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Yesterday morning, I headed out to the adoption center to check on Rhyme and Corbie. I decided that I’d go and spend a little time with them each day for at least the first week, and maybe they wouldn’t be as scared.

Well, really, it wasn’t Rhyme I was worried about – he’s not a scaredy-cat. But when I left Petsmart Tuesday, Corbie was hiding in the litter box looking terrified. I wanted to cuddle and reassure him in hopes that he’d be less scared. I figured it was worth a try, anyway.

When I got there, Rhyme was hanging out in the cage, and Corbie was hiding in the litter box. I spoke to them through the glass, and they both perked up. A manager let me into the cat room, and when I opened the door to the cage, Rhyme came out and meowed at me, then started sniffing around, checking out a toy on the floor, and just generally acting like himself.

Corbie had to be coaxed out of the litter box, and when I picked him up, he hid his head under my chin and shook. I was there about half an hour, and Corbie shook the entire time. Finally, I called Fred and then I called the shelter manager.

I hereby officially give up. Corbie and Reacher will not be making the journey to Petsmart again. If someone stumbles across their pictures and descriptions on Petfinder or in the book at the adoption center or even on my site and falls in love with them, that would be fabulous. If not, well, they’ve got a safe place here as long as they need one.

I moved Rhyme from the big cage he was sharing with Corbie, to a medium-sized cage. I feel sad, leaving Rhyme there all alone, but unlike Reacher and Corbie, Rhyme is fairly outgoing. He’s also personable and very pretty, and I don’t worry about him the way I would have worried about leaving Corbie there. I believe that Rhyme will be adopted quickly because he’s such a sweet and friendly boy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since there’s a large cage available at the adoption center, Drum and Clairee (who came home with me Tuesday) will be going to the adoption center today. That was fast!

Drum and Clairee grew up to be such beautiful cats that I literally took hundreds of pictures of them yesterday. You’ll forgive me for posting so many pictures of cats who were only here about 48 hours, won’t you?

First, this is what they looked like one year ago:



This is Clairee. One thing I love about her is the sprinkling of white hairs on her back.

And on the right is Drum. He looks like he could be a Bookworm, doesn’t he?

Watching the teaser toy.

Clairee in the front, Drum in the back.

Check out the attitude they’re giving each other!

They’re so sweet and playful, these two.

Drum, thinking deep thoughts.

“Hallo, lady.”

Clairee swishes by.

She has got the MOST incredible eyes.

The rest of their pictures will be posted tomorrow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

PS: Jan Brady was adopted Tuesday night!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Newt in the sun on the side porch. Good ol’ Newtles.


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  1. Oh Robyn!! Big hugs to you!!!! Lovely Rhyme will be ok – his personality will see him through and I just know someone will fall in love with him asap!!!! Go Rhyme – shake your handsome tailfeather and get adopted! Awww poor Corbie!!! I’m just glad you were there for him. What a sweetheart!!! The innernets a funny place!! Miracles happen everyday on them and you never know – you really don’t!! Someone could just stumble across pics of the Bookworms and who knows?!!?!?! GOOD LUCK!!!!! And all the best!!!!

    Drum and Clairee!! What a pair of gorgeous kitties!!! Clairee does have amazing orange eyes!!!

    Hello to sweet Newt! Take care

  2. I remember Corbie took a while to relax, but he eventually did okay. Reacher was the one who just never stopped being terrified. I know you didn’t want more cats. But I know there’s a little part of you that is kind of glad you are stuck with them 🙂 Rhyme will be adopted in no time! Clairee really does have stunning eyes. They have both grown into beautiful kitties. I feel bad for their former daddy. It doesn’t sound like he wanted to give them up, but life circumstances were making the decision for him.

  3. Go Jan! Go Jan!

    I don’t blame you about Corbie. If one of my babies was that terrified, I’d cave in too.

  4. Oh sweet Corbie. I have a kitteh that would do the same thing. They are momma’s boys, and that is just the way it is. If I didn’t already have three cats (single chick with three cats = one away from crazy cat lady), I would drive myself down there and adopt Corbie (if he would let me). It sounds like he just BELONGS to you. Some of them pick us, and we just have to shrug and go “OK.” He’s a smart boy: I wouldn’t want to leave such a loving home, with heated blankets, loads of toys, and loads of other kitteh friends, either.

  5. Hurray for Jan! I can’t wait to see if she ever grows into her ears! I sure hope they send updates! 🙂

    Poor Corbie. My Josh was like that. At the vet he would wrap himself around my waist with his head tucked under my arm. I think it was an Ostrich in the sand thing. “If I can’t see them….they can’t see me!” Corbie’s shaking would have broken my heart. Sending kisses of reassurance to him.

    Rhyme will be snatched up in no time. He has that sort of personality and good looks!

    Hugs to you Robyn!

  6. Oh, Drum and Clairee are beautiful! Poor Corbie. I’m sure they’ll get adopted eventually. They’re such beautiful cats and obviously very sweet, if shy.

  7. That would break my heart too. Glad you took him back home. Hope Rhyme et al. will be adopted soon. I wish I could adopt your Bookworms, but I have 5 cats in CO already.

    • Not while he was at Petsmart, I don’t think – he was only there overnight – but overall I think he’s gotten thinner. I’m taking him to the vet on Monday to make sure there’s not something going on with him. He seems especially happy today and doesn’t act like he’s feeling poorly, but better to be safe than sorry! 🙂

  8. Poor Corbie! I hope he is adjusting to being back home now. Good news about the Magnolias and Jan, though. It is good to see photos of Drum and Clairee as grown-ups. Let’s hope they get adopted soonest and you find a solution to the pee problem. We’re with you!

    • Today he was one HAPPY guy – rolling around on the floor, running back and forth, playing with Jake and Elwood. I would say he was definitely glad to be home. 🙂

      (And so far the pee seems to be dwindling!)

      • Good news for Corbie! It’s obvious he’s home, then. Still hope the pee problem resolves for you. What a stinkin’ pain!

  9. Hi Robyn! Wow I have been away so long and missed so much! I can’t believe the Brady’s are grown up and moving to forever homes and boy, I am so shocked about Drum and Clairee. I guess these things happen but I will never understand it. It just makes me sad for them. And oh poor Reacher and Corbie for being so scared. But they are so lucky to have you to love them and take care of them until one day their perfect forever home comes along – even if that forever home ends up being your home. All the kitties who are lucky enough to have you as their foster mom really do get a good start in life, and lots of love for as long as they need it, which is so awesome!

  10. *cuddles and kisses to Corbie and the Reacher Creature* I wouldn’t have been able to resist bringing Corbet back home either. You’re a wonderful person for holding onto those two. *pets Rhyme, too* He’ll get adopted in a hurry, with a personality like his.

    Yay for Jan Brady! And yay for tiny Alice! Sending scritchies to Drum and Clairee, too. I’m curious, did Drum keep his lovebug snuggle-uppagus ways, and is he still a talker?

    • It took about a day, but Drum did revert to his snugglebug ways once he got over being scared. And OH yes is he a talker. He has a loud “voice”, and he exercised it all the way to Petsmart yesterday, which is a half hour drive. He is just too cute!

  11. Poor darling Corbie. My heart hurt for him shaking in your arms. I was made to give my cat away when I was a child, and I still get so upset when I think about the distress she went through. I’m sorry Clairee and Drum’s owner couldn’t keep them, but I’m glad they’re with you, and they appear to be perfectly relaxed and comfortable in the pictures.