asked if she’d been checked out at the vet’s office. She was – in fact, the woman who turned her over to Challenger’s House dropped her off at the vet Challenger’s House uses so that she could be tested before she went to the shelter or into foster care. It was while they were looking for a spay scar or a tattoo (indicating she’d been spayed) that the vet tech realized she was pregnant.

Could it be another Maura situation? It could be – but I’m inclined to believe the vet tech. Of course, that could just be because I REALLY hope she’s pregnant, too! Only time will tell for sure.

Speaking of The Maura Situation – if by some chance it should turn out that Lilybet was faking it all along (like Maura, as described in this post), then I will take the names of everyone who entered the Royals naming pool, put their name in a hat once for each time they entered, and then draw a name. The winner will get to name a kitten from my next litter. So even if Lilybet is pulling the wool over our eyes, SOMEONE will still get to name a kitten!

Silly girl.

“Hey lady, why don’t you come touch my belly again?”

“It’ll only hurt a little bit!”


Alice Mo, keeping an eye on the birds.


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2-7-13 — 38 Comments

  1. Just to show you how absolutely not-awake-yet I was when I read the blog… When you mentioned showing Kennebec to Batman, I pictured you showing him a photo on the lcd screen of your camera. And THEN I woke up 😉 Welcome back gang.

    • Too funny, Kelly, because that’s exactly what I thought too! And I don’t have the excuse of not being awake, since it is almost 5 p.m. now as I’m reading this post.

    • It has been absolute insanity around here this morning. They’re finally settling down for their morning naps, though. 🙂

  2. Aww, I love that picture of Baby Beans and Mercury touching noses!

    Also, Lilybet looks so unintentionally diabolical in that last picture: claws fully deployed, wild-eyed stare going full blast, and the way she’s laying her head on the scratcher is like her doing the best “Heeeere’s Johnny!” impression from The Shining that she can.

  3. I think Corbie needs a mini-me and you need a permanent kitchen inspector for your food blog, so maybe Baby Beans should stay.

    And – Sugarbutt needs a mini-me too. So maybe sweet Kennebec should stay.

    And – Miss Mercury is so beautiful and you don’t have a cat with her coloring, so maybe she should stay.

    And – you guys might needs saving from the evil forces one day, and you would need super heroes for that. So maybe Batman and Robin should stay.

    Just a little humor…. 🙂

  4. I have to wonder what Lilybet is thinking when she hears all those other cats on the other side of her door!

    • She doesn’t really seem to have a reaction, but there’s a barrier across the hallway about a foot from her door. It’s meant to keep her from running out her door and down the hallway, but it also keeps the other cats from getting to her door and sniffing at the bottom of it. I’m not sure that she knows they’re there!

  5. Wow, what fun!
    Speaking of hissing around, that’s going on here following an all-day absence of one cat, Ellie, at the vet’s getting dental work done–cleaning, some extractions (and she’s only 3 years old, but it would seem that’s when this stuff starts…UGH). The other cat, pretty close to the same age, seemed to enjoy being an only cat for the day, and since Ellie’s return has been nasty to her, hissing, growling. Even this morning it is still going on…hoping that as Ellie starts smelling more like herself (to Lizzy–she doesn’t smell to us humans!) and less like vet/stranger this will die down. She was friendly to and played with Ellie prior to this altho she treated the late Mabel like dirt…hoping it’s not a mental block that won’t change. Has this happened with anyone else, and what was the outcome? Kind of wishing I’d scheduled them both the same day!

      • that’s encouraging, thanks! this cat does know how to hold a grudge, she’s never made up to hubby in 2 years plus, going back to a turf war in the barn before she was a house cat!!

    • That happened at our home recently also. My boy cat, Jack, went to the vet all day and when he came home, Smudge was terrorizing him and hissing and growling at him. I separated them and let him stay in my room that night with the door shut, and while I was at work the next day. When I got home and let him out the next night there was much less growly/hissy going on.

      I was told by many that he probably smelled like the vet’s office having been there all day and that it would be better in a day or two and it was.

  6. While I remember the Maura story, I clicked the link so I could chuckle over it again. And what did I see at the top of the page? BABY CORBIE! I forgot how he used to look. And while he is a beautiful cat, he was an abso-stinking-lutely GORGEOUS kitten.

  7. Would you REALLY blame her for faking a pregnancy to get into your cat paradise? Actually sounds pretty smart to me! 😀

  8. Wow, that sounds like one full room! And only one girl among them? Wow, she’s gonna get some hiss time isn’t she? And the boys will just ignore her, ’cause, you know, girls are silly. hee hee!
    Aw come on Lilybet! You know that soon you’re gonna want that tummy rubbed! Why not start now??

  9. I’m getting more and more confused. The shelter I volunteer at has a Maxie, except she is an orange kitty so I keep expecting your Maxie to be orange. The shelter also has a Mercury, except he is a big black kitty. So every time I see “your” Mercury, I am not sure who it is at first. “Your” Mercury does have really beautiful markings though!

    And kittens! I know I should wish that Lilybet had been spayed so as not to make the overpopulation worse but – kittens! 🙂

    • I know, that’s how I feel – I WANT the kittens, but of course it’s not like we aren’t going to be awash in kittens in a few months. But I WANT the kittens! 🙂

  10. so odd, most pregnant cats I’ve had LOVE to have their bellies rubbed.. the only ones that didn’t were the ones that didn’t like me.

    Maybe she’s just not far enough along to have that baby stretch so a belly rub feels good thing going on.

  11. I wasn’t sure if you were taking all 3 kitties back while they painted. Baby Beans is not very happy at Petsmart. I didn’t think he’d get along well with the big kitties. If he’s not snapped up this weekend, I’ll be sure to give him some run time on Tuesday with the rest of the gang. When I let him out this past Tuesday night he was just by himself and seemed rather forlorn.

    • He’s just a serious little man. He always looks forlorn! I hope someone is suckered in by his sad little face this weekend!

  12. I can totally relate to your comment about the noise level when having to put them in the carrier. All of my furkids are completely spoiled & not used to taking ‘road trips’, so the protests are loud & continous. Fortunately I’m only a 5 minute drive from my Vet, so it’s not unbearable.
    BTW- in cat language, carriers are called P.T.U’s (prisoner transport unit). I picked this up on another blog somewhere IIRC, and it’s now part of my vocabulary.
    Probably an accurate description from their point of view.

    • Lol! PTU is awesome! I’ll be adding that to my own vocab, right along with “petters” as cat-speak for hands. 🙂

  13. I love Lilybet’s little whisker…..pouches? Cheeks? They’re so puffy! That and her wide-eyed stare remind me of a cartoon cat for some reason. She’s so purty! Welcome back for a short visit, Kennebec, Baby Beans and pretty Mercury-girl.