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It’s great that Alice is now sweet as well as petite! Although now I’m curious as to what Fred’s t-shirt slogan is. Is it the key to his kitten-taming abilities?

I believe it says something along the lines of “No need to yell. I’m still not listening.” He has a large selection of t-shirts with obnoxious sayings on them. I bought most of them for him. πŸ™‚


I dropped Drum and Clairee off at the adoption center yesterday morning. I spent time with Rhyme while I was there, and I also let Heaven’s three small kittens out to play for a while. One of Heaven’s kittens – Flake – has a crush on Rhyme. Rhyme went over to the scratching post and sharpened his claws. Flake did the same. Rhyme batted at a toy mouse. Flake did the same. Rhyme jumped up on top of the storage cart… and Flake sat there and looked up at him and wished she was big enough to do the same! It was seriously adorable.

Rhyme came to me for snuggles several times, but was mostly interested in playing. Seeing him run around and play and seem just generally happy was comforting. He’s such a sweet boy that I really hope he finds a forever home this weekend!

Rhyme, showing Reacher who the boss is.

Sharpening his claws on the scratching post ’cause he’s a good boy.

In bed with Reacher (that’s Corbie in the foreground, obv.)

I lied when I said I was going to share the rest of the pictures I took of Drum and Clairee today. I took SO many of them Wednesday that I’ll share some of them now and then the rest on Monday. I’m not kidding when I said I couldn’t stop taking pictures of these two gorgeous sweeties!

She’s a little bit of a goofball.

Drum, keeping an eye on his wacky sister.

I LOVE her whiskers.

Fred liked Drum’s caramel-colored belly.

I think it probably comes across in the pictures that these cats were in wonderful shape. They were clearly well cared for in the home where they lived for a year, and their father was very sad to be giving them up. One of the things I love about Challenger’s House is that they’ll always take back cats they adopted out, even if it’s years and years after they were adopted.

As sweet and friendly and beautiful as Drum and Clairee are, I expect they’ll be adopted quickly!


Miss Alice loves to watch those birds!

Silly girl.


“Who, ME? Pee on the kitchen cabinet? Why, I’d never! I’m sure it was all Joe Bob’s fault.”


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  1. Funny t-shirt! It’s good to hear that Rhyme is content in his new (temporary) home. I hope he gets adopted quickly and tells his new owners to pick up Corby or Reacher! I also hope that Magnolias get adopted quickly and together!

  2. Why is it that when we had 2 black and white cats, all I ever saw were black and white cats. Then our old boy died and our new boy is tabby and white and all I ever see is tabbies and tabby/whites? Hmm. Actually our black and white old lady cat thinks ONE tabby and white is one two many! Drum’s belly is gorgeous. I had a tabby cat 20 odd years ago who was a lovely dark red brown colour and her belly was a beautiful yellow/brown tobacco colour with dark brown spots; delicious.

    • Forgot to say; (talking to myself now; what’s new?) maybe Boli-Buster has been sending messages back to his brothers and Rhyme, being the most adventurous, has decided to get out there and get his own new family.

  3. So, are you accusing Mr. Spanky of the dirty deed? I would think he’s seen so many cats come and go it wouldn’t bother him at all. Maybe he needs a little extra lovin.
    What stunners Drum and Clairee have turned into. Hope they find another forever home together. In a perfect world, I wish Buster’s mom would come back for Rhyme, Wouldn’t that be nice.

    • I am accusing Spanky of being one of the sprayers. He and Joe Bob both sprayed right in front of me the other day. There are other guilty parties, I suspect, but those are two that I know for sure! I’m expanding the number of litter boxes in the house in hopes of convincing them that the spraying must STOP (so far it’s lessened by quite a bit).

      • Robyn, since both Joe Bob and Spanky are neutered males, you might want to think of taking them to the vet to rule out UTI’s. The times my Fuzz has peed outside the box are the times he’s had an infection. Just sayin’…

        • Doodle Bean, I did actually! I took them on Friday for a full workup, hoping that that would explain the problem. Unfortunately, the answer appears to be simply that they’re jerks. :\

          HOWEVER, I did put the litter box back in the guest bedroom (I really didn’t want one in there permanently – but I want random spraying even less!) and the spraying has lessened appreciably. Thank god!

  4. Drum and Clairee are beautiful!! Look at their stunning eyes!! I do hope they get forever homes asap as well as beautiful Rhyme too of course – hopefully with adorable Flake!!! Fingers crossed!! (Did I read somewhere that Jan got adopted?? Yay!!)

    Beautiful Miss Alice is precious!!

    Spanky and Joe Bob are innocent! πŸ™‚ Take care

  5. Excellent t-shirt! Where can I get the range with all obnoxious sayings? Hey, can you get them cat size? How funny would the kitty-cats look then? And the ‘tude’ would be just right.
    You don’t have Flake’s in the US? Aaww!!!! So no Twirl, either? Really? Huh!

  6. Hello:

    I love all kitten/kittykat sites and the photos are amazing! What kind of camera is the best for taking pics?


    • There’s not really one answer to that, bennaj. It depends on how much you want to spend, and how much time you want to spend learning to use your camera. I really like the Sony line of cameras – from our very first digital camera, they’ve all been Sonys, and I find them easy to use, and will likely keep buying Sonys!