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Batman, hanging out on the chair in the guest bedroom. Robin gave me a scare yesterday when I walked into the room because I saw Batman – sitting on that chair – but couldn’t find Robin anywhere. I was looking in the closet, got on the floor to look under the bed and under the dresser, and nothin’. Finally, he came sauntering out from under the chair, all casual and “Hey, whazzup?” He’d climbed up into the chair to hang out, and fell asleep. Brat!

I was waving the feather teaser over my head to get them both to look my way. Batman was having none of it.

And then he was like “FINE, I’m LOOKING, OKAY? Will you just let me SNOOZE?”


Lilybet, to no one’s surprise, has not had those babies. Of the three mama kitties I had before her – Kara, Maggie, Emmy – Kara was the only one who had her babies quickly. Maggie and Emmy made us wait and wait. I suspect Lilybet will do the same.

She’s such a sweet, friendly girl.

And nosy.

Coming over for some petting.

Jumping up after the feather teaser.

Have I mentioned that she is one playful girl?

Silly monkey.

The only thing about Lilybet is that if she’s standing up, she loves to be petted. But if she flops over on her side? You better watch out. Don’t try to pet her or rub her belly – she thinks that’s an attempt to play, and she does her best to grab your hand or arm with her front legs, and bunny kick you with the back. Preferably while biting you. I’m not allowing it, and if she does get hold of me, I blow in her face to make her let go, which she doesn’t like one little bit. Last night we trimmed her claws. Fred held her like a baby, and she didn’t even notice I was trimming her claws, she just purred and purred and gave us both the love eyes. She’s such a sweet, sassy, bratty love bug of a girl. I cannot imagine how awesome her babies are going to be!


Stinkerbelle, keeping an eye out for her beloved Tommy.


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2-6-13 — 42 Comments

  1. I’ve seen plenty of split-face torties but this is the first time I’ve seen a split-belleh tortie! That line down her middle is hilarious! And very cute!

  2. Geez, Robyn. I think my Penny looked more pregnant than Lilybet does right now. 😉 For those who weren’t reading my blog at the time, Penny was a foster who was supposedly pregnant but she never gave me babies. Turns out she was already spayed too 😛

    Robin was just working on his stealth moves, Robyn. You can’t be an superhero if the bad guys know you’re coming.

  3. Stinkerbell is looking… well….bell shaped! 🙂 I hope Tommy comes along soon! (Such a pretty girl)

    Lilybet looks like a short haired, smaller version of my Emma! Emma is the sweetest most angelic kitty ever!

  4. I have a couple of name suggestions. Cole (as in ‘Old King Cole was a merry old soul), Amadala and Leia. 🙂

  5. Stinkerbelle is so pretty. Gorgeous cat.

    Someone probably played with Lilybet like that as a kitten. Bah. Good luck with that.

    Robin – my Clio does that to me. I’ll search the house for her and she’ll saunter out when she’s tired of the fun and give me this “what’s the matter Mommy?” look. Brat.

  6. Robyn-as someone who is new to cats and kitties and the whole feline reproductive system, could you give us a little background into it? What is a cats general gestation? How do you know when they are pregnant, or even ready to be? What is the average litter size? Thanks.

  7. I am officially in love with Lilybet. What a sweetheart! And Batman and Robin are such handsome black kitties… I love that picture of them both looking at the camera with their bright eyes. And of course, always good to see the lovely Stinkerbelle.

  8. I can’t get over how lovely Lilybet is. I have a soft spot for the torties, I guess; I loved Brandywine (talk about awesome mommas!) quite a bit as well. They remind me of our dear, cranky, snuggly departed Snack, a pretty tortie-and-white with green eyes.

    The family who adopted my fosters from a couple of summers ago “lost” one of them (a black boy named Oscar) and even went so far as to report him missing to HomeAgain. Of course, I got the alert since they live a couple of neighborhoods away from me in Brooklyn, so I emailed them. Much to my (and their) relief, Oscar wasn’t missing. He had just been hiding while they had a cat sitter and, just after they reported him as missing, he had reappeared and sauntered through the kitchen. Brat.

    Also, every foster that I have had finds the one hiding place that exists in our downstairs bathroom. The first kitten we had in there, a 6-week-old tuxedo, was also the first to find it. There was no place to hide in there — or so I thought — until Mr. Formal (not his real name) went missing one day. In a panic, I even checked inside the toilet (which was closed, nevermind that there was no way he would have been able to climb or hop up onto it at his size) and then I heard some scratching sounds coming from the sink. We have old porcelain pedestal sinks with — I soon realized — hollow bases. Mr. F had just climbed into the hole (about 6 inches from the floor) and tumbled inside. Now I always stuff the base with a towel when we have fosters little enough to get lost in there, but they inevitably manage to climb in anyway. Oh well. As long as they can get out again. (The aforementioned Oscar and his tabby sister Lola also enjoyed this particular spot.)

    Man, I want some foster babies! I have my hands full with an 11-week-old human baby, though, so I’ll have to live vicariously through you, Robyn. Come on, Lilybet, give up the baybees!

  9. Being such a friendly girl is what got Lilybet in her current condition. I completely agree about her loveliness. She is just so pretty. And the tummy stripe is wonderful. Maybe after the kittens come she will let you give her belly rubs. We have a nipper and I use the blow in the face method and it usually works. Great puzzeled look on the face is a bonus!
    I think Freddie, as in Freddie Mercury of Queen , should be in the name mix. How about Budweiser, the King of Beers??? Heh. He could go by the nickname Bud or Buddy.

  10. My name suggestion – if there is an orange baby boy in the mix, my vote is for “Harry” (after Prince Charles’ youngest, and yummiest, son. What?).

    Batman and Robin are so, so handsome…

      • I love the ginger-headed boys as well, but I’m still doubtful that Charles is Harry’s real father… A perfect name, then, since we don’t know who fathered Lilybet’s babies either!

        • They say Harry takes after the Spencers (and I’m sure there have been some genetic tests done to make sure).

          Are you sure Lilybet really is pregnant? Was she taken to a vet?

          • Yes, she actually came from the vet’s office – the vet tech did the exam and said that she could feel the babies moving around in there. Hopefully she’s right!

        • One’s “real” parents are whoever raised one. 🙂 Maybe Harry takes after Diana’s side of the family.

          • True! Harry must take after Diana’s side. William, on the other hand, is clearly his father’s son!

  11. I’m so glad you post the “previouslies,” Robyn – it was really a treat to revisit that update from Maggie’s family. She deserved a wonderful home, and it really sounds like she got one.

  12. If I were to get another cat I know it would be a tortie. They are so pretty.

    I love the new naming theme. I hope she really is pregnant.

  13. Don’t you hate it when you spend a FRANTIC few minutes looking for the missing foster only to have them wander up out of no where with that “what’s up” look on their face?? 🙂

    • Sadie disappeared for HOURS last week. I was getting ready to bundle up and start looking outside when she started pawing at my closet door. I had looked in there 16 times already. Apparently, there’s a really nice cozy and hidden spot somewhere in my closet that I don’t know about.

      • My two NON-fosters are past masters of the heart-attack-inducing I’m-nowhere-to-be-found routine — in a one-bedroom apartment with not a lot of furniture and closed closets.

  14. Lilybet looks just like my Gracie – love the colors on her! How long do you think it will take until you can feel the babies? Stinkerbelle looks um, bountifully beautiful 🙂

    I have to say, every time it’s my turn to do scoop the litter at my house I think to myself “It’s not that bad, Robyn does this every day.”

  15. Lilibeth only looks half-concerned. She doesn’t have the double eyebrows like Pursland had.

    And my name choice would be Bee. As in Queen Bee.

  16. Lilybet is gorgeous! She looks like a compact little cat, too. And she sounds like the same dispostion as my tortie Maggie – total love bugs.

  17. Lilybet looks just like our girl, Dusty, when she was a wee one. Aren’t those torties just gorgeous?

  18. My Ms. Mabel likes to stand on her hind legs and get scritches as well — But never stray below the equator. There be disemboweling claws/paws just waiting to strike down there.;)

    Ms. Shins and I wake up every morning, look Ms. Mabel in the eye and wonder which one of us will shed blood that day.

  19. Lilybet is almost as pretty as my Harley! Do all torties have one light paw? Harley’s left front is tan, too. And I’m glad I’m not the only one doubting Lilybet’s pregnancy!