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If you’ve been checking out the posts from this time last year, you know that a year ago we had the litter known as The Players, which included this gorgeous fella:

That, of course, is Orlando, who was voted Biggest Ears, Longest Legs & Longest Tail EVER. He was adopted by Teresa, who is always okay with me stealing her pictures to post updates. Here are some recent pictures of that silly boy.

“Hug me in the sun Pickles… pweeeeze…”

No hug from Pickles the day/pic before, in the sun… so he tried hard with Rosie.. kept stretching to reach her paw, she kept moving just outta’ reach… playin’ hard to get.

‘Really Mom? I’m tryin’ to sleep here…’
(That’s Pickles, who was formerly Honeysuckle Rose – she came from Challenger’s House, too. Isn’t she gorgeous?)

And now we know his favorite treats… This boy needs all faves under lock and key in tuff containers!

“Why eat from the little dish up there, when I can eat from the full trough down here?!?!!”. I thought Pickles was watching in disapproval, until she moved to the trough as soon as he left! And Missie is there in case of crumb spillage… Yea, new food is still a winner!

“Mommy Training Step #2 – Complete… She now knows that EVERY time she opens the door to our room, I WILL fly in ahead of her and PARK just like this… I MUST play with Da Bird…!! She usually opens the door and extracts the incredible toy so we have special play time. If not, I get the usual pettins and giggles… Odd human, but she is mine, and trains well…”

Kitty toe beans!!!! Sqeeeeee…..

I think they were watching Rosie do something dog-crazy… I was zooming in, so I wouldn’t get too close & make them move, so I ended up with blurriness… But they were SO beautifully intent on their stare, I had to capture it.

Thank you so much for the great pictures, Teresa. Every time I see that silly boy’s face, it makes me grin. I remember being so worried that he’d never get himself adopted, only to have him end up in the perfect home! I love it. 🙂


After I mentioned the other day that I think Garfunkel’s going to be a big kitty, Byron sent me this picture:

Thought you might like to see where he came from. We call this guy Big Daddy, because he is one of the biggest I have seen in a long time. Yes, that’s Auntie next to him. He is much larger than it appears in the picture due to his angle to the camera but look at the size of that head.

That is definitely one big ol’ blockheaded Tomcat! (Thanks for the picture, Byron!)


Garfunkel fits perfect in that basket, perhaps I’ve mentioned?

Simon, refusing to look at me, because he’s a bratty brat.

Yes, he’s drinking out of a “dog” water dish. He thinks it’s amusing, as do I. (We perhaps are dorks who need to get a life.)

They look like they’re headed off to work, and Garfunkel’s cracking jokes.

If he’s not on the cat tree with Garfunkel, Simon likes to curl up in the bottom condo of the tower. Likes closed-in spaces, I guess.

You could use a little lotion on those toebeans, kiddo.


So, I opened the door to the foster room to give Simon and Garfunkel the run of the upstairs. They reacted by refusing to go anywhere near the door, except for a few instances where Simon slunk out into the hallway, sniffed the humidifier, and slunk back into the room. It always takes a few days for fosters to get curious enough to leave the room and explore, so they’re right on track.


::thlurrrp:: says Dennis, atop the cat tree in his room, which is his favorite place to hang out during the day.


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  1. Gorgeous Dennis!! Cute Dog water dish… yep, you may be dorks, but you have the PURRFECT life!!

    • Ooohhh, I hope Big Daddy’s proximity to Auntie doesn’t mean Simon & Garfunkel will be having some new cousins soon! 🙁 Byron needs to start “Operation Aerodynamic” so that Big Daddy can get out of the baby daddy bizness! 🙂 But I bet that ol’ tomcat will be hard to catch.

      Hi Orlando!! *smooch*

      • The plan is to TNR all that we can get, but Big Daddy is going to be the most difficult because he is very savvy to the ways of the wild, you even look at him funny and he saunters off. I’m not sure yet, but I have my doubts that he will fall for the trap. If we can get everyone else, the end result will be the same, except there will be one very confused orange tabby.

  2. Great pictures of Orlando and his siblings!!! I think my favorite is the toe-bean-snoozing-by-brick-wall one.

    I had to laugh at the picture of Simon and Garfunkel marchin’ off to work 🙂

    Also checked out the 2012 entry… I didn’t know that Chewy.com used to be Mr. Chewy.com! It’s gotta be the same site, I assume.

    • It is! They started out as MrChewy.com and then changed at some point in mid-2012. I think Mr. Chewy was the mascot (the dog you see on their site), and at that point their emails were signed by Mr. Chewy and whoever was actually sending the email.

    • And I didn’t even wake him for that toe-bean pic… although it was SO hard not to squeeze & kiss him like I usually do!! Glad you enjoyed them! Robyn started his life story in pictures, I’m trying to keep it going… But these babies are too cute to resist anyway! 🙂

  3. Poor Orlando, what an unfriendly place for cats. They don’t even keep any food or treats on hand!

    Seriously, he’s a lucky lady, to being lounging like a lizard in the sun while wooing the ladies.

    Very happy for him and Teresa.

      • Hehe… He DOES have a house full of women to woo – and he thrives in the attention!! Such a regal young man-cat! (But you would seriously think we’re starving him, from his obsession with bags of edibles in the house lately!! lol)

    • THAT is going to be the focus of Monday’s post, but it’s for the reasons you’d expect: Archie would NOT be denied, Fred got attached, and I’m living in denial. 😀

    • Orlando is very settled… 🙂 It’s fun to see the readers here enjoy his updates, so he makes more than just our little family smile A LOT!

      Giggles at Archie… and Fred… and Robyn…. Looking forward to the story!

      • Let me be frank: I adore seeing Orlando so happy and at home in his highly enjoyable world. Please continue with these great updates. And Robyn, I’m looking forward to The Archie Story!

        • Updating is fun and easy for me! Love seeing others adore him like we do!! As I know how much I get excited seeing updates on others too!! Poor Robyn puts up with lots of emails from me as well as our furry crew plastered all over my Facebook page… 😉

  4. You are going to have to start measuring tails lengths and keeping track of them. Miss Molly had a super long tail and I’m sure there were others that I can’t remember right now !!

    Baby Daddy looks a lot like my very first cat and he was also a very big cat.

  5. I love the picture of Simon and Garfunkel going off to work – we call that “kitty on a mission” at our house.

    Of course, I had ‘thlurrp,’ too, because Dennis did.

    And I guess I should admit that I am one of Archie’s fans!