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This is Mercury’s “I’m not very impressed by you, lady” look.

Or maybe it was her “I need a nap” look. It’s hard to tell the difference.

Glaring at Kennebec, who likes to get all up in her space.

Don’t you love his small white locket? He’s full of surprises, this one.

Keeping an eye on the feather teaser.

You KNOW I grabbed him and kissed him. He loves a good kiss.

Tandem “not impressed” expressions, with bonus tongue from Kennebec.

Kennebec has Deep Thoughts.

“Um. I wasn’t snugglin’ with this kitty. I was just laying here and it came over and sat down next to me!”

“Kennebec’s snuggling with a stuffed KITTEHHHHH!”
“No I wasn’t!”
“Yes you were!”

Mercury and Kennebec are off to Petsmart early tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed that they – and Baby Beans! – are adopted this weekend.


I have a video! You can hear how Kennebec sounds when I walk into the room. That boy’s got something to SAY! Mercury shows up, too, but she’s pretty quiet.

YouTube link


Tommy in the sun. He’s such a pretty boy.


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1-31-13 — 22 Comments

  1. Kennebec and Mercury are so gorgeous and loving, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be in a cage very long. I hope Baby Beans has adjusted a bit and will find his home very soon.

    Just wanted to let you know that Ted and Martha at 50 Kittens have just lost 4 newborn kittens who were very, very sick when they got them last Saturday. They did their best to save them, but the kittens were just too sick. The very skinny mama cat is hanging in there and they hope she’ll recover. Although they are experienced cat fosterers, they may want some condolences.

  2. I think all three are gonna be snatched up and adopted this weekend!!!!

    My Lola is VERY chatty. If she is in another room, you can hear her chatting to herself even. Then if you call her, she will come RUNNING to you chatting all the way! I love love love it! Cutest little booger on the planet!!! 🙂

  3. I love Mercury’s smudged nose. Kind of reminds me of my dear sweet Porter.

    Interestingly enough, each of my cats are talkers but for different reasons and occasions. Simba is the “Wake up” talker. Norman is the “Feed me” talker. Ruby is the “Hey Lady, the water bowl is empty” talker.

    • That’s awesome! My cats are like that, too – Pumpkin is the HEY LADY WHAT’S IN YOUR HANDS AND WHY DON’T I HAVE ANY or the PET ME PET ME PET ME PET ME talker. Clio’s the “Laptime now mommy, move that thing out of the way” talker, and Sheba is the “MOMMY ARE YOU OKAY WHAT IS THAT AWFUL NOISE COMING OUT OF THAT WET PLACE?” talker. (That would be me singing in the shower.)

  4. I am pretty sure Kennebec said “hello” in that video. Awesome point to put on his resume!

  5. Awesome video. My mom’s cat is a big talker. You could carry on whole conversations with her-and she would understand too! Oreo is much more of a purrer.

  6. Not impressed and I’m so tired are sooo the same thing! nothing is interesting when you’re sleepy! “publishers clearing house? yeah, you woke me up dude, come back after my nap”

    Love Tommy! He needs a kiss on the lips! MOL