2-3-09 – Rumba and Samba.

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For a couple of days I left the baby gates up across the upstairs hallway so that Samba and Rumba would have their room, the bathroom and a little piece of the hallway to explore. At some point on Saturday I heard a freaked-out kitten meow, and discovered that Rumba had climbed over the baby gates and gone exploring, and ended up downstairs. I have no idea how long she’d been out. So I moved the baby gates to the bottom of the stairs. We have three baby gates, so I put one at the bottom of the doorway, one on top of that, and then one blocking the small amount of space at the top of the doorway.

Every time I went upstairs, they were hanging out in my room, but they’d see me and go running for their own room.

Last night, we heard the distinctive sound of a kitten climbing the baby gates and when we investigated, Rumba was perched atop the bar across the top baby gate. We rescued her and put her back on the steps, and when Mister Boogers came over to see what was going on, Fred lifted him over the gate and set him on the stairs.

Turns out Samba rather likes Mister Boogers, and Mister Boogers is tolerant of her. Fred reported that he vigorously licked Samba on top of the head, and she really liked it.

I’m leaving the baby gates in place at the bottom of the stairs during the day today, but this evening when all our cats are inside and the back door (with the cat door in it) is closed, I’m going to take down the baby gates and see how that goes. I expect Samba and Rumba will be doing more hiding than anything, but we’ll see!

2009-02-03 (6)

2009-02-03 (5)
Samba, up close.

2009-02-03 (4)
Rumba in the sun.

2009-02-03 (2)
Oh, how they love the feather toy.

2009-02-03 (1)
Rumba likes to drag the feather toy around, while Samba chases the end of the stick.


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