Thanks for worrying, you guys, but we are perfectly fine. The county that got hit hard is a few counties over; all we got was some wind – not even very strong wind – and torrential rain. There’s a lot of standing water, more than I’ve seen since we bought the house (granted, it’s only a year and a half, so it’s not like I’m saying “In all the 50 years we’ve lived here, I’ve never seen so much standing water!”). If we still had the pond, it would be filled to overflowing right now. The back forty is about 1/3 flooded, which SOMEONE needs to keep in mind if he plans to fence it in and put animals back there. In fact, I think where the pigs were going to go is the area that’s flooded the worst.

You have to look beyond the chicken coop to see the worst of the standing water. It’s probably easier to see if you look at the larger version at Flickr.


For the past two days, we’ve gotten four eggs from the girlz (actually, now that I think about it, we got FIVE yesterday!). This is Big News, because for what seems to be a LONG damn time, we’ve only been getting two or three from them. We don’t know if the lack of laying is from them molting or from adding a rooster to the flock or the short days, but in any case hopefully they’re starting up again. I had to buy two dozen eggs from the grocery store in the last month, and they just do NOT compare to the stuff we can get from our own back yard when the girlz are feeling up to it.

It got well up into the 70s yesterday, and the girlz rejoiced by taking dust baths while McLovin kept an eye on them.


Joe Bob cannot decide whether I’m worthy of love or his worst nightmare. Sometimes he sits and gives me the Love Eyes.

And after he gives me the Love Eyes, he rolls around and flirts with me ’til I rub his belly. Other times, for no reason I can discern, he decides I’m the devil and he runs from me. I have no idea what his issues are, I’m just glad we have another neurotic cat; Stinkerbelle needs the company.


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