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2012-02-07 (1)
Sally and Everett (pardon the blur), keeping watch on da bird.

2012-02-07 (2)
I need to make a video – that Everett gets some serious hang time when he jumps.

2012-02-07 (3)
Jumpin’ Sally. I love the look on Everett’s face, like “Wait. I’m the only Pepper who’s allowed to jump around here!”

2012-02-07 (4)
Lucy comes over to check out the form on these jumps.

2012-02-07 (5)
Everett takes a break from jumping to show the correct waltzing form.

2012-02-07 (6)
Everett senses that for some reason, he should feel annoyed…

2012-02-07 (7)
“What is it that has me so annoyed right now?”

2012-02-07 (8)
“SO annoyed.”

2012-02-07 (9)
Does Alice look pleased with herself, or what?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-02-07 (10)
Alice, fangin’.


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2-7-12 — 11 Comments

  1. Everett is a regular Gene Kelly: that second picture is so amazing and so absurdly funny — congrats, too, to Corbie for almost stealing the show despite his bit-player status in the sequence. And how is it that Alice’s eyes look almost blue in the penultimate shot?

  2. Alice Mo from Kokomo
    Decided her jumping form to show…

    That’s as far as I got. I think my brain is too busy singing, “Fuzz prances like he’s from Frances”, which is cracking me up beyond all understanding!

    Anyway, thanks for another wonderful set of action shots. I betcha the cats love the da Bird sessions which make them possible!!

  3. I just love that look on Everett’s face in the hang time photo. Looks like has all the time in the world to contemplate life in the upper stratosphere..

  4. I love that annoyed face! Some cats are so expressive and others not so much. I have one that is expressive and one who just uses her fangs…thankfully doesn’t bite too hard.

  5. Everett in the hang-time photo is all “Hey girl. I hear you like taking photos.” Everett meme!

  6. whenever our kitty’s ears turn backwards, usually from annoyance, we shout EARS! Cracks me up every time, don’t know why.

  7. ‘Alice fangin” is so cute! Come here, pretty little vampire kitty, here puss, puss…
    I think Sammy is my fang boy, Must make an effort to get photographic evidence. BUt then he drools, too, so maybe not…not very manly, is it?

  8. While reading this I was all “Oh! Look! There’s Alice in the background! Squee!” and then I was all “Hmph. I wonder why she’s not made it into the captions this whole time, is she being IGNORED in favour of those Peppers??” and then I was all !!IMPRESSED!! at the portly girl’s leap! She should totally be pleased with herself!