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Last night:

I’m sure this time it’ll stick!


Remember Maggie? If you were reading back in 2011, you must. Here’s a refresher for you:

She’s so covered in kittens that you can really only see her face and part of her side, but she’s there!

Maggie, of course, was our pregnant mama who birthed six kittens, and when they were mostly grown I brought home three little girl kitties who’d been separated from their mother too soon, and so she mothered them as well. (You can see the page for Maggie and her kittens here, and the little orphan girl kitties she mothered – the Spice Girls – here.)

Alex was kind enough to send us a Maggie update!

I wanted to share with you and those who remember Maggie a little bit about her these days. Basically, I call this “Mornings with Maggie”

When I first wake up in the morning, I always find Maggie laying on me, whether on my legs or on my back, depending on how I sleep. At my first indication that I am about to get out of bed, Maggie runs to the bathroom and jumps up on the counter by the faucet where she is waiting for me to run the water so she can drink. Please see “Maggie Drinking Water”. The few minutes in the bathroom are the most affectionate of Maggie. She purrs and rolls around a little.

Once dressed, I go into my living room where I sit on the couch and snuggle another one of our cats, Tucker (formerly known as Rubble by Challenger’s House). While I play with Tucker, Maggie jumps on the kitchen counter and waits for me to start making lunches. Please see “Maggie on the Counter”. As I prepare my and my wife’s lunches, Maggie continues to stare at me. She tends to get a little too close when I start cutting the ham.

After I have shredded the cheese, I put the grater in the sink, at which point, Maggie cleans it for me. Please see “Maggie and the Grater”. And for the rest of the morning, she roams the house, just checking on everyone.

After breakfast, we do give our cats some leftover milk from our cereal. She and her brother Bailey tend to share the bowl. Please see “Maggie and Milk”.

When my wife and I are ready to leave for work, Maggie usually near the door to see us off.

I do love all my cats, but Maggie is definitely my morning time buddy. She is with me from the moment I get up to the time I leave for work. What she and her brothers do while we are away is anyone’s guess (I’m thinking either lots of sleeping or quantum physics research), I hope this gives everyone a little joy. I know how many people remember and love Maggie, and I want to let all those people know that she is well and very much loved.

Thank you so much for the update, Alex!


I’m not sure what I’ve done to offend Garfunkel, but I’m getting the “I don’t appreciate your tone, Madam” vibe from him here.

Simon, kinda blending in with that box of toys behind him.

They like to look at the feather teaser, but don’t really seem to get that they’re supposed to jump up after it.

Garfunkel did jump down so he could come over closer to the teaser.

Still wasn’t up for jumping up after it, though, so I put it on the floor for him. Maybe he’s more a rodent hunter than a bird hunter?

“Yes, lady. Is very interesting the way you wave that teaser around. Fascinating.”

The laser toy, on the other hand, really caught their interest. For a few minutes, at least.

Yesterday morning, I put the boys in the bathroom so that I could clean their room. It wasn’t too bad, just needed a quick vacuum and a change of the blanket/rug. They’re shedding some of the very thick winter coats they came with, and the blanket/rug was coated in fur. This is the only time they’ve been out of the foster room (except when I put them in the carrier and took them to be neutered last week, of course). They didn’t react well at first; Garfunkel tried to climb the shower curtain, and Simon tried to hide behind the litter box. By the time I was done cleaning their room 10 minutes later, though, they were curled up on the chenille rug (in front of the litter box) together. They flinched a little when I picked them up to take them back to their room and they wanted nothing to do with me for a few hours, but they came around eventually.

Last night, we put the screen door up at the bottom of the stairs. I imagine it’s going to blow their little minds when I open the door to the foster room and leave it open so they can have the run of the upstairs.


Stefan’s not fond of this cold, but he’s managing to keep warm.


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  1. Aw, MAGGIE! She was such a good mama cat and it’s so so great to see her in such a happy, loving home. If you’re reading the comments, Alex, thank you so much for sharing her with us!

  2. Ahhh, 2014 – I can’t help it, totally in Love with my Orlando!!!! Hehe…. Great update on Maggie, she has her human trained well… ;-). Thanks for the update Alex, so fun to read

    Love Stefan’s hat, so cute, and what a patient boy! Simon and Garfunkel are in early boy hunting mode yet, I’m sure they’ll figure out their flying abilities soon, as long as you don’t torture them too often with horrid 10 minute cleaning confinements!!!

  3. Oh Maggie! How I loved her so…and felt sorry for her when her herd of kittens would just mow her over!!! I have never seen her with such good weight (those little monsters sucked her dry – LOL). She looks just wonderful!!! Thank you for the update! {{Sending Maggie lots of hugs}}. I will confess, that I worry about the cheese grater and the tongue.

    Stephan, I love the hat on you!!

    • When she first started, I was very worried, but so far, we haven’t had any incidents. She’s a very clever cat, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she has figured out which direction to lick to optimal safety.

  4. Maggie definitely got the forever home she deserved! And might I add, she has filled out quite well. πŸ˜‰ Thanks Alex. Stepfan used to be one of those “outside strays,” didn’t he? Just look at him now, all domesticated, ha!

      • We are all pleased to see her filled out! Those kittens about ate her alive. Mamas get soooo skinny, bless them!

    • He is one of the cats who just showed up one day. Fred’s of the opinion that the cats who show up here are the best ones (rolling my eyes, here), but Stefan is quite the character!

  5. Man it’s dusty in my office today! (Total lie – I teared up reading the Maggie update!)

  6. Thanks Alex. I love the Maggie update. Such a nice surprise this morning. I loooove the hat on Stefan. I need one for Hamilton. He looks so much like Stefan. Our friend Jennifer, the mom to Starsky and Hutch, flew to D.C. yesterday. She got there eventually. She was delayed a few hours at the airport here in Indy. She had good company though. The Govenor of Indiana Mike Pence was on her flight. And he was being fiscally responsible and flying coach!

    • Wow, you never hear about when they’re being fiscally responsible – it’s good to hear that some of them are! πŸ™‚ (I’m glad Jennifer made it to DC safe and sound!)

  7. I started following Love & Hisses the day before Maggie gave birth, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Good to see she’s so happy!

    And I just love Stefan–what a droll character he is!

  8. Oh, who doesn’t love a Maggie update?!? She was one of your bestest mama kitties, if not the best…I think only Khaleesi with her adoption of Norbert comes close. It is so nice to see her happy and loved!

    Stefan is just so dashing, no matter what hat he has on!

  9. It’s so good to hear about Maggie – she was such a good mama and deserves a great home! And Stefan – professional hat model in the making!

  10. SO so much going on today!!

    1). LIZZY adopted!!!!! Woohoo!

    2). MAGGIE, that gorgeous girl. Wonderful update!

    3). Garfunkel’s perfect dismount… love that picture.

    4). Stefan in a plaid hat!!! Oh my heavens.

    5). Baby Dennis in the 2014 entry!

  11. Thanks for the Maggie update !!!!!!! She looks very content !!! I started following Love and Hisses when I saw her “Meet Maggie” video on Youtube. I was hooked after that !!!!!

    Stefan you should be in a spread in GKitty magazine !!!

  12. My very favorite picture you (Robyn)took of Maggie is this one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/robynanderson/5578311230/in/photostream/
    and at some point you’d referred to her as Queen Maggie or Princess or some such, and I copied that picture onto my computer in the hopes that I could Photoshop/computermagic a crown on her head for fun and send it to you, but alas, I have no Photoshop skills. I like that picture because it’s full of good features: happy cat tail, belly full of kittens, and she’s clearly comfortable and relaxed, enjoying her scratcher! It’s so good to see she’s found herself a good home with fellow happy cats πŸ™‚

    • I love that picture! I remember having to go buy her a heavier scratcher because she kept flipping the lighter one across the room and she wasn’t getting any scratching done! πŸ™‚

  13. Oh gosh, Maggie! You look so beautiful and content! Congratulations on your wonderful life and snagging a great dad! Thanks, Maggie’s family for sending an update!

  14. So good to see Maggie! I started reading the blog just before she gave birth to her kittens. She was such a good mama. That picture of those kittens eating her alive cracks me up! I’m glad she has a great forever home now. πŸ™‚

  15. I started reading after Maggie but I have heard only good things about her. So wonderful to see all that affection. Also happy to see that Lizzy and the others have found homes. πŸ™‚

  16. Sooo happy to hear that Lizzy got adopted last night. We were in Petsmart about 5:30 and she was being very playful. Been worried that she would be so lonely without the others. Hopefully this time will truly be her forever home and she will never have to be alone again. When I brought Simon and Garfunkel inside, I put them in the bathroom until Kathie and Winnie could get there. When I went in to get them, the shower curtain was in the tub, Everything was overturned, Garfunkel was sitting on the counter next to Simon who was laying in the sink. When I was getting them to put them in the carrier, they were literally climbing the walls. Maybe they were having a flashback.

    • Uh oh… maybe the boys have a little PTSD around bathrooms… See Robyn – stop torturing them!! hehehe

    • I actually should have known that, Kathie told me! I didn’t even think of it. Poor boys – I opened the door to the foster room today, and they’ve hardly come down off the cat tree.

  17. Poor Maggie, they always look like they’re being eaten alive at that stage.

    So glad she’s being appropriately worshipped. Although it sounds like she’s wormed her way into their hearts and routines.

    I’m sorry, if the worst thing that happens to Simon & Garfunkel is that their maid occasionally wakes them up while cleaning their abode, they’ve got it made. So to speak.

  18. Happy Maggie! Love when they curl their tail over their feet when sitting.
    Also loved how she took in the Spice girls.

  19. Sweet Maggie!!! Thank you for updating us all about that lovely girl, Alex!

    And I am so grateful someone saw what a great cat Lizzy is!!! Happy forever home, baby!

    S&G are going to be flying monkeys within the week, Robyn. Just keep waving that wand! And stop cleaning their room right after they have just gotten it the way they like it!

    Stefan wearing a hat! What else is there left to say?

  20. All I could see was the rug and not Maggie :p poor mummy cat but yay to a happy forever home