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Stefan used to be one of those “outside strays,” didn’t he? Just look at him now, all domesticated, ha!

I think Stefan spends more time inside than the inside cats do! I guess it’s been about two years since Stefan initially showed up, and I’d say he’s integrated quite well. He occasionally picks on Dennis, whereupon we put him on the front or side porch, and while he’s climbing over the fence to come back inside, he usually cools off and decides to leave Dennis alone.

Other than his occasional picking on Dennis, I have to say that he’s probably the MOST laid-back cat I’ve ever seen.


At some point in the womb, Molly must have taken half of Lizzy’s tail.

That’s what I’m thinking!


Why is Archie drinking out of the dirty chickens’ water pail – doesn’t it smells like chicken ?

OH I wanted ask something, don’t George/Gracie chase stray kittens away? aka Archie

I will say that the water Archie’s drinking in that picture was fresh (Fred had just emptied and refilled the bowl), but I imagine that chicken-tasting water would be even BETTER, at least to a cat!

George and Gracie do bark at stray cats and dogs who come onto the property, but the back forty is fenced off and separate from the rest of the property, so unless a cat enters the back forty they can’t really chase them.

HOWEVER, obviously Archie is in the back forty in that picture, and George and Gracie didn’t give him a second look. I THINK it’s because he entered the back forty in Fred’s company, but I honestly don’t know if Archie had been in the back forty before, and George and Gracie “knew” him as not being a threat, or what. Maybe they were so busy chasing off the SUPER threatening songbirds and cranes that they didn’t think to worry about the stray cat who actually COULD eat the chickens. It’s hard to know, with those dogs.


Hey, Robyn, if this litter turns out to contain styrofoam, I’m sure you can work out a system with those heavier bags of litter. You could, for instance, have a couple of medium-size buckets and decant the litter into them. Then each time you go upstairs, you can carry one up. Fred, too. But I know you’ll think of something far more semsible and clever. Also, you’re not very old, you know! (I don’t think Simon and Garfunkel will be singing “Mrs, Robinson” while looking pointedly in your direction anytime soon.)

I actually do dump the 40-pound bags of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat into smaller buckets, but with the lightweight litter I can carry all the litter upstairs with me in one trip, which I like.

I did want to mention this (for anyone who didn’t go back and see the update), I did hear back about the litter. Andrew said:

Sorry for the delay in my response! I had to check with my team to make sure I provided you with the correct answer. Tidy Cats LightWeight is made with a revolutionary combination of clay and natural lightweight minerals and does not contain Styrofoam.

And lastly, I am MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLDER than Anne Bancroft was when she played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. And the idea of Simon and Garfunkel looking pointedly in my direction while singing it is CRACKING ME UP.


Robyn, this is the newer TC lightweight, right? How does the smell compare to the first TC Lightweight? We bought the first one when it first came out, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED everything about it except OMG the smell. The cats were hesitant to use it, preferring unscented traditional litter. I wrote to them about it and got a pat “thank you for your comment.” I’ve been afraid to try this new one because it still says it’s scented. We’re using Cats Pride lightweight unscented, but it’s proving difficult to reliably find and is actually heavier than TC. Plus, they always have TC at Target, so I’d love to switch if they fix the smell issue. Thanks for your reviews, BTW–they’re really helpful!

Yes, this is the brand-new lightweight. The fragrance is really perfumey, and was overwhelming when I first filled the litter boxes, but it dissipates fairly quickly. I hardly notice the fragrance now, though occasionally I’ll smell it and think “What am I smelling?” I don’t think it’s the best fragrance in the world, but it’s something I can live with, since it doesn’t stay overpowering. (I should add that my sister-in-law is super sensitive to smells, and probably would loathe this stuff, but… she doesn’t get a say. 🙂 )


I have to ask…. who is Archie? Haven’t missed a day of Crooked Acres for almost 6 years, and I don’t recall him being mentioned before. Did I miss something somewhere (?), or are my old memory chips finally starting to go south.

Check out the post on December 5th. (he was also mentioned in the year-end review).

I’ve only mentioned him in passing a few times, so it’s understandable that you don’t remember!


Just wanted to share a different way of memorializing your beloved cat or dog. This lovely glass artist on Etsy makes Murano-type beads from your pet’s ashes.

We had one made for my Mum after she lost her beloved cat Blue. It was a real pleasure to work with Elise, and she made a bead that was almost exactly the colour of Blue’s eyes. Mum absolutely loves having the bead around her neck so she can feel Blue is with her all the time.

That is a really lovely idea!


Where do you get those stones engraved? I would love to have something like that for our pets that are gone. Is it somewhere local to you?


Corbie’s stone is really nice! I didn’t know you could get those made, that’s a wonderful idea! Do they just do names or can they put something in smaller print on them, too (like dates)?

I got Corbie’s stone from PerfectMemorials.com. The one I got is the medium custom engraved stone, but they also have one – same size, same price, different model number – meant specifically for pets. They have a whole section specifically for pets, even. I can recommend that company because they were SUPER fast; I think 5 days after I’d ordered the stone, I had it in my hands.

It’s about 12 inches across, if you’re curious.


We were using Fresh Results litter from Walmart for years until they stopped carrying it at our local store recently. When I went searching Google for another source, I found a kitten-fostering site that uses chicken food for litter. Specifically, layer crumbles. Evidently it’s made the same way as World’s Best Cat Litter, but at $10 per 50-pound bag, it’s a LOT cheaper. And if the kittens eat it, it won’t hurt them.

It clumps, is nearly dust-free, doesn’t have any scent, and does an acceptable job of odor control. We have a very old man cat who wheezes if he uses any clay litter, so I’m very grateful I found the website.

I can’t believe I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that stuff! We tried switching the litter for the permanent residents over to the layer crumbles, but OF COURSE they wouldn’t go near it. I hadn’t thought about using it for the fosters.


Aw, 2014 – MEET DENNIS! 🙂

It seems like it’s been both much, much longer and not nearly that long!


Keeping an eye on the laser light.

“Where’d it go? Izzit down there?”

“Is time for the snuggles?”


Did I mention SMUG?

Still a leeeettle bit nervous about that open door.

Simon likes having his chest rubbed, but don’t go for the belly. It’s a trap!

Sweet boy.

The boys are still not sure about this whole open-door thing. Simon’s the braver of the two, making quick, nervous trips down the hall, and into Fred’s room before he runs back to safety. Yesterday, Garfunkel ventured near the door and even ran out a few feet into the hallway when I tossed a toy for him, but it’s going to take him a bit longer than his brother.


Bro nappin’ time. Stefan on the right, Jake in the middle, and yes. That’s Archie on the left. More about him in Monday’s post.


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  1. Thank you so much for the link to Perfect Memorials… I really like the idea of that jewelry that allows you to keep a small part of your loved ones with you at all times!

    • I LOVE that. I wish that I’d had Truman cremated, but I just wasn’t thinking, and we buried him.

      I think Garfunkel is going to turn into one of those huge, happy, orange Buddha-cats. My late Oscar was of that type.

  2. Wouldn’t they sing “Mrs. Robyn-son”? Harharhar I crack myself up!
    I adore Simon and Garfunkel. Sometimes I curse the fact that I’m not close enough to adopt one (or ALL) of your fosters, but other times I’m glad because I’d be a crazier cat lady. I think 2 is our limit. 🙂

  3. I love the Garfunkel belly. He looks so much like our Hamilton, who now weighs 19.08 pounds. I think your Garfunkle has biggie boy written all over him. I love the idea of the jewlery made from the cremains.

  4. OMG – George & Gracie chasing songbirds. you have the worst guard dogs. and BTW – when I get talking to people about dogs, I love to mention that they guard you very fiercely from hot air balloons 🙂

  5. Somehow Archie is never going to lose that genuine tomcat vibe is he? That drinking pose looks like he’d tear your limbs off if you look at him wrong.

    So that last shot is a total stunner. Sleeping? Inside? With two other males? No flying fur or bloodspray?


    • I misread the first word of your caption “Bro nappin’ time” as “Pro nappin’ time.” Can’t think why.

    • I think those are probably the 3 most mellow boys in the house?

      And I just realized Stefan got his bed back from Archie… I wonder if Jakey is waiting for his turn in it now… 🙂