Joe Bob appears to be frightened of me. We kept him in the foster kitten room overnight Sunday night, and then Fred let him out yesterday morning, and before I left for the pet store he was perfectly fine. When I got back, I puttered around and did some vacuuming, and when I went upstairs to see where he was, he was hiding atop the cat tree. He let me pet him, but he didn’t like it much, and although he followed me back downstairs, every time I walked in his direction he ran away.

Fred thinks it’s because I smelled like the cat room at the pet store, but I think Joe Bob is just an INGRATE and hates me and that is FINE. I don’t have to be loved by ALL my cats, but if he comes looking for love tonight, I don’t know that there will be any love to SHARE.



Brudderly love is alive and well.


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