2-4-09 – Samba & Rumba.

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I was going to make an appointment for Samba and Rumba to be spayed this week, but yesterday Samba started getting kind of whistly and sneezy, so I started her back on chlorpheniramine (which seems to be helping), and if she’s doing well by Friday I’ll call and make the appointment for next week.

There’s no big rush, though – Delmar, Lem, Marion and Claudette are still unadopted. My poor babies!

Last evening we took the baby gates at the bottom of the stairs down. Samba and Rumba did NOT know what to think about that – at first, they’d sneak down to the hallway, then at the first sight of Fred or I, they’d turn and run up the stairs to the landing. When we settled down to watch TV, they came down and explored, and even made it out as far as the living room for a while.

It wasn’t hard to get them back into their room last night, and they were quiet all night long, didn’t bang on the door demanding to be let out. I let them out this morning and for now I’m going to let them have the run of the house. So far, they’re spending most of their time running around the upstairs and occasionally coming down the stairs to see what’s going on.

2009-02-04 (5)
“I have the feather toy, it is MINE!”

2009-02-04 (4)
Feather toy: best toy EVER.

2009-02-04 (6)
Samba always looks like she’s smiling. I want to just pick her up and squeeze the stuffing out of her.

I’m not sure what she was doing here – maybe praying to Ceiling Cat?


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