2-7-10 – Pet Store Kitties, and the Magnolias.

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On Thursday, when I went to Petsmart to scoop and feed the cats (and drop off Fagen and Steely Dan), I managed to remember to bring my camera along. So I shot pictures of the cats in the adoption center to share!

Akaisha – see her Petfinder posting here.

This is Buddy – he’s a huge sweetheart who doesn’t particularly care for other cats. But good news – Buddy was adopted Friday night! Yay!

Sweet Daphne. She really really REALLY enjoyed drinking out of the faucet! You can read her Petfinder posting here.

I let Dinah out of her cage and petted her for a few minutes. Then I turned around to scoop her litter box and WHOOSH! she was gone. Turns out she’d jumped up on top of the cages, and did some exploring. I thought I was going to have a problem getting her down, but I called to her, and she immediately came to the edge and let me lift her down. She’s a sweet girl. Read her Petfinder posting here.

Sweet little Hobbs. He got adopted Friday night, too! Yay!

One of these cuties is Peaches, and one is Valencia (or, to be honest, both pictures may be of the same cat!) You can read Peaches’ Petfinder posting here, and Valencia’s here.

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Drum and Ouiser sure do enjoy a good fight!

Ouiser ultimately got the upper hand, and Drum ran for his life!


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  1. I think it’s super cute how Daphne looks like she has eyeliner on one eye but forgot to line her other eye before she left the house 😛

  2. Marian, I didn’t even notice that – she must have had a hot date with a forever home! 😀