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Do y’all know about the Pet of the Day site? They have Cat of the Day, Dog of the Day, and Pet of the Day. A new cat, dog, and pet picture – every day! I always check ’em out every day, because who wouldn’t love that?

Anyway, they’re currently having a fundraiser to raise money for hosting and computer-related costs for running the site (did I mention they’ve been there for 15 years?!), and they’d also like to spread awareness of their site. Go check out the page on how you can donate or help spread the word!


“Go ‘way, lady,” says Angelo.

Angelo and Mariette, on the cat tree platform. Angelo has the Ears of YOU GO AWAY NOW.

Maria and Orlando, just chillin’ in that big, soft bed.

Ferdinand would like you to admire his pink toes, please.

Angelo has joined Ferdinand, and holds fast to his belief that I need to just skedaddle, thank you very much.

Maria and Orlando (particularly Maria) aren’t worried about me, though.

Orlando guffaws on the face of the idea that he would be skeered of me.

He finds that idea HI-LAIR-EE-USS.

Silly boy.

“Yep. That was funny.”

Then he decided to give Maria some room, and went over to sleep on the bottom of the cat tree.

Maria appreciated the extra room.

Over the weekend, the Players (with the exception of Angelo) lost their fear. It started with Orlando Friday night. I was sitting on the floor holding and petting Dennis, and Orlando came over to me, sniffed my arm, and then climbed into my lap. (When I reported this to Fred, he immediately went upstairs to see if Orlando would climb in HIS lap. But he wouldn’t!) Then Saturday afternoon I had all the kittens except Angelo gathered around me, rubbing up against me and rolling around on the floor, purring like crazy as I petted them. Angelo’s taking a little longer to come around, but I’m confident that he will. He just needs a little more time, obviously!


I was taking this picture over the top of the fence. Sheriff Mama was glaring at me because I had SOME NERVE to be on the outside of the fence where she couldn’t get to me.


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  1. Happy Monday! Beautiful kitties – you’re working your magic, Robyn!!! I’ve been a fan of Pet of the Day for a long time – in fact my Romeo was featured as a Cat of the Day waaaaaay back in 2009, before he passed (still miss him!) It remains my very favorite picture, and I think I used it for the Christmas card I sent you this year! (It all comes full circle, no?) So, while there’s Little Bub and Maru… here’s my little boy’s only instance of Internet Fame.. http://catoftheday.com/archive/2009/December/30.html (also explains my fondness for tuxies!) Have a great week – looking forward to more kitties after needing my fix all weekend!!!!)

    • Romeo was such a beautiful boy! I either remember his face from your Christmas card or from seeing it on the Pet of the Day site, because I definitely remembered seeing him before. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, I’m super happy to hear that those tabbies are finding homes. That is fantastic news!

    Sheriff Mama makes the best faces! lol

  3. Yay for the tabby boys….one to go!!!

    Those close up shots of the kittens definitely show the shape of their faces….there has got to be some oriental or something in there. Glad to hear they are coming around (poor Fred – LOL)

    And then….I clicked on the link to 2012 and got to read about Kelly adopting Norman AND there were puppy pictures of George and Gracie. Good start to the morning. πŸ™‚

  4. What? You tease us with a new kitten and then you don’t post any pictures of said kitten?? Where’s Dennis?

  5. Orlando needs to learn how to relax. I get why he moved though, there’s not enough room in that bed for Maria, that tail, and another kitten.

    How, I don’t know what Kara’s problem is, but you really ticked her off.

    We need some pics of Dennis snuggling with the others.

    • If I see Dennis snuggling with the others, you can rest assured that I’ll get pictures. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!

  6. So I was watching the Kitten Bowl last night (about time the kittehs got their own game!!), and one of the hosts commented about black cats being the hardest to get adopted in shelters, and then she said tabbies were the next hardest, because they were considered common… Anybody else ever heard that? I haven’t noticed any of the tabby fosters from L&H taking longer than some of the black kitties (though I know Tony just took a month to find his folks). Seems like white cats and torties go fast though.

    • It doesn’t seem to me that the tabbies usually take all that long to get adopted – but yes, Tony certainly took his time. And Razzie from the Noms seemed to take forever!

  7. Much as I enjoyed (more than once…) today’s post, 2012 was even more of a joy. So much sweetness and fun, though it has me missing sweet Elwood. And then there was 2011, with you rescuing the future Don Corbione. But back to the present: I’m looking forward to the update in which Fred succeeds in getting all the Players into his lap at once. Too ambitious? How about some in his, the rest in yours?

    • He is pretty! My boy Josh was diabetic from birth. Two shots a day….(6am and 6 pm). He lived to the age of 17. I pricked his ears for glucose tests. Did you do the same? I loved him so.