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Last night, this happened, FINALLY:

Not only adopted, but the little mobster is going home with… a POLICE CHIEF and his wife! How perfect is that?

Now if Livia, Toto, and Tricki would just go home, I’d be happy!


I need help from the kitten whisperer! We have two cats, adopted them when they were small. They will be 1 in March. They are a boy and girl, Captain Carl and Bailey. They have been fixed. Well, Carl just will not purr. He ‘accepts’ being held but will not purr at all. It breaks my heart! He is a floofy fantabulous kitty, but I think he hates me. And Bailey, well, she likes other people, just not me. My other cats like me, in fact, Smokey sleeps with me with his paw on my face, purring the whole time. Any ideas?

Barbara, my suggestion is to start having personal one-on-one time with each of them (no other cats present, even if you need to lock the cat and yourself in a room), which should involve play time, snuggle time, and if need be, a couple of treats to sweeten the deal. It doesn’t have to be a long amount of time (even just 10 minutes would help), but it should be at least every day, if you can swing it. I think that having the one-on-one time will help them bond with you, if that makes sense.

ALSO, I have to add that some cats just don’t purr. Corbie has never purred as an adult – he has some kind of muscular damage to his back end (the vet thinks it happened in the womb; his mother was FIV positive), and I think the inability to purr is somehow related to that. You can tell when he wants to purr – he breathes really hard – but no purring from the Corbs.

If you guys have suggestions to help Captain Carl and Bailey warm up to Barbara, please weigh in!


Cats taking “selfies.” I’ll admit it, I laughed out loud…

Those are great!


I think you want to call him Fernando because his brothers are OrlandO and AngelO. It just makes sense : )


I agree. I’m not going to tell you not to call him Fernando, because I think it fits him. Although, I’d forgive you if you decided to save the name for an ABBA litter 🙂


Exactly! The mama would have to be Mia (short for Mamma Mia).

It actually DOES make sense that I’m tempted to call Ferdinand Fernando because of the “o” sound, I hadn’t thought of that!

We haven’t had an ABBA litter, but we HAVE had a Mia – she was the mother from our very first litter. (As an aside, every time Fred happens to catch sight of a picture of Mia, he thinks it’s Joe Bob!)

I should probably add that the ABBA song isn’t the Fernando I immediately thought of when I was calling him Fernando – it was a different Fernando entirely…

YouTube link.

‘Nando, don’t be a schnook. It’s not how you feel. It’s how! You! Look!


Kittens on the internets – – I am 100% positive that’s what the webs were discovered for! Love and Hisses being my first love and go to every morning to ‘start my day’, however, wanted to pass on a live stream kitten cam from some animal rescue org in Canada. The momma was waddling heavily pregnant yesterday when I last checked… but seems that she delivered sometime yesterday afternoon/evening and live feed of momma and babies.. sooooo cute!

What a BEAUTIFUL bunch of babies! Thanks for the link, I sense many wasted* hours in my future. 🙂

*But really, is time spent watching kittens really time wasted? I think not!


Cats with little stub tails are SO CUTE. For some reason I think Ferdinand is going to grow into one of those big burly cats that look like Ron Perlman.

Cats that look like Ron Perlman are definitely a thing.

I am DYING – that is awesome!

Also, I have to tell y’all that Fred calls Angelo “Dewey” because he says he looks like Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle. I don’t know that I see it, myself, but it makes me laugh when he calls him Dewey!


I’m pretty sure this batch of kittens have some fennec in them. Check out those ears! Especially Orlando, he’s got ears like the big Mouse.

They do have some resemblance to Fennec foxes, don’t they? Complete with looks of suspicion! I also think they kind of resemble the Oriental Shorthair. 🙂


Love Ferdinand’s serious gaze. And have you seen these?


The Inheritance.

They’re both excellent, but OH did “Ricky” kill. Me. DEAD!

Group trip to Japan anyone?

YouTube link.

Editing: Just saw this…so maybe California would be more cost effective. Well, unless Robyn wants to start Crooked Acres Kitty Tea Time. 🙂

I have no desire to start a tea parlor – just thinking about all the restrictions and rules and inspectors makes me need a nap! However, I would like it very much if someone would open one near me, because I would visit it regularly. In the meantime, this certainly gives me a good excuse to visit San Francisco, I’ve never been there. 🙂


Speaking of ABBA…

YouTube link.

I LOVE it!


Took my Lacey Grey to the vet for routine visit… She’s always been very vocal, but very much all bark with no bite, but VERY theatrical in her rumblings… after just an introductory growl, the poor vet-tech-in-training left the room and came back in head to toe Kevlar and face shield. Fortunately, a more seasoned vet tech must’ve noticed and came in and called Lacey’s bluff – she briskly chided Lacey for being a drama queen, grabbed her by the scruff of the neck (NOT abusive or wrong, but correct, firm, and gentle at the same time), put her on the scale and there was no more of those shenanigans. Lacey was actually instantly sweet and docile. Hoping this is not misinterpreted by any readers and hoping my Lacey Grey does NOT in any way contribute to a change in career choices for the young tech in training … (hoping she reads this – yes I did share this site as my favorite and urged her to check it out.. as this was certainly LOVE and HISSES – Literally!!!)

You know, there are some times (especially when we’re trying to give Tommy his twice-a-week meds) that I think I need a head-to-toe Kevlar! Vet techs sure do deal with a lot, I suspect that after a few years that vet tech in training will know when a cat is serious and when s/he’s just being a drama queen. That’s what training’s for, right?


I just saw this in today’s NY Times – Dog scratching post. I have no idea if it’s actually for sale here in the States but I can just picture one of your kittens perched on the head like the one on the webpage.

I was going to say “I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!”, but then I found that it costs 649 imaginary European dollars, which makes it like a BILLION useless American dollars, so I think I will appreciate it from afar. 🙂


Maria is all “Lady, you go ‘way. Enough of the camera. SERiously.”

“Don’t look at her,” said Mariette (on the left.) “Just pretend you don’t see her. You don’t want to encourage her. Juuuuust don’t look at her. Okay?”

“What crazy lady with the camera?” says Ferdinand. “I see NOTHING!”

“Nooooot looking at her…” said Maria casually. “::thlurrp::”

“Uh oh. I looked at her,” said Mariette. “I looked at her and she saw me! What do I do NOW?”

“You ain’t hidin’ under the bed with me,” said Orlando. “No room!”

“SERIOUSLY, lady? For the love of all that’s furry,” said Angelo. “Go AWAY.”

Maria, studiously not looking in my direction.

Maria, wondering if I’m gone yet. But not wanting to actually look.

Perfecting the art of looking past me.

Dennis hasn’t had a chance to get tired of the camera yet!

After a smooth start wherein they seemed to accept him with no problems, Maria and Mariette have decided that they don’t like Dennis. They growl at him when he comes near, they’ll hiss if he gets even nearer, and they think he needs to just go away. Dennis is still acclimating to his new surroundings, so he mostly looks nervous and a little at a loss when the girls growl at him. The boys, for the most part, seem to accept him just fine, and in fact I’m pretty sure Ferdinand wants to be friends. I know it’s still early yet, so I’m sure the girls will calm down in a few days.


Beautiful Corbs, in his big, plush bed, in the middle of the dining room table. He is one HAPPY boy.


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  1. That SPCA video set to ABBA is AWESOME! I remember when it first came out, so glad you posted the video. Made my day!

    Love the look on the babies’ faces, lol. They’ve all got this deer-in-the-headlights look on their faces, and the little puppy at the end looks so proud of himself “big finish starring ME!”.

    Oooo, a Crooked Acres video!!!!! No?

    • That’s the SPCA where I adopted my sweet kitty Katia. They really are an amazing group. The facility is top notch and the staff were simply the best.

    • That video IS awesome. The puppies and kitties look loved and well cared for. The staff obviously loves what they do and loves all the babies in their care.

      So why did I cry through the whole video???? I saw those little faces and all I could think of was that no one wanted to “take a chance” on them.

      I need an intervention.

      Robyn – beautiful pictures and great captions as always. Thank you!

  2. YAY for Tony!!! The irony is not lost on me that Tony Soprano’s furrever home is with a Police Chief and his family!!! Can I just say, I LOVE this site – I find the neatest stuff… Oh, and yes, I did forward the link to “The Inheritance” to both of my nieces with a gentle reminder to stay in touch and be VERY nice to their aunt!!! Poor Dennis, hoping the girls come around… hoping this isn’t his ‘7th grade girls experience’ if ya’ know what I mean! I admit to giggling – well, one chortle (guffaw, maybe?) – after reading Brigitte’s suggesting of a Crooked Acres video and getting the image of Fred skipping backwards to ABBA with Alice Mo or Miz Poo in his arms… although, I can see an extended close up of Stefan just ‘a chillin it’ somewhere in the video! LOVE IT! (you should do it, Robyn!) And the pics and captions today are AWESOME – as always! Pretty babies in the aloof ‘not lookin’ at you’ kinda way!!!!

    • I think there does need to be a Crooked Acres video! All acres members must be casted and accounted for!! That would just make my day/week/month/etc.

      By the way, I forgot to mention that I LOVE that Tony was adopted by a cop! I hope he keeps his name!!!

  3. Crooked Acres Kitty Tea Time could be easier than you think! Concerning all the restrictions and rules and inspectors – well…you have so many permanent residents (not that you have too many as that could NEVER be the case), no one would even notice more. Rules? What rules? CATS RULE!!! As for the inspectors….how many times have you already be inspected by Inspector Stompers!!!!???? You have always passed and have never been shut down! I think it is do-able. I put a call in to Stompy and he gave it two paws up! 🙂 By the way, you would have a nice time in San Francisco. Golden Gate Park, Pier 39, hiking or horseback riding around Highway 1. 🙂

    I have to say, Angelo’s face is fabulous! He looks so concerned. I think he and Dennis are my favs!

  4. Oh those kittens are just SO cute! I wish I could stay home with a sick note (‘ded of kitteh cute, take two advil and rest’).

    Barbara, I definitely agree with what Robyn’s already said, but I’d like to add a bit as well. Some cats take a long time to acclimate and become really friendly with their humans. My Percy took over 2 years before he decided that he could sit on me and cuddle. And for a long time I thought for sure that he didn’t purr (turns out he’s just really quiet, and you pretty much have to feel under his chin for the vibration.) But don’t give up hope. And don’t think that they hate you, because they don’t. If you can spend some one-on-one time with them every day, and play with them, and give them treats and scritches, I’m sure they’ll start to thaw. 🙂

    • Some cats like to come on their own terms, and draw back if you are overeager and start things yourself. My cat Calpurnia was always that way – if I was sitting up, she avoided me but if I lay down she would be up and kneading on me with pointy claws pretty fast! My new kittens Marshal Davout and Rhea are not hugely needy right now, partly because of being wild kittens, but Rhea is starting to come sit on me in bed in the mornings. Davout is a little shyer, but if I get hold of him he’s easy to get purring like a monster.

      I also say that while you are experimenting, don’t feel bad about picking them up for a cuddle and then letting them go, and then maybe adding a treat. You need your kitten fix while you and they find the best way to be close.

      • One of the biggest things is, if you do pick them up and they struggle, let them go. When they learn that you aren’t going to force matters, they’ll relax more.

        And some cats never become lapcats, or particularly friendly. Or they only have one person to whom they give the majority of their attention.

  5. I am so over the moon about Tony finding his forever family – that includes a police chief! Absolutely perfect!

    Dennis will surely win over the girls with his purrsonality and great looks, I am sure – though I love the comparison to it being like 7th grade!

    Glad to see Corbie is happy. And BEAUTIFUL!

    Happy weekend, all!

    • Ok AMERICA!!!! Get with the program! We could rescue/save and adopt out soooooooooooooo many cats!!!!

  6. Barbara, if Carl hated you, trust us, you’d know and you’d never see him except when he’s launching his claws of doom at your face. If he lets you hold him, even for a few moments, that’s acceptance and affection.

    I’m so glad Tony found a forever home. I hope someone told the new family how he got his foster name. They’re very lucky to get such a love.

    We really do need to get a measurement of Maria’s tail or side-by-side comparison to one of her siblings.

    Ater spending two days at home working with the cat, I am so ready to be back in the office. My Donna has a bad habit of laying on my forearms or chest while I’m trying to work.

  7. Carl may be purring, just inaudibly. Hold your finger on his throat and feel the vibration. Even if not, look for other signs of affection if you need them: love blinks, head butts, rubbing against you, leaning into your petting, etc.

    If not, some cats are just a bit standoffish, just as some people are. There are other reasons to love them.

  8. We have two silver tabbies who did not learn to purr until the were 3 and 4, respectively. They also didn’t sit on laps until last winter and didn’t cuddle unless you were asleep. Now they are lapnappers and one of them purrs like a competition level purrer and the other has a precious, rarely bestowed rumblepurr.

  9. Another tip for getting cuddly kitties: turn down your heat. If you are the main source of heat, you, the hot human, maybe with an electric blanket, become very attractive! 😉

  10. Little Dennis is such a cutie pie! I just wish he didn’t have the same name as a guy I used to date… oh well. We’ll call this a re-association exercise. 🙂

  11. I enjoy everyone’s comments so much that I check back multiple times a day to read the new ones. LOL

  12. Barbara, the cat that was the cat who made me into a crazy cat lady had two purrs. One was this very lousy, showy, noisy, rumbling purr that started up in a heartbeat any time he met a new person. Me Me Me pay attention to me. He hit on anything that would hold still or he could chase down. He was a big arrogant ex-tom, and he had figured out that a show of being adorable and affectionate was a survival strategy.

    But I was his human, the person he greeted at the door, and who he followed around all the time, and who he slept next to night. And there was a very quiet, felt-more-than-hear purr that he did then, when he was relaxed and safe and knew he was loved.

    So maybe Carl doesn’t have the first purr, because not all cats want to make a show (let along a five star performance) of his feelings, but I bet he has the second. You’ll find it. Just give it time.

  13. Ahh… thanks everyone!!! Some times, I do wake up and Carl is asleep on the bed… And he doesn’t fight when you hold him… so maybe I am just asking too much right now. He is stuck here anyway, cuz I love him. I will give him time and treats galore!

    Thank you all!!!