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Not a lot of pics today – my photography assistant has had to work late the last few days (the nerve!), and so I have gotten no action shots since this weekend. SOB.

But that’s okay, at some point he’ll be home when the sun is shining, right? ‘Til then, admire some Peppers when they’re NOT flying through the air or stalking da bird.

2012-02-08 (1)
Everett’s got the grumpies.

2012-02-08 (2)
I love his white whiskers so very much.

2012-02-08 (3)
I used to have two bucket litter boxes in front of this fireplace area in the front room, then I decided to try a bigger one made out of a huge storage container. I wasn’t intending to make it be a covered one, but I thought I’d try it and see whether the cats would use it or not. Turns out the older cats don’t care for it, but the kittens think it’s AWESOME. That’s Everett on top, supervising Sally, who’s using the facilities. I’ll probably switch back to the buckets, because they’re less of a pain to scoop. How thrilled am I to have litter boxes in the front room? SO not thrilled. Would you believe that there was a time when we only had four litter boxes, and they were all in the laundry room. SIGH. Those were the days! Now we’ve got them in the laundry room, the guest bedroom, the front room, the upstairs bathroom, and the foster room. Some days it feels like I do nothin’ but scoop!

2012-02-08 (4)
Lucy, hanging out on my desk.

2012-02-08 (5)
She’s such a sweet girl.

2012-02-08 (6)
Everett has a new skill. I’m thrilled by this, I’m sure you can imagine.

2012-02-08 (8)
This is where the Peppers like to spend their days. The girls are on the cat tree, Everett’s on top of the bookcase.

2012-02-08 (9)
Sally, annoyed.

2012-02-08 (10)
Everett, ignoring.

2012-02-08 (11)
Sally again. See the green around her pupils? So pretty!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-02-08 (13)
Miz Poo, the old lady, hanging in there. She’s a mess, but such a sweet girl.

2012-02-08 (12)


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2-8-12 — 9 Comments

  1. Is young Everett getting more white whiskers with each daring dance move he makes? My sympathies on the litter-box front. I only have two — cats and boxes — and the scooping seems endless. Please chin-chuck Miz Poo for me — and anyone else in the vicinity! Here’s hoping that your lovely assistant gets to knock off work early!

    • He IS growing in more white whiskers! He started out with one white whisker on one side, then he popped out another whisker at Petsmart, and by the time I brought him home he had a whole slew of white whiskers. I really love the jaunty white whiskers against his gorgeous black fur. 🙂

  2. I just can’t believe people don’t scoop up those Peppers. I love black cats and I think the Peppers are gorgeous. I especially love Lucy’s very slightly crossed eyes. I am crossing my fingers in hopes that they find their forever homes soon!

  3. Ah the lament of cat lovers, litter boxes where you never wanted them.. But it keeps the kitties happy. We use a large storage container for a litter box too. We needed the high sides since it went upstairs and Star scratches the walls and we didn’t want her scratching the new paint. It works!
    Miz Poo has such interesting pretty coloration. I’m sorry to hear she’s a mess. How old is she?

  4. Dear sweet ole Miz Pooter Pie… My little old lady was an opinionated mess, but I loved her for 18 years (Well, longer actually since she’s been gone for over a year. Guess we’ll call it 20 years and counting.) I love all kitties, but the seniors steal my heart every.stinking.time.

    Everett can’t help himself. Whatever is cooking in that pot just smells too good!! Little old Norman has turned into a scavenger… up on the counters, helping himself to whatever you were planning to eat. We forget we have to be on guard. I haven’t cooked a single meal lately where food prep hasn’t been interrupted by a gasp, quickly followed by a shrieked “Norman!” The other cats may be counter-sitters, but they know better than to mess with our food. Thankfully we have lots of counter space to allow them a “lounge”. After serious neglect, illness, and a long stint in the shelter, poor Norm is a bag of bones so I let him eat whatever he stakes a claim to. I imagine I’ll pay for that eventually.

  5. Ohh, Miz Poo’s not a mess – she’s a senior citizen, allowances must be made. thanks for the lovely kitty-cat pics, much appreciated.