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Look, look! It’s TC and Jethro. Remember these sweet, happy faces? Could they possibly look ANY happier? Because I don’t think so!

Jethro asks, “What channel is the Animal Planet on??”

This is eight of the nine precious babies…Mal’s out having a snack.

Miz Robyn, see how I wuvs my brudder! Sincerely, Jethro Tull

The boys always seem to cuddle with Princess Leia, who’s like a little mommy to them. Even though she’s a year and a half, Jethro and TC are bigger than Leia.

Mal, our absolutely amazing patriarch. Near death from an URI when we adopted him–from the Humane Society so it’s lucky we got him before his symptoms became too obvious–he’s the calmest, most canine like cat ever. He sleeps on Marc’s pillow at night, only occasionally moving in order to better sneeze in Marc’s face, has accepted with love every kitten we’ve brought into the home and was best friends with Rufio…they used to play patty cake every morning. Boy did he mourn Rufio! Right now he’s all like, “can’t you tell I’m dehydrated?” Like we don’t have four fountains in the house and numerous water vessels in the laundry room!

I is high up, Miz Robyn!

Hallo, Miz Robyn, dis is my new friend

Hello Miz Robyn, dis is some of our brudders and sissys. They wuv us. We have lots more but not in the picture. Respectfully, Jethro and TC (Thunderclap Newman).

Now you see me, now you don’t!

My sleep number is “tell my brudder to leaves me alone!”

Our special basket case!

You can follow those boys and their brothers and sisters on Instagram at MaltheTux, too!


Simon is planning nefarious things, looks like. Or maybe he’s planning his next nap. It’s kinda hard to tell!


Also looking a wee bit smug.

Someone musta just had his snack.

“That’s right, lady. And now I need MORE snacks. Gimme!”


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I actually have a schedule written on the calendar so that each permanent resident gets a turn at being featured at the end of these posts. I usually write the names (roughly in order of when they were added to as permanent residents, from Miz Poo all the way down the list to Dennis or, y’know, whoever) a couple of months at a time. Today’s scheduled permanent resident was Corbie, and so here are the very last pictures I took of him, probably a few days before he died. Wasn’t he the most gorgeous boy?

Sweet boy!


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  1. Thank you, Robyn. You are correct – Corbie is and was the most beautiful boy, and I’m so glad that you shared him with us! Boy, it looks like Jethro and TC hit the kitty lottery! It’s so nice to see them so happy and welcomed and well adjusted. Bonnie has a beautiful family there! Just wanted to say that S&G seem to be very deserving of their names – always seeming lost in thought and pensive.. no ‘crazy eyes’ or ‘ears of outrage’… c’mon, Robyn – they can’t be thaaaat sensitive!? LOL -surely they scamper and bite and fight and well… kitten mayhem! Anarchy! No, they’re both so lovely and look so ‘in need of more belly rubs’!!!

    • They scamper and bite and fight, but never when I’m in the room! They always spend all their time being petted and loved by me, and even though I try to goad them into tussling, they never go for it. Little brats!

  2. Corbie was the most gorgeous boy. His beauty is burned into our mind’s eye and into our hearts. He will be forever missed. I would not mind at all, if you kept him in the rotation. πŸ™‚

    Glad to see an update on Jethro and TC. They seem to be VERY happy kitties.

  3. Your pix today, and in 2012 of Corbie… Gorgeous boy… Keep him in the lineup! Your da Bird pix from 2012 – Awesome!!!! Love those! And for today – thanks Bonnie for sharing the photos, I agree, those boys hit the jackpot!! What a loving family you have, and SO sweet!!! Robyn, love the little sideways smirk pic of Garfunkel…. Too cute!

  4. I agree keep Corbie in the rotation. And any others that have passed. We love all your babies and its nice to see pics even if they no longer are with us in the physical world.

  5. Robyn, thank you for sharing our pics of Jethro and TC. We do LOVE those boys, as do the rest of the Tuxedos. We feel so very lucky that they are in our lives and part of our family.

    Please keep the pictures of beautiful Corbie in the rotation. Our furr family members who have left us should always be remembered.

    • Bonnie, not only do you have two great additions to your cat family, you have a lovely home! Jethro and TC look like they are living the good life! I sent you an Instagram follow request, under the name “geenoellew.” (No, Kindle Fire, I did not mean “vermicelli.”)

      Corbie was gorgeous, and it’s good to remember him. Keep him coming.

    • The word “utopia” comes from the Greek for a place that doesn’t exist, but Bonnie and her family certainly make a mockery of that etymology! What lovely photos — a wonderful way to begin one’s day. And Robyn, I agree with those who say that Corbie needs to stay in rotation, though as we can see from the past years’ entries, he and his fellow Crooked Acreians who have passed on remain ever present, though alas only virtually and in our thoughts.

    • Bonnie, those pictures look like a shot from Peacable Kingdom.

      I had trouble keeping the peace with two, I don’t know how you do it. Maybe distract them with cuddles, toys, warm bed, more cat bed, etc?

  6. Oh beautiful Corbie…tearing up a little here looking at his sweet face. Yes, you should keep him in the rotation or start a flashback day when we can see those who are at The Bridge now. I love looking at the previous years’ posts not only to see the former fosters but also to see the perms past and present!

    And Bonnie!! The Bed of Tuxie Love picture is killing me! I had to look at it closely to find all 8 though, lol! I so wish I could get my four to pile up together, but alas purrsonalities will only allow 2 at a time… πŸ™‚

  7. I was reading the 2011 entry and I kind of got teary. Corbie was always yours, and I think that you were both lucky to find each other.

    Love those pictures of Bonnie’s menagerie. Jethro and TC have landed in a wonderful place, judging by their relaxed sleeping shots, mingled cuddling with the other residents and plethora of feline luxuries.

    I don’t know why, but Garfunkel’s expression reminds of that old QOTSA song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNg1UlG3KBs
    “Give me toro [beef or tuna], give me some more”

  8. I think Bonnie needs to start a bed and breakfast-Tuxie Time B & B. I’d pay to stay and bring Norbie-maybe they could teach him how civilized cats behave.

  9. TC and Jethro looks so very happy !!!! They did hit the kitty jackpot with their new family !!!

    Sweet Corbie πŸ™‚ I agree with everyone else, keep his pictures in the rotation !! We have all fallen in love with every one of your kitties and love to be reminded of them. This is my go to place for whenever I feel down. Corbie’s face always makes me smile with all his amazing gorgeousness !!!!

  10. Weeping all over again seeing Corbie’s gorgeous self. He was beautiful and sweet, and we all loved him almost as much as you did, and it makes me sad that he’s gone.

    But on the bright side, we get to see happy kitties in their forever homes, and the painful cuteness of Simon and Garfunkel! So there’s that. πŸ™‚

  11. Aww Corbie. I miss you and was glad to see your beautiful face again. Stop in anytime, and bring your friends from the bridge.