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Okay, lots of you guessed the exciting news!

Last week, I talked to the shelter manager about Alice. We had put her on Prednisone to see if that would help the wheeziness. It didn’t, and the vet said that likely the scar tissue at the top of Alice’s trachea was responsible for the occasional congested-sounding noises Alice was making. Since it didn’t bother Alice and the Prednisone wasn’t helping, there was probably nothing to be done.

I told her that Alice had had all her vaccinations and we decided that Alice was ready to go to Petsmart. But I knew that Fred had gotten attached to her, so I said that I’d double-check with him, and let her know for sure.

Long story short, I talked to Fred and we dithered back and forth over whether to add Alice to the permanent residents. I wasn’t resistant to the idea, honestly, but I wanted to know, one way or the other. He wouldn’t commit – wouldn’t actually say “I want to keep her”, and in fact said that if she were being adopted directly from our house and was going to someone else’s house without having to spend time at Petsmart, he’d be okay with that – and so I emailed and said “Alice is ready when there’s room.”

Well. There was room for Alice on Friday! So I packed her up and brought her bed and her stuffed Tigger, and took her to Petsmart. She was glad to see Rhyme, and she ran and hid when I first let her out of the carrier, but after a few minutes she was walking around exploring, her tail straight up in the air.

When Fred got home from work that afternoon, he immediately began saying I should go get Alice back and bring her home. WELL. I figured if he was THAT desperate to get her home again, he could very well go into Huntsville and get her himself! We talked, we dithered, we went back and forth, and then we went to bed without having made a decision.

The next morning, we dithered some more. And then finally Fred said “I think we should go get her.”

And so we did. Alice Nelson – just “Alice” for now – is the latest permanent resident to join the Anderson household. She loves Fred with a passion (but if he’s not around, she’s friendly enough to me, too) and he loves her back.

This is the EXACT same way we ended up with Stinkerbelle, by the way. As several people have pointed out to me, apparently the way to stay around for good is to suck up to Fred!

(Those of you who weren’t able to figure it out, you’ll note that Alice’s picture was moved out of the “fosters” list, and in fact if you went to the foster page about her, it says at the bottom that we’d adopted her on the 5th. She has her very own Permanent Residents page, too.)

Yes, I did say last week that we needed to reduce the number of cats in this house. HOWEVER, if you consider that at one point last Fall I was 99% sure we were going to end up keeping all four Bookworms, this means we’re actually DOWN from where we were.

(Fred calls that “Robyn math”!)

(Also, we didn’t have a calitabby yet. We needed one for the collection!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So. Aaaaaactually, there wasn’t just one thing that was AMAZING news this weekend. There were TWO things.

You know the first one, that we decided to keep Alice.

The second? Reacher will be going to his forever home later this week. I’m not going to give you the details yet, because I don’t want to jinx it. You know how I am. Suffice it to say that he’s going to a great home and I know he’s going to be spoiled rotten. I’ll give you more details once he’s gone home.

With Buster being adopted last Fall and Rhyme being adopted last weekend, this leaves us with one Bookworm, Corbie.

At the moment, Corbie is still our foster. I don’t think it would surprise any of you if he ended up staying permanently – but for now, he’s still classified as a foster, he’s still available for adoption, and he’s post on Petfinder.

We never expected someone to see Buster’s picture in the book at the adoption center, so it’s possible it could happen with Corbie, too! We’ll see.

Corbie and Reacher, fighting.

Reacher is not a small cat – he’s a big chunk of man. I told the people who were thinking of adopting Rhyme and Corbie last month that I called them Small (Corbie), Medium (Rhyme) and Large (Reacher). Fred says Reacher is shaped like a Who in Whoville (that’s a How the Grinch Stole Christmas reference), which led me to dub him Reachie Lou Who.



Corbie’s face cracks me UP.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She might be little, but it doesn’t stop the princess from getting where she wants to go. She climbed into the utility sink to sniff around.


“You’re not my daddy. YOU can’t tell me what to do!” Brat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You’ve heard of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice?

(Just say “yes”)


Corbie & Robyn & Fred & Alice.

(Thanks to Jean, who was inspired and whipped this up over the weekend. It cracks me up every time I look at it, particularly that smug look on Fred’s face!)


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2-8-11 — 15 Comments

  1. I knew about Alice, thanks to your site, but didn’t know about Reacher! Good news and I hope that Corbett finds a home, also! I love the Corbie & Robyn & Fred & Alice photo, especially since I’ve never seen Fred’s face before. It’s funny that you are on Corbie’s side of the bed and Fred is on Alice’s!

    Finally, the photos of Alice in the sink are adorable. She is right at home, isn’t she?

  2. I knew about Reacher but I didn’t know about Alice! LOL DoodleBean, we were opposites! 🙂 Should’a put our heads together!

    Corbie’s face in that picture cracks me up, too!!!

    YAY for everyone!!! P.S. Handsome Corbie…handsome Fred! Lucky women!!! 🙂

  3. Yep, I figured out the Alice news. I did not expect the Reacher news! I am very happy for him, he was always my favorite Bookworm. I hope his new family will send lots of photos and updates for you to share with us!

  4. I nearly got it right – I thought it was Corbie who was becoming a permanent resident!

    Still pulling for him to become a permanent resident too!!

    You go little Alice you beauty!!

  5. I’m sooooo excited that I will continue to get Alice updates! I fell in love with her, much like Fred (but having a cali-tabby, I’m sorta biased). If I could have another cat in my apartment, I would have driven down from Columbus, OH to get that sweet little Alice myself, lol.

  6. Yeah!!!! Oh I’m so happy that Alice is staying. I was hoping and hoping this would happen. Dear Wonderful Kind Talented Intelligent Amazing Fred – Please please please let Corbie stay too! Since, as your lovely wife says, sucking up to you is the key, I’m doing so on Corbie’s behalf. 😉 Oh ppppllllleeeaaasssseeee!

  7. That Alice is Cute on Wheels! She reminds me of my Luanne (whose name I steal when I post anywhere). She’s a calitortietabby (only her left back leg has an orange tabby patch–the rest are calico or specs/streaks of orange along with the white and black). Alice looks sort of dilute, yes?

    I can’t wait to hear about Reacher’s new forever home. I imagine it is sort of bittersweet when one of your fosters is adopted, but it helps knowing they’re going to the right home. I don’t know if I could do it. You and Fred are like the adoptive Duggars of the kitteh world.

  8. I told my husband last night, “Alice wrapped Fred around her little finger, I saw this coming last week-lol!” I’m so glad he went back and got her, what did surprise me is that she went to Pet Smart at all, I know she will be happy with you and being a female, will probably cause less rather than more, tension in the cat population. We’ve noticed that now that we have almost all male barn cats (one very old female) that we have more problems and I was saying that when it is time to re-visit the rescue center, we should get a couple of girls. We had one, but she sadly passed from complications of spaying (rare but does happen) leaving only her foster-brothers.

  9. Aha! I’m another one who spotted the Reacher Creature news, but missed the Alice news at first. Congrats, pretty little caliby girl! And congrats to you and Fred on the new resident. 🙂

    Yaaaay Reacher! I’m thrilled for you too, pretty boy. Now someone has to fall in love with Corbie and carry him off. I won’t blame anyone who does, either. 🙂

  10. Awwwwww!!! Great news!! Great news for sweet lil Alice, great news for you and Fred, great news for Rhyme!! Awwwwwww and fingers crossed Corbie will have a lovely home (maybe with Alice, hint, hint!!)!! I am so so so so so so happy for everyone here!!! Yay!!!!! That last pic says it all really. Go work your charm, sweet Corbie! 🙂

    Take care

  11. WOnderful news! I have fallen in love with the princess and now am delighted to know I will keep getting updates. Yay for Fred, who obviously has what it takes!

    And Reacher! So happy for him!

  12. It’s fantastic! I totally missed the Alice news and did get the Reacher news figured out…so happy for all. That picture at the bottom of the post is hilarious!! I did chuckle at the dithering part, sorry.
    Regarding the brudders tussling, don’t you love it when they tussle and bite and then suddenly lick one another?? Or sometimes a good tussle starts with licking one another lovingly and goes into full mock-fight mode.

  13. Yay on many counts! I’m glad those adorable Bookworms are 75% in forever homes, and I’m sure Corbie will be an awesome Permanent addition wherever he goes!
    And ALICE! I have a teeny cat too, Kiss, and she’s just the sweetest darn thing ever and she also won over my husband! Mine tops out at 6 pounds, and she’s almost 19–we keep telling her she’s going to have to live forever! They’re so wonderful for holding & cuddling, and tiny princesses are the best. So are large queens, too. Actually, all cats are the best!